Afghanistan is lost, says Lord Ashdown

By Tom Coghlan
Telegraph UK


* Defeatism all the way. Lord Paddy Peggy Ashdown drools as always…

* But the question “What can we possibly win in Afghanistan?” would be much more appropriate and to the point. 


A Taliban fighter in Afghanistan’s south

Nato has “lost in Afghanistan” and its failure to bring stability there could provoke a regional sectarian war “on a grand scale”, according to Lord Ashdown.

The former United Nations High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered his dire prediction after being proposed as a new “super envoy” role in Afghanistan.

Lord Ashdown said: “We have lost, I think, and success is now unlikely.”

The assessment will be considered extreme by some diplomats but timely by those pressing for more resources for Nato operations.

Lord Ashdown added: “I believe losing in Afghanistan is worse than losing in Iraq. It will mean that Pakistan will fall and it will have serious implications internally for the security of our own countries and will instigate a wider Shiite [Shia], Sunni regional war on a grand scale.

“Some people refer to the First and Second World Wars as European civil wars and I think a similar regional civil war could be initiated by this [failure] to match this magnitude.”

Lord Ashdown, 66, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, was speaking in advance of a Nato summit in the Dutch town of Noordwijk yesterday.

Britain and the US infuriated by the lack of assistance granted by allies to those countries with forces operating in Afghanistan.


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Egyptian Cleric: Banning Female Circumcision is un-Islamic….


Thanks to Weasel Zippers

* The few western feminist groups that speak out on this issue have been claiming for years that female circimcision has nothing to do with Islam. As always, they’re wrong….


Yusuf El-Badry — religious scholar, former parliamentarian and onetime mosque preacher in Patterson, New Jersey — is using Egypt’s courts to promote his strict interpretation of Islam. He has become a courtroom celebrity, appearing regularly on Egyptian and Arabic satellite TV shows, and some see him as a defender of Islam … He is currently seeking to reverse Egypt’s ban on on female circumcision that came after the high-profile death of a 14-year-old girl undergoing the procedure. “The decision to criminalize circumcision means criminalizing something from Islam,” he bellowed in court. Mr. El-Badry won international fame when he spearheaded a case against Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid, a university professor he accused of heresy and apostasy. The judge ruled in his favor and ordered the professor to divorce his non-Muslim wife, but Mr. Abu Zeid and his wife fled to the Netherlands.

Rest here>>

* This guy is a dangerous lunatic who prays on the stupid, the poor. He produces zombies in the name of his ‘religion’-he should be arrested and deported or locked up in an asylum.

6 thoughts on “Afghanistan is lost, says Lord Ashdown”

  1. Gee… Muhammedan sueing in court for what they can’t get at the ballot boxes… sounds like they have learned very well from the elitist socialist in the western democracies.

  2. NATO isn’t losing Afghanistan-it’s not for NATO to lose. The Afghans are losing it. These people need wipe out the jihadists themselves-not sit back and expect NATO to do it. Or did they really enjoy living under the Taliban? Memories of rule by those savage primitives should be incentive enough for the Afghans to take care of business-if not, then they don’t deserve a nation.

  3. It’s no surprise NATO is losing. People tend to forget history. It was enough to look into the Eighties and the Soviet occupation to learn that this one was posed to be a failure too, regardless of military prowess. When a country doesn’t want some alien to be there, they won’t be there for long. Period.

  4. IslamsForLosers,

    My sentiments exactly. We build schools, they blow them up. What’s the point?

    I get so sick of reading this BS every day – suicide bombings, beheadings, evil imams, whining muslims, idiot politicians, the takeover of our culture. I know more about islam than I ever wanted to know. If I stopped reading it, and thinking about it, my blood pressure would probably go down. But it’s addictive, in a sick way.

  5. antal~ Yes, we can tell the ENTIRE POPULATION of Afghanistan does not want us to be there. You can see it every day, in every single city, on every single street. Kids throwing rocks, snipers on every roof, massive protests by hundreds of thousands, not a safe highway anywhere…

    Oh wait, it is just a few thousand Taliban and maybe some thousands more fool enough to help them, not the millions we are helping by taking them out.

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