An event organised by “Stop Islamisation Of Europe” (SIOE)

To coincide with Islamo-fascism Awareness week in which events are being held across the USA highlighting the bullying by Islamists against non-Muslims throughout the world


London Demo by Religion of Peace adherents

To protest against Kuffarphobia – the irrational fear and loathing of non-Muslims by Islamists.

To protest against the persecution of non-Muslims via Sharia law in Islamic countries.

To protest against the under-reporting or even total lack of reporting about such persecution in Western media.

To protest against the Islamisation of Europe by the changing of existing Western laws and practices to suit Islamic practices, in the name of “multicultural diversity”.

To protest against the entry of Turkey into the European Union especially now it has elected an openly Islamist Prime Minister and government who wish to replace secularism with Sharia law.

To protest against the second-class status of women in Islamic countries, particularly regarding sexuality, jurisprudence and education.

Millions of non-Muslims are systematically being persecuted because they live under Sharia law in Islamic countries.

In Egypt people are being imprisoned for leaving Islam, an offence under Sharia law, indeed this is a capital offence in many Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia.

In Malaysia Islamic apostates are unable to have “Islam” removed from their official documents because it is now against Malaysia’s laws to leave Islam. This denies a person’s fundamental rights even to the funeral of their choice.

In Indonesia Christians and other non-Muslims are persecuted to such an extent that tens of thousands have been displaced. Enforced emplantation of Muslims in Indonesian New Guinea is underway which is tantamount to ethnic cleansing.

Similar ethno-religious cleansing is taking place in Kosovo where Christian Serbs are being ousted from that part of Serbia, seemingly aided and abetted by the United Nations and NATO.

In the Middle East Copts and Assyrians are being persecuted by Islamists with the apparent approval of governments in that region.

Armenians were systematically eliminated, simply for being non-Muslims, by one of the grossest acts of genocide. Although perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire this act of mass murder is denied by the Turkish authorities. Turkey wishes to join the European Union even though denial of genocide is illegal in several EU countries, notably Belgium.

In Thailand and the Philippines terrorist murders are enacted on a daily basis by Islamists seeking to set up Islamic states.

Elsewhere Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and Buddhists are oppressed and subjugated by Islamic authorities. The list seems endless.

Disgracefully, most of this Islamic persecution is never reported in the Western Media.

Rules for the demonstration

Political parties are banned, but members of any political party may attend the demonstration as individuals provided they adhere to the rules of the demonstration.

Permitted flags, banners, placards and regalia

SIOE placards are permitted

National flags and recognised regional flags are permitted.

EURABIA: What happened in Brussels 9/11/2007 

Must not be allowed to be repeated in Londonistan!


Flags identifying persecuted minorities in Islamic countries are permitted, subject to the approval of the Chief Steward.

Banners and placards highlighting persecution of minority groups in Islamic countries are permitted, subject to the approval of the Chief Steward.

Flags, banners and placards identifying women’s groups are permitted.

SIOE slogans:-

Stop Kuffarphobia

No Sharia Here!

Democracy Not Theocracy!

Enough is Enough!


MPACUK, The Muslim Public Affairs Committee, is seething already:

“Race-hate groups planning anti-‘Islamisation’ Demo in London, 26 October 2007 “

* Which ‘Race’ Is Islam Again?

Various European extremist groups are planning an anti-‘Islamisation’ demo to be held on Friday, 26 October 2007 in London.

This is planned to coincide with an anti-‘Islamo-fascism’ Week in the USA, 22-26 October 2007.

See SIOE Blog for march details:…on-london.html

The London demo is, as presently planned, to be held the day before an anti-EU demonstration the next day, Saturday.

* The soldiers of Allah know who their friends are:

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has been notified that the organisers are using the cover of a protest against “the persecution of Armenians, Copts and Hindus” by Islam (sic) to promote religious and cultural hate against Muslims in Britain.

* Red Ken Livingstone, like Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans, is a diehard commie, a traitor to his nation and a great sucker for Islam.

The Leftist-Islamist Alliance in Pictures


Red Ken & radical Islamo-fascist cleric Al Quaradwi


All socialist, anti-fascist and democratic organisations are asked to campaign against this Demo and, if necessary to demand a counter-demonstration against it.

Emails of complaint, with your name and telephone number, demanding this demo be banned should be sent Mayor Ken Livingstone at

All Londoners should be encouraged to oppose this Demo. On phoning Ken Livingstone’s office I was told that it takes up to three weeks for it to deal with emails, letters and phone-calls! This is bureaucracy gone mad.

So please consider other methods of calling for opposition to this Demo. But please send your email complaints anyway. The more that are made the more notice will be paid.


