Germany: Man of Afghan origin arrested over rabbi attack

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* The fact that the would-be assassin yelled ‘allahu akbar’ when he stabbed the rabbi had of course nothing to do with Islam. What were you thinking? Are you trying to tarnish the image of the religion of peace, you Islamophobe, you?

FRANKFURT (AFP-EJP)—German police said on Friday they have arrested a German of Afghan origin in connection with a knife attack on a rabbi in Frankfurt that outraged the country’s Jewish community.


According to reports, he has confessed but said that he didn’t want to kill his victim.

* Islamo-logic at work: He yelled “Dirty Jew — I’ll kill you” in German and attacked the rabbi with a knife. Then he bragged about it on an internet forum. But he didn’t want to kill him, you see. He was just offended that Jews walk feely around in Frankfurt…

The 22-year-old suspect claimed he drew a knife and stabbed the rabbi in self defence after an argument between them turned violent, state prosecutors in the western city said.

* That’s right: self-defence! The existence of Jews is offensive to Muslims, so killing a Jew is self-defence. Got it!?

Police said that they found the man, who was born in Germany to Afghan parents, after he bragged about the incident in an internet forum.

The suspect will appear before an investigating judge later on Friday and could face charges of causing grievous bodily harm and attempted manslaughter.

The attack occurred on Friday 7 September Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch, co-director of the Chabad-Lubavitch community in Frankfurt was walking home from his synagogue.

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“People within the Islamic community in Germany who preach hatred, lay the ground for these attacks,” the council’s second deputy president, Dieter Graumann, said.

* Be careful Mr Graumann: this is exactly the kind of free speech that Muslims want to ban. Because ‘you can’t link Islam with terrorism, you see…?!’

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  1. Since the Germans are rightly disgusted about anti-semitism given history it appears others are eager to finish off what they started. Leave it to the peaceful ones to do such things.

  2. Just a point of info; my understanding was that ‘manslaughter’ differs from ‘murder’ in that there is no intent to kill, specifically (eg. killing someone in a motor vehicle accident while DUI). Isn’t “attempted manslaughter” then a contradiction of itself?

  3. Your honour, my client is an Afghan, raised in the most oppressive circumstances in a land controlled by the Taliban, subject to a strict Islamic upbringing by tribal parents who had little education, he was unprepared for life in a modern pluralist society, and is mentally ill. He attended a radical mosque where misunderstanders of Islam were preaching un-Islamic ideas to vulnerable young men, and society needs to do much more to understand and respect the needs of the Islamic minority to help them to adjust and integrate, otherwise even more of them may fall victim to the preaching of radical imams who do not represent Islam’s peaceful goals of assimilation and coexistence.

  4. Mullah,
    good one!!

    Nothing to do with islam, but here in a car crash the charge is now “culpable driving”, not manslaughter. DUI has a huge impact on the case also.Almost a no-brainer.

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