George W. Bush certifies Saudi Arabia as anti-terrorism ally.

* George W. is da man: Not our man, their man.

After all, the Saudi’s made him.

They made his father, they made Bill Cheney, his cronies and his predecessors. From Peanut Khadr to Willie Clitman, and from Ronald Regan to Henry Kissinger, all were, all are on the take. All of them received millions upon millions for dubious libraries, mausoleums or business ventures.

* In America and elsewhere money talks. These recycled petro-dollars can’t be missed. Which one is it: getting real chummy with the oil mob or selling the family silver?

* In the Arab pocket:

Bush renews Saudi Arabia as anti-terror ally despite concerns

By P. Parameswaran WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President George W. Bush on Friday renewed Saudi Arabia as a key anti-terrorism ally despite concerns over its track record and fears it is exporting extremist ideology.

I hereby certify that Saudi Arabia is cooperating with efforts to combat international terrorism and that the proposed assistance will help facilitate that effort,” the president said in a memorandum to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to free up aid from Washington to Riyadh.

A little more than a month ago, the US Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, Stuart Levey, charged that Saudi Arabia had failed to prosecute the bankrollers of terrorist groups.



Australia discovers Fat Anglos and Solid Muslims

A professor of nutrition thinks that culture is more important than health:

When is a fat child not really fat, after all?

THE obesity epidemic among Australian children has been grossly overstated, according to a study that reveals the problem is concentrated among poorer families and some ethnic groups…

The study showed more than 17 per cent of children from a Middle Eastern background were obese, 8 per cent of Aboriginal children and 7 per cent of those from a southern European background.

This compared with 5.7 per cent of Anglo-Australian children…

Dr O’Dea said it was important to work in culturally sensitive ways with communities to determine the best way to reduce the risk of diabetes.

“We want to avoid stigmatising already socially marginalised groups,” she said.

She described as “a disaster” plans by federal Labor to weigh and measure every child starting school. She said in some cultures fatness was not seen as a problem, and initiatives might need to focus on increasing physical activity rather than weight loss.

In other cultures, it was unrealistic to expect girls to engage in high-level physical activity.

“Fatness is here to stay,” she said.

I think the good doctor means that girls find it hard to run in a burqa – which turns fat into a problem best left alone.

* ‘Cultural sensitivity’ is the express way to dhimmitude.


Smokers irrational, like animals, says Malaysian cleric 

* From the ‘Jihad-is-better-for-you’– department: 

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Smokers are like animals that do not think rationally, a Malaysian hardline Islamist cleric said at the weekend.

Islam discourages the faithful from smoking, just as it bars them from alcohol, said Nik Aziz Nik Mat, spiritual leader of the Parti Islam se-Malaysia, which seeks to turn the country into an Islamic state that punishes thieves by lopping off their hands.

Smokers did not use their brains because they continued to let themselves be addicted to the habit, despite knowing it was bad for their health, the Star newspaper quoted Nik Aziz as saying.

“People who do not want to think are like animals,” Nik Aziz told the launch of an anti-smoking campaign in Kota Baru, the capital of Malaysia’s northeastern state of Kelantan, which is his party’s last remaining bastion.

Nik Aziz, himself a non-smoker, has earlier said smokers would not be included among his party’s candidates at Malaysia’s next general elections, widely expected to be called as soon as early next year.

 * No virgins for smokers?


‘Muslim Live 8’ raises money for Darfur

By Lucie Godeau

Thousands of British Muslims gathered at Wembley Arena for a charity peace concert dubbed “Muslim Live 8” to raise money for victims of Sudan’s long-running Darfur conflict.

The concert, starring top Islamic singer Sami Yusuf, was backed by the British Government, which is spearheading efforts to press the Sudanese Government to stop violence in the western province.

The event at London’s Wembley Arena, called A Concert for Peace in Darfur, also aimed to promote efforts to unite the community amid widespread suspicion of Islam in Britain.

“An injustice anywhere is an attack on justice everywhere and so we will continue working together with all of you to bring this suffering to an end,” said Prime Minister Gordon Brown in a pre-recorded video message.

“I want to thank all of you … from the artists and musicians who are performing here today, to religious leaders from all communities who have been leading prayers and campaigns for the people of Darfur.”

Mr Brown added: “The fact that so many of you are here tonight shows how deeply people from communities all over Britain care about the people of Darfur and their plight.”

All profits from the event will go to Islamic Relief to help fund its work in Darfur.

* It was not clear whether the funds raised were meant for the black Darfurians or for the Janjaweed to rid themselves of the black Darfurians…

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  1. * The study showed more than 17 per cent of children from a Middle Eastern background were obese …

    Hmmm… weren’t the social engineers trying to convince us that it was all the junk food advertising during “kids tv” time that was responsible, & the solution was to ban it?

    Could it be that the Macca’s BLT thingy is non-fattening, but Halal food is? How about the social engineers banning Halal food, & leave Maccas alone. Or maybe the social engineers will slink off & target something else, lest they fall victim to a fatness fatwa.

    HALAL – Help Alleviate Life And Longevity

  2. It appears that a halal diet isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I suppose this is why the Destroyers push for this on infidels-they want to even the odds by making them as unhealthy as they are. Jihad via food!

    As for Bush I wonder how much he got for saying what he did? The man’s pockets must be bursting from all that dirty oil money he’s gotten for saying such nice things about our “ally”.

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