The Caliphate is the Solution, Folks!

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The Caliphate

The Caliphate ( khilafah ) is a unique political system from the ideology of Islam that bears no resemblance to any of the Muslim Governments today. Although many commentators and historians have tried to interpret the Caliphate within existing political frameworks, it is in fact a unique political system, built upon a concept of citizenship regardless of ethnicity, gender or creed that is totally opposed to the oppression of any religious or ethnic grouping.

Caliphate is not a dictatorship

The Caliph ( khaleefah ) is the name given to the head of state in the Caliphate. The Caliph’s authority to rule must be given willingly by the people through a special ruling contact called baya . Without this baya he cannot be the head of state. This is totally opposite to the post of a King or Dictator who imposes his authority on the people through coercion and force. The tyrant Kings and Dictators in the Muslim world are ample examples of this, imprisoning and torturing their own people and stealing their wealth and resources.

This baya contract stipulates that the Caliph must be just and rule the people by Islamic Law ( shariah ). He is not sovereign and cannot legislate laws from his own mind that suit his personal and family interests. Any laws he wishes to pass must be derived from the Islamic legal sources through a precise and detailed methodology called ijtihad . If the Caliph legislates any law contrary to this or commits oppression against his people, the highest and most powerful court in the State called the Unjust Acts Court ( mahkamat muzalim ) can impeach the Caliph and order his removal from office.

Caliphate is not a theocracy

The Caliph has been likened to a Pope, who is the Spiritual Head of all Muslims, infallible and appointed by God. This is not the case as the Caliph is not a priest. His post is an executive post within the Islamic government. He is not infallible and can make mistakes, which is why many checks and balances exist to ensure he and his government remain accountable.

The Caliph is not appointed by God rather he is elected by the people and assumes authority through the baya contract. The Caliphate is not a theocracy since its legislation is not restricted to religious and moral codes that neglect the problems of society. Rather shariah is a comprehensive system that legislates on ruling, social, economic and judicial matters to name but a few. Economic progress and enhancing the living standards of the people is one of its major objectives. This is totally opposite to backward, medieval theocracies found in Europe where the poor were oppressed and forced to work and live in squalid conditions in return for the promise of heaven. Historically the Caliphate was a very wealthy state with a flourishing economy, high standard of living and world leader in industry and scientific research for many centuries.

You gotta read it to believe it folks; how could we ever be without it?

LINK to the Caliphate, here

1.5 Gazillions of Muslims want the Caliphate

No doubt. But we infidels don’t.


“Kuffar we love love death and you love Pepsi Cola..’

“Muslim how can I help to get your ass to Allah…”


The Koran and non-Muslims – myths versus facts,” by Mustafa Akyol

More BS propaganda from an Islamist, in the hope that myth beats fact.

Yes, there is a sucker born every minute, and Mustafa is hoping to find a few who buy into his taqiyya. His chances are good: There are great numbers of ‘open minded’ liberal, socialist types out there who just won’t believe what doesn’t fit in their multiculti-PC world view. The alternative would be too horrible to contemplate”- according to Jack “The Burka”- Straw, socialist polit- prop in once Great Britain, who built his career on the Muslim vote. Liberals, alternative types and socialist uni-professors will gobble up Mustafa’s deception like chocolate pudding…

Here is Robert Spencer, ripping Mustafa Akyol


Jihad is nothing but ‘inner struggle’- sez Bilal Sambur

Relax! Take your shoes off! Take a laxative and more valium! Jihad is an interior spiritual struggle! Nothing to be concerned about at all! Everybody out to the beach!

“There is a need to rediscover what ‘jihad’ really means,” said Sambur, a Muslim who teaches at Suleyman Demirel University in Turkey. “Jihad is not equal to holy war. It is an ethical and spiritual concept. It means a human being must spend all his effort to actualize spiritual ideas in his individual and social life.

“This is not my personal definition. This is what the Prophet defines.”

* Great. Lets take a closer look, right here

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  1. * Caliph must [be just and] rule the people by Islamic Law ( shariah )

    A “just” Caliph ruling by Sharia Law, but no place for Israel, the USA and Britain, “the enemies of Allah who destroyed the Caliphates and who brought degradation to the Muslims.” (MEMRI)

    A Caliphate (without Israel) will not happen; God will curse and destroy those who seek to destroy Israel; even as Islam makes its move for global domination, its number is up … to be replaced by something even more sinister and deceptive.

  2. A Caliphate is such a great idea that it has already failed miserably. I think I’ll stick to democracy.

  3. Terrorism gives Muslims just enough confidence to try more terrorism, ironically resulting in mostly Muslim deaths. Pray that their hearts are turned to the Lord.

  4. Let the peaceful ones have their caliphate. Then we can all watch the unprecedented slaughter in it as they battle it out for control. Maybe they’ll be so busy proving their piety for such a worthy creation that they’ll give the infidels a breather.

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