UK: Hoping Against Hope: Is The Left Coming On Board?

First signs of resistance spotted:

Some Far Left publications are beginning to backtrack on their uncritical support of the Muhammedan proletariat, since they realize that the ummah intends replacing ‘man made law’ in the Dar-ul harb with the sharia which may not suit the liberal lefties, after all. Harry’s place, a once dogmatically far left blog in the UK, has recently run quite a few articles critical of the pandering, aiding and abetting of Muslim causes and the useful idiots who prostrate themselves before the power of the bearded fanatics.

“Cowardly efforts to avoid conflict will not avert conflict”

David Thompson in conversation with the Muslim novelist and exile Tahir Aslam Gora

Even some Westerners suggest that the stance of the West regarding Salman Rushdie is a defining line between Islam and the West. But they don’t advise what the West was supposed to do in response to a death fatwa by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini. Would they hand Rushdie over to Iran for the sake of harmony with Islam? More to the point, was there any such harmony before the Rushdie issue? From my perspective, the answer is no. The West was viewed as an infidel and sinful world long before this controversy.

Snubbing Rushdie or condemning any caricaturist is not the remedy for this conflict. These intellectuals are forgetting the fact that supporting free expression was as difficult in the West about a century ago as it seems in the Muslim world today.


Tahir Aslam Gora cops quite a bit of flack by those who call his bluff:

But they don’t advise what the West was supposed to do in response to a death fatwa by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini”
We should have done this :-
1) Stop Muslim immigration
2) Invest lots of money on renewable energy (not biofuels) and fusion.

If we had done that then hopefully the money and the fifth columnists for Muslim terrorism would be a lot less.

Posted by: G Orwell at September 4, 2007 10:57 AM
These intellectuals are forgetting the fact that supporting free expression was as difficult in the West about a century ago as it seems in the Muslim world today.

I don’t think so, not even close. Could the free thinking expressed by Charles Darwin, David Hume, Robert Ingersol, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, Tom Paine – and countless others articulate their views in most of today’s Muslim world? I rather think not.

Posted by: Nick (South Africa) at September 4, 2007 11:30 AM

Twaddle. Free speech was far better protected in Britain 100 years ago before the headlong assualt launched upon it by leftwingers in the name of Political Correctness. This man doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Posted by: G at September 4, 2007 12:29 PM

The Times: Hardline takeover of British mosques

Almost half of Britain’s mosques are under the control of a hardline Islamic sect whose leading preacher loathes Western values and has called on Muslims to “shed blood” for Allah, an investigation by The Times has found.

Riyadh ul Haq, who supports armed jihad and preaches contempt for Jews, Christians and Hindus, is in line to become the spiritual leader of the Deobandi sect in Britain. The ultra-conservative movement, which gave birth to the Taleban in Afghanistan, now runs more than 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques, according to a police report seen by The Times.

The Times investigation casts serious doubts on government statements that foreign preachers are to blame for spreading the creed of radical Islam in Britain’s mosques and its policy of enouraging the recruitment of more “home-grown” preachers.

Mr ul Haq, 36, was educated and trained at an Islamic seminary in Britain and is part of a new generation of British imams who share a similar radical agenda. He heaps scorn on any Muslims who say they are “proud to be British” and argues that friendship with a Jew or a Christian makes “a mockery of Allah’s religion”.

It is not suggested that all British Muslims who worship at Deobandi mosques subscribe to the isolationist message preached by Mr ul Haq, and he himself suggests Muslims should only “shed blood” overseas.

But while some Deobandi preachers have a more cohesive approach to interfaith relations, Islamic theologians say that such bridge-building efforts do not represent mainstream Deobandi thinking in Britain.

The Times has gained access to numerous talks and sermons delivered in recent years by Mr ul Haq and other graduates of Britain’s most influential Deobandi seminary near Bury, Greater Manchester.

Intended for a Muslim-only audience, they reveal a deep-rooted hatred of Western society, admiration for the Taleban and a passionate zeal for martyrdom “in the way of Allah”.

The seminary outlaws art, television, music and chess, demands “entire concealment” for women and views football as “a cancer that has infected our youth”.

Mahmood Chandia, a Bury graduate who is now a university lecturer, claims in one sermon that music is a way in which Jews spread “the Satanic web” to corrupt young Muslims.

One sermon warns believers to protect their faith by distancing themselves from the “evil influence” of their non-Muslim British neighbours.

“We are in a very dangerous position here. We live amongst the kuffar, we work with them, we associate with them, we mix with them and we begin to pick up their habits.”

A commentator on religious radicalism in Pakistan, where Deobandis wield significant political influence, told The Times that “blind ignorance” on the part of the Government in Britain had allowed the Deobandis to become the dominant voice of Islam in Britain’s mosques.

