“Its A Cultural Thing”- Horrific ‘Honor Killing’

Update: It appears the stringer who cooked up this report was either misled or set out to deceive the ‘Islamophobic’ blogosphere: The video is not from Gaza, but about an honor killing that took place in Iraq

Graphic Video: Kurds stoning girl to death

* Islam had nothing to do with it, this kind of thing is quite common in every religion, right?

Caught on tape: How a 16-year-old girl was lynched in Gaza

Update: It now appears that the Arab reporter was either duped or deliberately trying to mislead the bloggers since the video depicts an honor killing done by members of the Yazidi sect in Iraq.

Confirmed: Fatah uses false video as evidence to smear Hamas

As part of a campaign to discredit Hamas, Fatah has been using a video showing the killing of a girl in Iraq as “evidence” of Hamas’s “atrocities” in the Gaza Strip.

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After more than 20 years in the business, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always something that shocks you more than ever.

A photo from a cellphone video of the 16-year-old victim of the Gaza lynching.
Photos: Ariel Jerozolimksi


The 16-year-old girl lies dead after the brutal beating.
This time it’s the brutal murder of a 16-year-old girl in the Gaza Strip. Her crime: “dishonoring” her family. Of course, there is no way to verify the allegations against her and other females who have fallen victim to “honor killings.”

The gruesome murder occurred a few weeks ago, when the girl – who looks much younger than her age – was dragged into the street and handed to an mob of angry young men.

Eyewitnesses told The Jerusalem Post that many of those who participated in the lynch were Hamas members and relatives of the girl.

A five-minute video obtained by the Post over the weekend reveals the savagery and mercilessness of the killers.

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Kenya: Muslim MPs Snub Bill On Organised Crime

Hmm. And why would they do such a thing?


Muslim MPs staged a coup in the House to frustrate a Bill against the war on organised crime.

The MPs said the Government wanted to introduce the Suppression of Terrorism Bill through the back door.

* But if Islam has nothing to do with crime or terrorism (Allah forbid! Only Islamophobes could suggest somthing like that!) why don’t these good Muslims support the bill?


Update on the honor killing:

From: Khaled Abu Toameh
To: “Dr. Aaron Lerner” <imra@netvision.net.il>
Sent: Sunday, 30 September, 2007 05:43
Subject: Fatah hoaxes

In the context of the Hamas-Fatah power struggle, Fatah
officials and security agents have distributed a video
documenting the alleged killing of a 16-year-old girl in the
Gaza Strip.

But it has emerged that that the footage was taken in Iraq,
where a 16-year-old girl was killed for “dishonoring” her

Fatah claimed that the victim was Nahed Juha, a 16-year-old
girl who was indeed killed together with her two sisters,
Lina and Suha, in the Gaza Strip last July.

Fatah security officials even provided reporters
with two “eyewitnesses” who claimed that that had witnesses
the lynching of Nahed Juha.

For the past few years, both Fatah and Hamas have been
involved in a smear campaign against each other. The two
parties have devoted tremendous efforts to manipulate the
media, often feeding reporters with false information.

Last week Fatah managed to sell another hoax to reporters
when it claimed that its security forces had discovered
rocket launchers in Bethlehem that were directed against
Jerusalem. It later turned out that the “rockets” were
simple pipes that has been set up by children who were
trying to imitate Hamas.

Gaza: Where the Action Never Stops

Nine suffer knife and gunshot wounds in clash at Gaza mosque


A Fatah supporter prepares to throw a stone towards a Hamas security compound during a previous clash following Muslim prayers in Gaza.


Hamas and Fatah loyalists clashed Saturday at a mosque in the southern Gaza Strip, leaving nine people wounded in the latest flare-up of violence between the two factions, witnesses and medical officials said.

The melee erupted after Hamas tried to replace an independent cleric at a mosque in the town of Khan Yunis with one of its own religious leaders, witnesses said.

What began as fistfights soon degenerated into face-offs with stones and knives. Hamas security officials who arrived at the scene fired rounds in the air, then came under fire themselves from a nearby area, witnesses said.

Medical sources in Khan Yunis said nine people suffered knife and gunshot wounds, including two who were critically hurt.

Hamas security officials were sealing the area and pressing the local clan to hand over the people who opened fire on Hamas forces.

Security officials confirmed a clash, but wouldn’t give details. The Hamas Interior Ministry, which is responsible for security in Gaza, said an unspecified number of unidentified people were arrested.

* Anybody blame the Jooozzz yet?

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  3. These images appear to be from the brutal murder of the 17-year-old Kurdish girl Du’a Khalil in April 2007.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
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