“I can do this in the name of Allah, and I will not fail. I could slaughter him in the name of Allah”: Muslim woman in Sweden discusses Vilks’ Muhammad cartoon

* What’s the world coming to? We have among us a lunatic fringe, a murderous lot of religious zealots and assassins who go about making death threats to artists, writers and others who oppose their blood- cult. And our respective governments, those who are sworn to protect us, refuse to do their job to arrest and deport them. The MSM ignores it, supports it, or even blames the victim:

Craven CNN Moment of the Day


In their report on Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist whose drawing of Mohammed as a dog has drawn death threats from the Religion of Peaceâ„¢,

CNN says Vilks should have known better.

Vilks, who has been a controversial artist for more than three decades in Sweden, says his drawing was a calculated move, and he wanted it to elicit a reaction. “That’s a way of expressing things. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. And if you look at it, don’t take it too seriously. No harm done, really,” he says.

When it’s suggested that might prove an arrogant — if not insulting — way to engage Muslims, he is unrelenting, even defiant. “No one actually loves the truth, but someone has to say it,” he says.

Vilks, a self-described atheist, points out he’s an equal opportunity offender who in the past sketched a depiction of Jesus as a pedophile. [No death threats for that, of course. – ed.]

Still one could argue Vilks should have known better because of what happened in Denmark in 2005, when a cartoonist’s depictions of the prophet sparked violent protests in the Muslim world and prompted death threats against that cartoonist’s life.


Lars Vilks says if people don’t like his artwork, then “don’t look at it.”

*HOGANAS, Sweden (CNN)– Swedish artist Lars Vilks says all he’s doing is taking a stand in the name of artistic expression. But because of that stand, on this afternoon he’s lying low — on the ground, in fact — looking for bombs under his car.
Al Qaeda has put a $100,000 price on his head and offered an extra $50,000 for anyone who murders him by slitting his throat after the eccentric artist and sculptor drew a cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog.

His crude, sketched caricature shows the head of Prophet Mohammed on the body of a dog. Dogs are considered unclean by conservative Muslims, and any depiction of the prophet is strictly forbidden.
“I don’t think it should not be a problem to insult a religion, because it should be possible to insult all religions in a democratic way, ” says Vilks from his home in rural Sweden.

“If you insult one, then you should insult the other ones.”

* Indeed. But for too long ‘artists’ have been insulting only religions that don’t assassinate those who insult them.


Burka Mama: coming to get you?

One Swedish Muslim woman who lives just an hour-and-a-half drive from Vilks said she hopes to make good on the al Qaeda threat and slaughter Vilks like a lamb.

“I can do this in the name of Allah, and I will not fail. I could slaughter him in the name of Allah,” says the woman who identified herself only as Amatullah.
She adds, “If I get the opportunity.”

Dressed in a black burqa from head to toe and uttering death threat after death threat, the woman — a wife and mother — says she is defending her religion and her prophet if she manages to kill Vilks.

Amatullah has already been fined for issuing death threats. Still, she claims she will never stop taunting him.
Swedish police, who declined CNN’s request for an interview, have advised Vilks to abandon his home.
But the artist still works there by day and travels to a safe house by night. Vilks knows his defiance could get him killed, but he says his art is worth dying for.

As he sits at his computer, his phone buzzes with a text message. Another death threat has just come in, this one from Pakistan.

“I will kill you, you son a bitch,” he reads.

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    Must be a sad religion if people feel they have to keep defending it,no?”

    Religion of Psychopaths, bent on protecting a god who hates life and his plundering prophet, both of whom are so puny and feeble that even a cartoon “injures” them…

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