Filip Dewinter on the Front in Belgium

Country Report: Belgium

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Filip DeWinter

The situation in Belgium does not differ significantly from the situation in other Western European countries, except for the fact that it might be worse here than elsewhere because Belgium is an artificial state without a national identity to defend.

Belgium, like the rest of Europe, is confronted with welfare immigration. Most immigrants in Belgium are Muslims from Morocco. There is also a significant number of Turkish immigrants.


The overwhelming majority of the Muslim immigrants did not come to Belgium as so-called “guest workers” in the 1960s and 70s. They arrived since the 1980s purely for the purpose of claiming benefits. They sympathize with the parties of the Left. This is the very reason why the socialist Belgian establishment has given them the right to vote.

In Antwerp, the Socialist Mayor Leona Detiège defended the policy of granting citizenships (and the subsequent right to participate in the elections) to as many immigrants as possible, on the grounds that the indigenous Flemings are – quote – “politically overrepresented as the immigrants are not allowed to vote” – unquote.

Belgium is confronted with the phenomenon of Islamo-socialism – an alliance between Muslims and the Socialist Party leadership. The latter has seen its traditional blue-collar voters flock to conservative parties, such as ours, and hopes to find a new electoral base.

This strategy has worked. In last year’s local elections in Belgium the immigrant vote tipped the balance in favour of the Left.
In Brussels more than one fifth of the municipal councillors are now immigrants of non-European origin. Most of them are Muslims, and most of them have been elected as Socialists, though many have also been welcomed as Christian-Democrat trade unionists on the lists of the Christian-Democrat Party.

In the Brussels borough of Sint-Joost-ten-Node 11 of the 16 Socialist municipal councillors are non-European immigrants, as are 4 of the 5 Christian-Democrats, 2 of the 3 Liberals.

In Antwerp one third of the Socialist councillors are Muslims, as are one third of the Christian-Democrat councillors. According to the Marxist sociologist Jan Hertogen – quote – “The immigrants saved democracy in Belgium” – unquote. Hertogen calculated that if the franchise had not been extended to immigrants my party, the Vlaams Belang, would have polled over 40 per cent in Antwerp instead of 33.5 per cent.

In other towns the situation is similar. In Ghent, one quarter of the Socialist councillors are Muslims. In Vilvoorde, a Flemish town 20 km north of Brussels, half the Socialist representatives are Muslims.

The authorities turn a blind eye tot the radicals because they want to buy the Muslim vote and the radicals control the Muslim population. The Socialists even help the radicals in their efforts to control the Muslim population.

Last year, immediately after the elections, the Antwerp city council sacked Marij Uijt den Bogaard, an Antwerp civil servant who worked in the immigrant neighbourhoods. Uijt den Bogaard witnessed how Salafist extremists were taking over these neighbourhoods and wrote alarming reports for the city authorities about the growing radicalization. This brought her into conflict, both with the Islamists and her bosses in the city.

The city warned her that her reports were unacceptable and that she had to – quote – “change her attitude” – unquote.
When she persisted, she was sacked and her job was given to a radical Salafist. The latter now works for the city, supervising 25 Antwerp Moroccan mosques.

* This is a very important article. Well worth printing out and giving to your friends to raise awareness. Do it while you can…



Charles from LFG is spooked:

About Vlaams Belang and Sweden Democrats

Here are just a few of the reasons I have deep misgivings about the Belgian Vlaams Belang party, successor to the banned Vlaams Blok, and their participation in the European anti-Islamization movement; thanks to LGF readers for pointing out these links.


* a White Power flag at a Vlaams Belang rally this month. The other flags are Vlaams Belang.

* What is your opinion? Write us and let us know whether you feel the anti-jihad movement needs all the help it can get or should we avoid the far right at all cost?



Charles from LGF is totally spooked by the ‘Flames Belang’ and fears ‘racism’ more than the Islamofascists

LGF is as anti-jihad as anyone on the web; but I do not accept that we’ve reached the point where we should embrace these kinds of people as allies, simply because they’re hitching a ride on the bandwagon and saying the right things when the spotlight is on them.

