EUrabia: The Natives Flee, While Socialist Multi-Culti-Elites Import Muhammedan Proletariat To Replace Them


The Dutch are leaving their homeland in record numbers – the first nine months of 2006 saw some 100,000 depart, an increase of 12 percent over the previous year. Also, according to the “Emigration Monitor,” 32 percent of the Dutch population is seriously considering emigration, as opposed to 26 percent last year, a 23 percent increase. To make their way easier, entrepreneurs have established an “Emigration Fair,” which Pieter Dorsman reports on:

Setting up a farm in New Zealand? Start up a business in Tasmania or do you like to cash in on British Columbia’s construction boom? All these options were presented at a real ‘Emigration Fair’ in Amsterdam earlier this month which drew record crowds. Whatever pessimism there is in and about Europe and no matter how commentators try to figure out if this exodus is real, the market has smelled the opportunity and knows how to respond. As opposed to “Give me your tired, your poor” many jurisdictions in the new world have discovered that the disgruntled Dutch are anything but tired and poor. They’re young, affluent, well-educated, entrepreneurial, fluent in English.


Record number of people leave UK

But not only the Dutch: Germans, Brits, Scandinavians are leaving their homelands in record numbers. An unprecedented exodus. Not because of poverty, but to escape the misguided social experiments of their governments.



Update on the Dutch Intifadah:

Media now reports that the sister of the terrorist Bilal Bajaka is a Dutch judge. That’s right, a judge. In the Netherlands you can become a judge while you’re brothers are terrorists!

Today also a media car was attacked while filming the burned out vehicles in front of the police station at the Allebeplein. “Youths” who did not agree with the filming threw a rock through the windshield of the camera crew. And although there is now special police security around the police station, the police was not able to apprehend the attackers. I guess that is just how it goes when you want to appease at all cost.


Biggest Dutch Weblog geenstijl, reports some interesting facts in the case. They write about how the Dutch authorities try to spin this jihad attack as just an act of a mentally disturbed person. But also name some interesting facts the other media outlets have not yet reported.

It seems that Bilal has shouted in Arabic when he attacked the police officers. This could very well be something like “Allah Akbar”, but thats something the Dutch authorities don’t want the public to know.

Also they report that Bilal has visited the nearby mosque, before doing his attack. He might even have received his weapon of attack there. Because he had just escaped his supervisor of the mental institution a half hour before. It’s unlikely, though not impossible, that he already had the knife when he escaped.

Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf reports that according to a manager of the mental clinic Bilal was not schizophrenic criminal, he was friendly and cooperative guy, who was never was aggressive. In other words he was just treated for his mere suicidal tendencies. He also was from a well to do family and was a smart student. And a Muslim.


The Fjordman comment:

What we are faced with is a totalitarian takeover of much of Europe through a cooperation between internal Fascists, the EU, and external Fascists, Muslims, and momentum is currently in their favor.

Regarding the “racist” label: I have never spent much time worrying
about skin color, but I do notice I am starting to grow a tad tired of
these accusations. The truth is that white people of European
background are currently among the planet’s least racist groups.

Almost all racist violence in Europe involves white victims and
non-white perps, frequently Muslims.
Western Europeans have recently
accepted more immigration from alien cultures in a shorter period of
time than any society has done peacefully in human history.
If we want
a break we have the right to do so, and if we feel overwhelmed it’s
because we are.

What we are dealing with here is not “immigration,” it’s colonization,
as well as probably the greatest betrayal in Western history committed
by the very people who are supposed to be our leaders. If non-Europeans have the right to resist colonization then so do Europeans. And if we are “racists” for desiring the same degree of self-determination and self-preservation as all other ethnic groups on the planet then hell, maybe we’ll just have to learn to live with the label.

Europe isn’t much to look at right now, but I do not want to end up in
a situation where thousands of years of what once was a great
civilization go up in smoke because people were too scared of being
called bad names.
Neither do I want to lose because we were paralyzed worrying about imaginary Fascists while the real Fascists took over.


Zappa: The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing


American Muslims Must Learn To Accept Free Speech


And I’m not just talking about Muslims. A lot of people need to take a time-out instead of getting all upset anytime someone says something you don’t agree with.
Almost every day, I read about some group upset something was said. It’s called racist, insensitive, intolerant, and I’m finding I’m repeating myself on these points every few columns. At the same time, liberals call conservatives every name they can think of, because when THEY do it, that’s okay because THEY are the enlightened.

So you can imagine the head-shaking I performed when I saw this….

Local Muslims upset by UW campus event

By Janet I. Tu
Seattle Times religion reporter
A controversial week of events, billed as Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, launches at the University of Washington and some 100 other colleges next week — drawing condemnations from Muslim groups here and across the country.
The UW College Republicans, organizer of the local events, say the week is intended to foster awareness of the terrorist threat posed by a small number of extremists within Islam.
But some local Muslims say the week fosters Islamophobia and racism and attempts to paint all Muslims as terrorists.

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, launched this year by a recent graduate of Duke University and sponsored by the Los Angeles-based David Horowitz Freedom Center, is intended to “confront the two Big Lies of the political left: that George Bush created the war on terror and that Global Warming is a greater danger to Americans than the terrorist threat,” according to its Web site.

The Web site includes suggested campus activities such as holding sit-ins outside women’s studies departments to protest “the silence of feminists over the oppression of women in Islam” and holding a memorial service for the “victims of Islamo-Fascist violence around the world.”
Again, we’ve bent over backwards for Muslims in America, and what do we get as thanks? Well, certainly not always “Thanks.”


5 thoughts on “EUrabia: The Natives Flee, While Socialist Multi-Culti-Elites Import Muhammedan Proletariat To Replace Them”

  1. The socialists are rubbing their hand with glee, as they are systematically changing the electorate, by importing welfare dependant muslim savages, whilst exporting conservative voting (tax paying and productive) peoples. In order to keep the welfare state going they will have to tax the poor buggers that are left even more, but they dont care, they only see as far as the next election. If the trend continues, the savages will turn on these leftards like a bloodthirsty pack when the handouts start to dry up. Hopefully, the muzzies will rid us of the socialsts, then we can rid ourselves of the muzzies.
    I don’t want to contemplate the alternatives.I might have to come and join you guys, but I feel I should defend my country anyway I can. The real problem we face is that the leftards are useless at everything except at playing politics, at which they excell.

  2. If these people leaving the Neherlands cannot fight against the Islamisation of their country in which they have native rights, then what use are they wherever they emmigrate. They will never be a bulwark against anything, for the moment danger appears these people will cut and run to the next country. If the cant be stedfast in a country that is theirs, what use will they be to an adopted country?

    They are just fodder – albeit well off and educated fodder.

  3. Just remember folks, Holland like the rest of European Countries including Britain are all now Governed by Liberal Leftwing Wimps.
    They all seem to want the mass exodus of indigenous populations to continue – and it will unless an electoral revolution takes place, or the fight is taken onto the streets!

    Good luck – we all need it, it’s all we’ve collectively got, Luck.

  4. What’s happening in Holland is ridiculous-nobody reports on this outrage. It’s as if WW2 were being fought in total secrecy. All this media today and yet Islamania continues to wreak havoc in near silence. No wonder they sense victory-almost nobody knows of their insidious actions.

  5. This is what muslims are great at doing – making a place a pig sty and then people leave.

    And that word that makes me tired – hope. They ‘hope’ for something or other – usually that someone else will do what they should do – get off their behinds and do something about the situation!

    When there are no other places to run – what will they do? Muslims are in every country and trying to get sharia law in all of them and to make the country ‘dar al islam’.

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