Turkish PM says wants to lift headscarf ban

* “Secularism is restricting the religious freedom of the individual”- say the Islamic fundamentalists deceitfully, with their eyes on a full blown sharia state. There is no Islamic country anywhere that respects the ‘rights of the individual’- the ummah, the nation of believers, always takes precedence over the rights of the individual. Turkey’s PM Erdogan tells us gleefully that ‘moderate Islam is ugly and offensive’ to him, and you don’t hear the slightest protest in the West. From here on its not a matter if, but only when Turkey becomes part of the caliphate…


Turkish PM says wants to lift headscarf ban

And so it begins. Sharia Alert from Turkey. From Reuters (thanks to DW)

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was quoted in the Financial Times on Wednesday as saying he wanted to lift the ban on the Islamic headscarf in universities as part of a planned constitutional overhaul.
The remarks by Erdogan, whose Islamist-rooted AK Party won a new five-year mandate in July elections, could reignite tensions with Turkey’s powerful secular elite, including army generals, which suspects him of wanting to boost the role of religion.


“The right to higher education cannot be restricted because of what a girl wears. There is no such problem in Western societies but there is a problem in Turkey and I believe it is the first duty of those in politics to solve the problem,” he told the FT in an interview in Ankara.

The secularists regard the headscarf as a symbolic threat to Turkey’s separation of state and religion. They also fear any lifting of the ban would put social pressure on uncovered women to start wearing the headscarf in overwhelmingly Muslim Turkey.

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Soumaya Ghannoushi @ Comment is free:

Pissing on America: The fantasy world of a hijabbed Muslimah


Soumaya Ghannoushi

An eldorado for moonbats and Muhammedans, the Guardian’s comment is free section provides a forum for the strangest crackpots with an agenda. For quite some time now, Muhammedan agit-props provide the preferred diet for the ‘progressives’ who bother to post at the Grunard.

But not all, not all buy into it. Some have kept their sanity…

Thank you, Mr Bush

George Bush, America’s most unilateralist of presidents, promises to be the catalyst for the emergence of a ‘new’ multipolar world order.

History may remember Iraq as the highest point of American global power, but as the starting point of its decline too. It is ironic that Bush, America’s most unilateralist president, promises to be the catalyst for the emergence of a “new” multipolar world order. With his excessive reliance on military force and exaggerated use of threats of its deployment, he has done more than any other leader in America’s history to shatter America’s world dominance and pave the way for a more balanced international order.

Read it all if you can be bothered.


* But remember, in her own world,  this Muslimah, cute as she may be have been when that  coquettish picture was taken, is worth no more than a goat.


Watch the real Soumaya Ghannoushi in action here, it might help to cure your illusions:

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  1. It’s pretty bad when you have to root for a military dictatorship for Turkey considering what the alternative is. Islamania is enough to make even Stalin start looking good-even he had his pragmatic moments.

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