I’m in this fight because I believe in personal freedom and liberty, and these links and photographs raise more than warning signs to me. They raise the hairs on the back of my neck.


Pamela from Atlas Shrugs and Baron Bodissey from the Gates of Vienna don’t buy it:

Filip Dewinter speaking in Ghent, Belgium. “You should know, the real enemies of Israel today are not on the right, but rather on the left: the socialists and the Greens.”

The rapid Islamisation of Europe must be fought. In order to fight it, political parties must be engaged. If not, how then to effect change?

I will make the case for the Europeans desperate to save their country(s). I did research (and continue to) and see the ghosts but VB or more particularly the Swedish Democrats have done nothing in recent years that I need to worry about. The Swedish Democrats have had their purge a few years ago and are now clean. I see a pattern of such transformations in several European countries. If they want to become respectable, pro-Israel, I am thrilled to be part of the process.



Vlaams Belang on the Holocaust

by Baron Bodissey
Below is an article that was posted on the Flemish Parliament website in 2005 by Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang. Rolf Krake, a Dane who lives in Brussels and speaks Flemish, has kindly translated it for us.

Go here for the complete European Parliament Resolution, and here for the Council Framework.

Vlaams Belang approves Holocaust resolution in Flemish parliament

Vlaams Belang disapproves the political abuse of the ‘Green Party’ concerning the holocaust resolution

Filip Dewinter sent an open letter to the Jewish community

In the general policy of the Flemish parliament’s Commission came today the proposal of the Green Party’s resolution! And the Flemish majority parties discussed the commemoration of the holocaust, the concerns about anti-Semitism and racism and approved the bill. The Vlaams Belang adopted the proposal.


* This thing, if it can be won, will not be won by a bunch of morally superior screen jockey’s.



Mumbling on about “extremism,” “radicalism,” “Islamism,” etc. only serves to obscure what is really going on. I even had to dissent from the term “Islamo-Fascism,” which, while it helpfully indicates the repressive political agenda of the Islamic supremacists, nonetheless gives the impression that we are dealing with a sort of bastard love-child of Sayyid Qutb and Benito Mussolini. The jihadis aren’t cutting people’s heads off because they are fascists but because they are faithful Muslims acting in accordance with the injunctions of the Quran and the example of Muhammad. 


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  1. If Charles from LFG is spooked, the this is a bad sign, because he is being taken by the left wing fascists.

    And this is a problem that I find with the main stream American anti-jihad sights, that as soon as there is mention of the far right, such as BNP ,SD or Vlaams Belang they get gooey in their pants.

    As far as Sweden Democrats is concerned, he should understand Swedish to get a better insight. And stay away from Expo, which is a red fascist propaganda newspaper, much the same as searchlight in the UK, who had a lot to do with the filming of Nick Griffens speach which led to disgusting trial.

    Both supporters of Searchlight and Expo have use violence against anti-jihadists. Our biggest threat happens to be the so-called anti-fascist who are siding with the Islamofascists

    If the far right is moving away from their previous fascist image, then we should not dismiss them. In fact we should support them.

    Developments on the far right have left the Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats – SD) the single surviving xenophobic party, with a nation-wide organization and potential to expand its electoral base (see ASW 1999/2000). In its campaign for the September 2002 general election, the party has been courting the xenophobic fringe in the hope of establishing itself as the single, undisputed “nationalist” alternative.

    Much of the party’s activity in 2001 was directed at strengthening its organizational machinery while toning down more blatant racist rhetoric. Party propaganda focuses on three populist themes:

    * Anti-immigrant rhetoric based on the premise that immigrants are behind most violent crime – in particular rape and robbery – and that Muslim fundamentalism is a threat to Swedish culture.
    * Conspiracy theories claiming that mainstream political organizations, the media and politicians are “betraying” or “selling out” the nation to a foreign “army of occupation” – the immigrants. Much of the rhetoric is directed against individual politicians, such as Minister of Integration Mona Sahlin.
    * An anti-European Union (EU) campaign portraying the EU as a threat to democracy in Europe.

