Denmark: Copenhagen mosque served as a recruitment centre for radical Islamists

* Nothing new really.

 Mosque: Incubator and HQ for Islamic Terror

Mosques are not simply ‘places of worship’- they are indoctrination and propaganda -centers for hatred and conspiracy theories,  bastions of plotting and convenient weapon storage as we have seen in Iraq (and in London and many other places.)

The minarets are great spots for snipers, Turkey’s PM Erdogan calls them ‘rocket launchers’- and foolish Western governments are still not taking any action to monitor the hate-speeches and the  incitement from the middle eastern mullah’s, muftis and imams  who have somehow, (how exactly?) infiltrated the Dar-al- harb, and now sit deeply entrenched behind enemy lines, from which they bite their time for the jihad, which must come, inevitably, either by out- breeding (demographics) or by unrestrained immigration from Islamic countries, because all the world belongs to Allah, and no infidel government has a right to rule over the soldiers of Allah with man-made laws…


Police keep eye on mosque 

A  number of high-profile cases involving terrorist plots have raised suspicions that a Copenhagen mosque served as a recruitment centre for radical Islamists

Last week’s arrest of eight men suspected of planning a terrorist action have brought renewed attention to a mosque located on Heimdalsgade in Copenhagen’s northwest neighbourhood.

Initial reports found that two brothers with Pakistani background suspected in the case attended the mosque, bolstering claims the centre serves as a recruitment facility for radical Islamists.

Several of the suspects involved in the first case initiated under Denmark’s new anti-terror laws, the Glostrup case, were known to attend the mosque. The radical Muslim, Said Mansour, who was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in April was also known to act as a mentor for many young Muslims attending the mosque.

According to Lene Kühle, a religion scholar at Aarhus University, the mosque is known for being inaccessible to the media and where women are denied entry. In contrast to other mosques, it attracts younger Muslims – especially Danish converts – and is one of the only ones who have allowed the radical organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir influence.

That’s why it’s not such a coincidence that it has been mentioned so many times in connection with suspicions about terror,’ she told daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

According to a source close to the suspects arrested last week, the two Pakistani brothers had contact with Abu Ahmed, a radical cleric who once taught at the mosque.

The mosque has gone to efforts to disassociate itself from the cases involving suspected terrorist plots, however. After arrests were made in the Glostrup case in November
2005, the mosque opened its doors to journalists.

A leading figure in Copenhagen’s Muslim community, Khalid Al-subeihi, also denied that that the mosque has a link to radical groups.

‘I think it was a coincidence that the mosque is connected to the terror cases,’ Al-subeihi told Berlingske Tidende newspaper. ‘There aren’t any activities for young people at the mosque. It’s more the older generation that goes there.’

* Another bold faced lie from the imam Al-Subeihi: Young people go that mosque in large numbers, for indoctrination as we can see here:


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  1. I like the big sticky-up bits of mosques…

    It means one can pin-point the position of any mosque from quite a safe distance away…

    You should attend some of my training groups in Suburban Warfare.
    We are having lots of fun devising new and entertaining ways of blowing up mosques at the moment. The minarets come in awful handy for establishing’s one’s missile-trajectory with a degree of accuracy that augurs well for our attacks.

    As a Christian, of course, it bodes well for us that mosques are mainly full of men and boys.
    The “Ladies” will simply be returned to the Pig-men of Islam to be divided up between themselves, as is their wont. That bit worries me not.

    Afghanistan will eventually become the Muslim Holding Pen of this planet.
    They will be allowed no other land.
    They can starve to death, eat opium, I really don’t give a damn.

  2. Mother E

    You said “The “Ladies” will simply be returned to the Pig-men of Islam”, do you mean you’r just going to give them away?

  3. i just can not belive what i’m seeing. looks like america’s hard work to brain wash you people has payed off. you are wrong guys. you have to go to the place and research about it, before u can say these things 🙁

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