Khaled Ahmed said: “The UK has been ruined by the puritanism of the Deobandis. You’ve allowed the takeover of the mosques. You can’t run multiculturalism like that, because that’s a way of destroying yourself. In Britain, the Deobandi message has become even more extreme than it is in Pakistan. It’s mind-boggling.”

Farrukh from Woking, in the comments to the article, says:

For a long time Muslims such as myself have contacted our government advising them to establish an educational program on Islam to enable the majority of everyday Muslims who do not subscribe to these ‘stricter’ and often mis representative interpretations of Islam. No response. If the government will not help everyday Muslims who do not actually hold these ‘confused’ values, how do they expect us to counter this negative influence which neither represents the teaching of Islam, nor the example of Prophet Muhammad? So again, I welcome dialogue with our government to help, empower the everyday Muslim with the knowledge that is required to counter the points of view put forward by such people.
As for deobanids vs barelwivs, one is just as bad as the other; labeling one strict and the other moderate simply reflects a failure to understanding the real issues facing the Muslim community today.


This is what this disgusting man is preaching:

On Jews “They’re all the same. The Jews don’t have to be in Israel to be like this. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in New York, Houston, St Louis, London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester. They’re all the same. They’ve monopolised everything: the Holocaust, God, money, interest, usury, the world economy, the media, political institutions . . . they monopolised tyranny and oppression as well. And injustice”
On New York “Jew York . . . sorry, New York . . . a slip of the tongue.”

On the Taleban “The only group of people upon the earth who are establishing the Sharia and the law of Allah” [In 2000]

What crime has the Government of Afghanistan committed? All they have done is they have refused to hand over a person (Osama bin Laden) whose guilt is yet to be proven. Because of that crime, the entire nation is being punished. And as a result, because they strive to represent Islam, the whole of Islam is being demonised. And as a result, Muslims all over the globe are being discriminated against” [In late 2001]

On Europe “Europe has made it clear: they will not tolerate a Muslim force or power in Europe. And if it means massacring Muslims, if it means genocide, if it means a holocaust in Europe again, so be it. For this time, the target is Muslims”

On Muslims in Britain “It’s become insane that as Muslims in this country we are more concerned about the frequency of our bins being emptied than we are about Muslim women being raped, children being massacred, old men being put to death and buried alive, and entire populations being subjugated and being made victims of genocide in other parts of the world”

On Britain’s antiterror laws “Muslims are being maligned, our religious ideals and values . . . are under threat and it is naive to suggest otherwise. Read between the lines, peer beyond the spin. Laws are being introduced which . . . are targeted at Muslims. We are being discriminated against. Muslims in this country are being picked up one by one, control orders, imprisonment without trial, imprisonment on the flimsiest of excuses”

On integration “Allah has warned us in the Koran, do not befriend the kuffar [unbelievers], do not align yourselves with the kuffar”

On the threat faced by British Muslims “Winston Churchill made a very insightful comment. He said: ‘Appeasement is the policy of feeding the crocodile in the hope that it will eat you last’. As Muslims today, we think it’s OK, things can happen to Muslims elsewhere, but what will happen when there is no one else to devour? We will be the next meal”

On jihad “The moment we say something, we are branded fanatics, terrorists, extremists. And no one dare utter the J-word. The J-word has become taboo. The J-word can never be mentioned and if someone mentions it even Muslims look at one another. So much is happening and yet we are expected to remain silent”

On Islam’s ultimate triumph “Allah has promised. It is he who has sent his Messenger [Muhammad] with the religion of truth so that it may prevail over all other religions, even though the disbelievers may dislike it, even though the mushrikin [the idolaters] may dislike it. Allah has promised that victory will be for the believers. But we will be tested in the meantime”

On Israel “Oh Allah, do not let us die until our eyes are cooled with the sight of banu Israel [the children of Israel] being punished for their crimes”

On sacrifice “Trust in Allah, trust in the Prophet’s promises and his words. But not just rely on him and sit back, carrying on with our nine-to-five lives and our rat race. No, but be willing to sacrifice anything that may be required of us in the way of Allah”

On culture “Today, the culture of Coke and the Big Mac, the culture of the Americans, the culture of the Europeans, these cultures are dominant and they are all pervasive. We stand in awe of their culture and we are imitating them in everything. This culture, this evil influence, this imitation of the kuffar . . .”

He also doesn’t like opera or Christmas.

There’s a discussion going on a Comment is Free.

* WoJ featured the taqiyya doctor Ajmal Masroor recently with another article; quite a piece of work!


