Bomb plot suspect worked at airport – report

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* Again: Should we be surprised?

Anyone who went through European airports in the last 15 to 20 years would have noticed that the by no means underpaid jobs in baggage handling, screening, cleaning and other services have somehow, mysteriously, been ‘outsourced’- and if you look even closer, you’ll find that many of these jobs went to adherents of the ‘Religion of Peace’. Now don’t call me a conspiracy theorist just yet, just because of this: Paris airport bars 72 employees or this: Bilal Khazal, former Qantas baggage handler at Sydney airport indicted for jihad activities – you don’t have to be paranoid to see that members of a certain religious cult have infiltrated Western airports in disproportionally high numbers. Martin Chulov and Jonathan Porter reported in the Australian on a classified report marked “Highly Protected” by the customs agency about the country’s largest airport. The report states that work as airport security screeners is highly sought after “particularly by Muslim groups”-

* But relax. Don’t worry and put your life in Allah’s hand. You wouldn’t wanna be called an Islamophobe now, or would you?


ONE of three men arrested in Germany on suspicion of plotting major bomb attacks worked at Frankfurt airport, one of the alleged targets, according to the weekly Der Spiegel.

The report to be published Monday says Adem Y, a Turk, had been employed from 1997 to 2002 by German railways, working in particular in the department handling freight at Frankfurt airport station.
The three arrested on September 5, who also included two Germans converted to Islam, were suspected of planning “massive” attacks on facilities used by Americans, among them Frankfurt airport and the US military airbase at Ramstein.
Federal prosecutor Monika Harms said they were members of the Islamic Jihad Union, a little-known group from Uzbekistan with links to al-Qaeda.
The Sunni Muslim group said the aim of the planned attacks had been to put pressure on Germany to withdraw its soldiers stationed at the Termez base in southern Uzbekistan, according to the German interior ministry.
Germany uses the Termez base for its military operations in Afghanistan, where it has about 3000 troops serving in the NATO-led force.

The Islamic Jihad Union has been blamed for several suicide bombings which rocked Tashkent in 2004, including attacks on the US and Israeli embassies.
<I>Der Spiegel</I> said a total of 10 people were in the sights of German investigators, including one in Turkey, named as Attila S, and Nasmedin Zhalolov, an alleged high-ranking official in the Islamic Jihad Union said to be in Pakistan.


Islamic Jihad Union Threatens Attacks Outside Germany


The IJU in training. The group has threatened to launch attacks in other countries.

A known militant Islamist group has announced that it was behind the terror plot foiled in Germany last week. The Islamic Jihad Union claimed Tuesday it had intended to hit US and Uzbek targets in Germany by the end of the year and that it plans to attack other countries.

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