What Free Speech Means, And What It Doesn’t

Denying Stewart a platform at Hofstra would not impede her right to free speech. Neither would disinviting Ahmadinejad from Columbia. Both have the right to speak their minds anywhere they can freely access. The fact that Columbia and Hofstra chose to associate themselves with terrorist sympathizers leaves them both open for criticism from others exercizing their own freedom to speak. That criticism does not attack free speech but celebrates it, as well as demanding some long-overdue accountability to the act of publication.

Captain’s Quarters


  1. * MPACUK, The Muslim Public Affairs Committee, is seething already:

    Let them seethe. “venceremos” the MPACUK forum poster has found that bureacracy grinds slowly, even in response to the “peaceful ones”, & Ken Livingstone’s office takes up to three weeks to deal with phone calls, emails etc.

    Now for some real meat, and ongoing Government inaction in the UK (also in Oz).

    Hizb ut Tahrir continues its treasonous activities, urging Muslims to destroy the “new crusaders” in Iraq.

    * Islamists ‘urge young Muslims to use violence’

    The “misunderstanders of Islam” canard has passed its use-by date.

  2. Livingstone needs to be taken to London Tower and have the instruments displayed there used on him. His Belgian buddy too. The place has been a museum for too long-time to restore it to its old purpose before Britain becomes fully a member of cesspoolia.

  3. I am left to wonder where are the anti islamofascism and anti theocracy islam protests marches will be held in Australia
    We need to find people who know how to organise such events and make sure Perth is on the March list, too many islamofascists are here and getting more and more “concessions” for their islamo fifth columnists here
    Where will the marches be, when will the protest marches be and what time.
    No children allowed on protests- we dont want any of our kids harmed unlike the islamofascists who deliberately send their kids into harms way formaximum publicity
    How many aussies actually do give a crap?
    How many aussies will actually get off their couches and take time to defend this great nation from the invasion by immigration of the evil islamofascism which is here is in perth now also.God help Christians and Jews and ALLLLLL non muslims.
    when will the government cease this blind dhimmi attitudes, re education and slow islamisation immigration invasion by people who will never fit in and agree to the aussies laws and way of life. Stop islamic proselysation in all universities under the gise of so called islamic studies. Stop the teahcing of islam in our schools. It is a macabre thing to see- Where is Winston Churchill’s famous quotes on islam??? why arent the leaders and elected politicians listening?????
    what has to happen after we had Bali one and two , before the aussies in Australia get up and say hell no. What is it going ot take to stop the twisted political correctness tyranny from allowing the truth about islam to come out inmedia.
    For Gods Sakes Aussies WAKE UP NOW
    Stop Islamic Migration NOW!!!!!!
    How many aussies want to protect our life and way of life, our laws and our aussie character
    I would like to know ?

  4. The Brussels SIOE demo against the ‘you know who’ was a fledgeling gesture which achieved some success in at least getting on the publicity machine and a few shots of oxygen despite some gestapo type arrests. Great to see the momentum picking up with ever more ‘infidels’ waking the fuck up at last and doing something constructive in our PC lunatic asylum. I’ve read and seen so many examples of the ‘compassion of islam’ that I feel sick sometimes just thinking about the next 20 years and the hell we are going to have to confront square on. All those years of playing doom, quake, half life 2, painkiller, STALKER, call of duty and medal of honour etc might come in handy.


  6. It is we who are fighting back – against the likes of Mayor Livingstone.

    Western values will be upheld and Sharia law stopped in its tracks.

    The first International Islam Apostasy Day is the 2nd Friday in October so we hope to see many Apostates of Islam on the demo 2 weeks later.

    We obviously don’t expect to see every one of the millions of apostates who leave Islam each year, but at least they know that in England they can legally leave Islam and be proud to say so.



  7. MPACUK quote “All socialist, anti-fascist and democratic organisations are asked to campaign against this Demo and, if necessary to demand a counter-demonstration against it.”

    Well, obviously there will be many anti-fascists joining the demo. Afterall, it is set to coincide with Islamo-fascism Awareness Week.

    SIOE’s motto is “Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense!”

    So accusations of racism is just whistling in the wind. There are likely to be many races joining the demo because Islamisation is not racist – it is merely Kuffarphobic and practices Kuffarism. Therefore Kuffars of all racists will join the demonstration against Kalifascism.

    Islamists accusing SIOE of being extreme is risible. Is stoning a woman to death for being raped left wing or right wing? No it is just Sharia. Guess what? SIOE says “No Sharia here”.

    Islamists accusing SIOE of being extreme is also without worth. Is beheading someone for leaving Islam normal or extreme behaviour? It is merely Sharia.


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