    The party has been successful, particularly in schools and at the local level. Mikael Jansson, party chairman since 1995, is a shrewd political organizer who has devoted much time to improving the party’s image. As a result of his actions, more notorious Nazi activists have been pushed to the sidelines

    The September 2001 local church council elections were a test of the SD’s strength prior to the 2002 general elections. As usual, voter turnout was low – about 12 percent – and although the mainstream parties campaigned heavily to keep the SD out of church councils, the party won one percent of the vote and several seats on local councils.

    SD’s success was marred only slightly by the emergence of the Nationaldemokraterna (National Democrats – ND), a breakaway group formed by hardcore SD activists in August 2001. The nominal party leader is Anders Steen, previously a SD councilor in south Stockholm, but actual power is held by Tor Paulsson, previously a SD national party organizer.

    The split was the result of an ongoing dispute within the anti-immigrant right. Although the SD was formed and led for many years by activists schooled in traditional neo-Nazi organizations, and the party belongs to the nationalist movement, it may be assumed that a majority of the vote is not ideologically fascist but expresses populist dissatisfaction with the mainstream parties. Hence, much of the party’s success has depended on its ability to able to distance itself from the fascist image, a tactic that alienated the ideological party hardcore.

    After Steen and Paulsson were expelled from the SD and formed the ND, they managed to recruit a substantial part of the SD youth organization as well as a number of veteran activists in the Stockholm area. They have also attracted a steady flow of hardcore neo-Nazi activists, who view the new party as a prospective “respectable” cover.

  2. Interesting to note that groups such as BNP, Vlaams Belang and Sweden Democrats are more active against Islam than any-body else.

    The best example is the Demo in Brussels recently.

    After six months of campaigning for the 9/11 demo, not more than several hundred people showed up, yet Vlaams Belang members showed up in strength.

    It has been the same in Sweden with the SD, where they have had a few rallies, that have turned violent, due to the red fascists.

    And lets not forget the BNP, who have marched and been attacked by the red fascists and moslems.

    At times I am dismayed at the mainstream anti-jihadis, they can load the gun, but seem unwilling to pull the trigger.

  3. * What is your opinion?

    (a) Islam is a clear threat to Israel and the West, & the current Western politicians of the left, right and centre do not take it seriously. My preference is that “centrist” parties such as Liberal and Labor in Oz (despite them being portrayed as “left” & “right”) would both act in the national interest & say “enough!” to any further Muslim immigration, mosque-building, Sharia/Halal encroachment etc. Put it to a referendum, if necessary, but do it. Continuing failure to act will play into the hands of those who will use Islamisation as a “front end” for their own, even more sinister, purposes.

    (b) In my opinion, Islam & its plan to establish a global Caliphate under Sharia Law, while a threat, is simply a “front-end” or “sacrificial anode” for those who seek to impose and enforce the “Noahide Laws”, which may or may not be consistent with Sharia law, depending on what opinions one reads. I am wary of joining with, or supporting, organisations such as BNP or Vlaams Belang (or One Nation, for that matter). Try a search on “noahide laws”, and up will come far-right sites such as “Stormfront”, and “Vanguard” – you don’t have to visit them to know they aren’t dedicated to weather reports & rusty post-war British cars.
    Try a search on “noahide laws” plus BNP or Vlaams Belang, & you get a feeling that far-right anti-Islamic groups are also anti-semitic, which is a danger in supporting such groups without knowing where they stand re Israel.

    Anyway, while Islam gets the well-deserved attention for its violence & subversion, those seeking to impose & enforce Noahide Laws go largely un-noticed, and have the potential to succeed where Islam will fail. The Sanhedrin rejected Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, and now the nascent Sanhedrin is signalling its intention to establish Noahide courts for the purpose of ruling over the Gentile nations.

    * Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah

    Court for Bnei Noah: What are the Seven Laws?