“Home Grown Terror”

Much is made, far too much, actually, of whether Muslim terrorists are citizens of the country they attempt to terrorize. Why is their citizenship is a total irrelevancy? For two reasons.

First and most important, what motivates these acts of terrorism is the religious faith of the terrorists. The god of Islam, Allah, is, truly, a god of vengeance and death. It is not very difficult for those who would be terrorists to find justification in their holy book, and terrorists have not “hijacked” Islam, they follow the true path of their ‘religion’- which is in fact a totalitarian ideology with a global mission.
The second reason why it is irrelevant is that these terrorist, citizens or not, have not adapted to the essentials of a free society: freedom of conscience; tolerance of those who are different. What this must mean to those who are citizens is to live in peace among their neighbors, however different those neighbors may be.

In short, if someone is technically a citizen but does not live in peace for the precise reason that the larger society is not Muslim, then one forfeits their citizenship. And should have zero claim to being “homegrown.”

This being said, it is useful to know that there is a threat within Britain, and that, largely, it is in the form of former colonials exacting their revenge.

*Revenge? Really?

* If so, for what exactly? Why are we led to believe that colonialism was such a bad thing?

It’s apparent that Britain is a nest of muddle-headed political correctness, manifested by idiocies like checking in with the the local Muslim councils before carrying out searches.

Muslims, qua Muslims, are the threat. Unless and until the Muslim community actually polices itself, both in the U.K. and elsewhere, we must keep a sharp eye on their centers of sedition, especially mosques and Islamic centers.

Slightly rewritten from ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks”

4 thoughts on “UK: Hoping Against Hope: Is The Left Coming On Board?”

  1. As for it being hard for muslims now, as the West had a hard time in the past, with free expression – what about all the muslims that have lived in infidel lands, gone to infidel schools, etc that are still having a hard time with free expression? What about those converts who are not only born and raised as infidels, but their families are infidel for untold generations who are now having problems with free expression after they turn to their new ‘religion’?

    I might have taken the above wrong – and if so, feel free to correct me. The problem is islam.

    And once again a desire was expressed by an infidel to amend islam. Only infidels call for such things – not the muslism. Not even those masses of ‘moderates’ have demanded that such changes be made. Only a few lone individuals have done so and they are usually guarded for 24 hours after saying such things.

    We need to stop muslim immigration!! And then recognize islam for what it is – a political movement that uses religion as a front and god as a weapon.

    Now, what would we do with all the muslims that are here now? Either tow the line, no more footbaths and that crud, no koran reading in schools, no dressing like muslims – or else we should demand they take off their turbans and tents/scarves and wear a cross for one week, and a Jewish star of David the next. If they commit violence, then they will obey our laws and court systems – no more censorship of who does what and what we can say or print and that includes cartoons, and if they work in a place that serves ham – so be it – serve it or get another job. And last but not least – deport all imams, mullahs, clerics or whatever they want to call their pathetic selves – if they teach hatred in their mosques and madrassas. NO MORE SAUDI MONEY! And make sure they don’t buy our schools, businesses, and politicians anymore. If a politician, or hollywierdo, wants to go hug a commie or a muslim murdering thug – then they are either a traitor and the very least a seditionist.

    whew!! that felt good!!

    Right now we are in a beginning stage of jihad and with the Saudis buying our Universities, stocks in businesses and politicians – you better believe we are not ‘sitting pretty’ nor are we safe. Europe is farther along and they need to wake up faster than they have been! And they live a couple of spits away from the Middle East and only a spit away from Eastern Europe which is nothing but a pig sty of muslim radicals.

  2. Yup, it’s all about those Jews. Suppose they all disappeared overnight, then what? Will we finally have peace from the peaceful ones at last? Nope-then it’ll be the Christians who are the source of all evil. Then the Hindus, then the Buddhists-on and on it goes, one enemy after another until every last infidel is dead.

    Then comes the real slaughter-Muslim vs Muslim to see who deserves Illah’s favor. And boy, will that be one doozy of an atrocityfest if past history is anything to go by! I wonder what the ants will say after they inherit the earth thanks to the Islamaniac annhilation of the planet.

  3. “The Times” shows more courageous & accurate reporting:
    Our followers ‘must live in peace until strong enough to wage jihad’
    Andrew Norfolk

    One of the world’s most respected Deobandi scholars believes that aggressive military jihad should be waged by Muslims “to establish the supremacy of Islam” worldwide.

    Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani argues that Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practise Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle.

    His views explode the myth that the creed of offensive, expansionist jihad represents a distortion of traditional Islamic thinking.

    Are you paying attention, George, Gordon, John, Kevin etc?
    Deal with it, or “OPEC” will be more than a slip of the tongue at APEC.

  4. “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step.” — Sir Winston Churchill – circa 1899

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