Al-Qaeda: The Next Goal Is to Liberate Spain from the Infidels

Yesterday Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus.

Today the jihad against Israel, Lebanon, Chechnya, Thailand, Philippines, in many theaters of war in Africa continues relentlessly, largely ignored in the West.

Spain, ‘Al Andaluz’ for the Muhammedans, is generally seen as a unacceptable loss for the caliphate which must be reconquered at all cost.

In the next months and years we will see a combined onslaught to reconquer Spain. The spineless socialist Zapatero government will not be able to pacify or appease the jihadists who are only emboldened by this cowardly demeanor.

Lt. Col. (res.) Jonathan Dahoah-Halevi


Large parts of the Iberian Peninsula were under Islamic rule from 711 until 1492, with the final eviction of the Moors from what they called al-Andalus, and the memory of Islamic rule in Spain has become increasingly part of the discourse in radical Islam.
Osama bin Laden has written: “We request of Allah…that the [Islamic] nation should regain its honor and prestige, should raise again the unique flag of Allah on all stolen Islamic land, from Palestine to Andalus.” Bin Laden’s mentor, Abdullah Azzam, established that the Islamic obligation to wage jihad in order to recover lost Islamic territories applies to Andalusia.
Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, has written that while Islam was twice evicted from Europe – from al-Andalus and from Greece – it is now in the process of returning.
A children’s magazine published by Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, called on Palestinian children to restore the city of Seville to Islamic rule as well as the rest of what was once Islamic Spain.

Israel, therefore, is a small link in the greater confrontation between radical Islam and the West. Accepting the Arabs’ terms for a Middle East settlement, or even going so far as “liberating” Palestine from Israeli rule, will not be the last stop in the radical Islamic journey being led by the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, which share the vision of spreading Islam all over the world.
Indeed, for the West, Israel constitutes a dike against the great wave of radical Islam. The very same principle invoked for waging war against Israel – recovery of what was once Islamic territory – is being applied to Spain, the Balkans, Southern Russia, and India. European pressure on Israel to make political concessions that endanger its security will only bring closer the next stage of Islam’s offensive, this time aimed at the heart of Europe.



40 Years Since Che Was Murdered By George W. Bush



The dysentery glow of dhimmitude:


* Islamic terrorists destroyed two of the tallest buildings in New York on September 11, 2001.
Six years later, one of the remaining super-skyscrapers in New York, the Empire State Building, is going to go dysentery green for the Muslim holiday of Eid.


Muslims to Christians: make peace with us, or the survival of the world is at stake or else

“Pope told ‘survival of world’ at stake if Muslims and Christians do not make peace,” by Ruth Gledhill for The Times (thanks to JW):

The “survival of the world” is at stake if Muslims and Christians do not make peace with each other, leaders of the Muslim world will warn the Pope and other Christian leaders today.
In an unprecedented open letter signed by 138 leading scholars from every sect of Islam, the Muslims plead with Christian leaders “to come together with us on the common essentials of our two religions” and spell out the similarities between passages of the Bible and the Koran.

The scholars state: “As Muslims, we say to Christians that we are not against them and that Islam is not against them – so long as they do not wage war against Muslims on account of their religion, oppress them and drive them out of their homes.”

That’s from Qur’an 60:8.


* What they’re actually telling us is ‘resistance is useless: we are commanded to wage war on unbelievers and Jews until all testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his profit’- so If we don’t accept their ‘invitation’, then once again the consequences will be all our fault. Resisting Islam is considered a ‘heinous crime’- and ‘unbelief is worse than slaughter’- So the Muhammedan believer has to kill you to save your soul.
* Islam divides the world into the “House of al-lah” and the “House of War.” And it is the Koran that tells Muslims to fight the “unbelievers” until the last day.

First, the pen. Then, the sword.

* The first thing one has to understand when dealing with Muslims is that you will be called to Islam. Your resistance is oppressive to the Muslims and therefore the Muslim is obliged to fight you. You’re causing a lot of grief to the Muslim, infidel!

* Because you’re ignorant and you don’t accept the Islamic faith, and you also refuse to pay the jiziyah, so the poor Muslim is obliged to fight you.

* When Muslims talk of peace, for them it means capitulation to their supremacy. This document is a call for surrender, for submission to a false peace with a false supremacist religion. These scholars know this, and this document is only a pretext for war.

* “Make peace with us” also means “we want to divide Christians from Jews” so we can eliminate Israel (first) before we get down to the elimination of the Christians and everyone else.



8 thoughts on “Al-Qaeda: The Next Goal Is to Liberate Spain from the Infidels”

  1. Now now-stop using the phrase “dysentery green”. That disease is far less deadly than Islamania and the germ that causes it should get some respect.

    On Che-great poster. I’m sure he is indeed one of Mo’s people as he too had a beard.
    Imam Che-sort of has a nice ring to it.

    But seriously, Spain is in for it big time. After the election disaster caused by the bombing a few years back the peaceful ones know that this is one plum ready for easy picking.

  2. * The “survival of the world” is at stake if Muslims and Christians do not make peace …

    The trap is being set, in accordance with 1 Thessalonians 5:3:

    When they say, There is peace and no danger, then sudden destruction will come on them, as birth-pains on a woman with child; and they will not be able to get away from it.
    ( )

  3. “Pope told ’survival of world’ at stake if Muslims and Christians do not make peace”… I wonder if they realise that it takes both sides to agree to peace. I don’t know any Christians who wish death and destruction on muslims, but there sure are a lot of muslims who wish death and destruction on Christians… (of the two faiths, one must be wrong. I know which side I am on, and it is not the one that calls for the death of infidels)

    “This document is a call for surrender, for submission to a false peace with a false supremacist religion.”…and a false prophet.

  4. So much for your second amendment rights. A cupboard full of semi-automatics isn’t going to save you from a slow cultural takeover. If this green abomination doesn’t cause riots in the streets, then it’s bye-bye- USA.

  5. Funny what passes for liberation for Islamania-their idea is to liberate people FROM freedom and cast them into slavery. The Nazis and Communists had the same peculiar notions-what a coincidence!

  6. * Muslims to Christians: make peace with us … (or else)

    P.S. signatories include – H.E. Dr. Abd Al-Aziz bin ‘Uthman Al-Tweijiri
    Director-General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)

    ISESCO has been in the news a bit recently (google news isesco) eg:
    ISESCO welcomes the Cordoba Conference on intolerance and discrimination against Muslims

    The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization –ISESCO- has welcomed the convening, in Cordoba (Spain), of a conference on “Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims”.

    Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, the Director General of ISESCO, sent a letter to Mr Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, who will preside over the conference. In his letter, the Director General said “I have read in the London-based Al Hayat Arabic newspaper your valuable article on “Tolerance and Concord”. I am pleased to tell you that I appreciate well the ideas expressed in that article as well as your stances as regards the rejection of discrimination and intolerance vis-à-vis Muslims in Europe, when you put it that “we have to avoid discrimination against whomsoever embraces Islam or follows a style in his living according to that religion.”

    Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri also said in his letter “The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -ISESCO-, which is operating within the framework of the OIC, strongly supports your view that “under the educational context, our systems should favour tolerance and indiscrimination, so that we go beyond intolerance and discrimination, make of that a goal shared by all communities, and spread an objective image on Islam through education.”

    The Director General ended his letter to the Spanish Foreign Minster by saying “This clear way of seeing things and this open human spirit are the essence of the civilizational message assumed by ISESCO in the Islamic world.”

  7. If the islamists think that non-moslems will be some kind of easy push over, think again, there are those amongst us who will not only say “no” to islam but fight it actively.

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