    The summary of the Rambam is: Prohibition of: Idolatry, Blasphemy, Murder, Certain prohibition on Sexual Intercourse, Theft, and Social Order supported by Rule of Law (in Kings 10,11 the Rambam says that “Bet Din of Israel should judge the Naohides or appoint Noahide Judges), and Ever Min HaHai: eating flesh which was cut from a live animal. [Kings, 9,1] In addition the Rambam lists the prohibition of Kilayim [Kings, 10,6]

    *** The penalty for breaching any of the seven counterfeit “laws of Noah” is death, generally by beheading. The Sanhedrin is positioning itself for the ultimate blood-fest … especially when the counterfeit Moshiach (Antichrist) is reigning in the rebuilt Jerusalem Temple.

  4. Mullah,
    I am a bit concerned that the immigration issue has not been brought up by either party.

    We are running out of water: that’s a good enough reason for starters.

    As for extreme (nazi-type) groups,,I am wary of them.

  5. Gramfan, I share your concerns about immigration not being raised. Kevin Andrews did raise the previously noted reduction in African refugee quota, but was jumped on from all quarters, especially Bob Brown / Greens, & the irrelevant Democrats & other left-socialist rabble. This is a concern with a Rudd government, that any sense he brings will be constantly attacked by Brown and others.

    The water issue won’t go away, & the social engineers keep telling us that we pay too little for water (but ultimately it is infrastructure that we have paid for). Search on “Agenda 21”
    if you aren’t familiar with it, & see how the UN is minding our business on water &
    “sustainability” etc.

    Quitting the UN & saying no more muslim refugees would be a good start, but maybe that is my “right” side showing. 🙂

    * As for extreme (nazi-type) groups,,I am wary of them.

    Very wise. A few weeks ago, I noticed a “Stormfront” poster in a northern suburb – I meant to check it out, but forgot about it ’til now. I don’t know how active such groups are in Oz, but they will attach themselves to legitimate concerns about Islam etc, for their own purposes.

  6. Leftism and Islamania-the marriage made in heaven to deliver the world to hell.

    Apparently, the US isn’t the only place suffering from the near total ignorance of immigration from the ummah. I have a feeling that we’re all a Depression away from a far rightist reaction to this problem-once people get hit in the pocketbook immigrants often take a hit, rightly or wrongly. The West’s mainstream parties are playing games and don’t even realize it. The Left continues to pander shamelessly to the Destroyers and the Right (at least in the US) keeps blubbering about how peaceful this bunch really is. More and more people are getting tired of this BS and probably will turn to extremism in severe circumstances. Hopefully that won’t come to pass but if it does the leaders of the big parties will have only themselves to blame.

  7. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has stated on many occasions that the Vlams Belang should be banned.

    I think this says it all…..

  8. Very wise. A few weeks ago, I noticed a “Stormfront” poster in a northern suburb – I meant to check it out, but forgot about it ’til now. I don’t know how active such groups are in Oz, but they will attach themselves to legitimate concerns about Islam etc, for their own purposes.

    Stormfront is pretty active in Oz, and there was quite a bit of activity during the Kronulla riots.

    I have noticed there are quite a few posters on their forum who are pro-israel and very anti islam,

    As for being organized internationally, stormfront are light years ahead of anything that the anti-jihadis can boast about, so there is quite a bit to be learnt from stormfronts organization

    I want to stop the spread of Islam in the West. If it means I have to ally myself with racists to do it then I will do it. You might warn me that it is dangerous. But it is less dangerous than to trust our present governments who are doing their utmost to enable the green plague of islam to fester within our lands and destroy every thing many of our fore fathers died for

    Unfortunately the far right is Europe’s only hope. Islamization has gone too far to pussy foot the continent out of its cultural death spiral. Violent unrest and civil war is where this is all headed, I am afraid.

    There is simply no other way; fight or surrender.

    And over the last few years, it has only been the far right who have come onto the streets, such as the Brussels 9/11 demo, at least they had there banner there demonstrating against their natural alley. The question is, how many Jihad watchers or LGFers where at Brussels

    Lets not forget that when Robert Spencer. Pamella at Atlas, Ayaan Ali Hirsi and a host of the mainstream anti-jihadis are on the champagne trail, Nick Griffen was in a court of law facing a long prison sentence

    When there are people who the come face to face with the enemy such as many of the far right are doing I suggest we stop criticizing the far right, and get our arses on the front-line

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