Italy: Another Business Idea Goes Down The Loo

Offensive to Muslims: Koranic Toilet Seat


Update to this story: Koran toilet seat cover angers cleric

“There is a toilet seat cover on sale in local stores that features verses of the Koran. This is an insult to the Muslim faith that we must react to,” he called out.


This one comes from the Muslim Brotherhood propaganda site IslamOnline, where they applaud Italian authorities for doing the bidding of seething Islamists threatening violence over another incident of “blasphemy:” Italy Seizes Quran-printed Toilet Seats.

* It is highly questionable whether Italy has anything in its laws to ban or prohibit toilet seats or toilet paper with Arabic/Koranic writing. It seems to be just another act of successful blackmail and intimidation by the RoP.

Following Muslim complaints, police raided the four braches of the company in the town of Latina, 60km south of Rome, and seized 2,000 such pieces on sale.

Interior minister Giuliano Amato met Friday with Italian Muslim leaders at the main Rome Mosque to reassure them that Italy would not tolerate such outrageous acts.

“This is an insult to the Muslim faith,” The imam of the Lazio town of Latina’s mosque, Sheikh Yusuf, told Amato. Amato reassured Yusuf, saying: “I would like to tell our friends from Latina that we have been informed of this matter and are taking action because it is offensive.”

* Standard line from Italy’s Muslim Website:

Italy has a Muslim population of some 1.2 million, including 20,000 reverts, according to unofficial estimates.*

* That’s the scary part…

* Selected comments:

* Watch out folks: A police raid to protect Islamic sensibilities is outrageous. Soon they’re going to be kicking in doors looking for cartoons.

* “…To head off angry Muslim Reaction”

Says it all.The appropriate response would have been “This is vulgar, but we are a free country. We live with things like this for the greater goal of a free society.Your threats and many of your actions are offensive, but yet we allow your freedom. If there is any violence you will be held responsible for instigation & the violent actors will be arrested.prosecuted & jailed if I can help it. All of those eligible will be deported after serving their sentences. Now thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.We are now alerted to watch you and your cohorts very closely.



Not offensive to Muslims: Dead Serb killed by Muslims…




Oriana Fallaci saw it coming:

No word yet on Italian police reaction to muslims’ unprecedented blasphemous acts against Christians, as documented by Oriana Fallici in The Rage and The Pride:

“A tent put up in order to beg–condemn–insult the Italian government that hosted them but wouldn’t give them the papers necessary to rove about Europe and wouldn’t let them bring the hordes of their relatives to Italy. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, pregnant sisters–in–law, and if they had their way, their relatives’ relatives as well. A tent situated next to the beautiful palazzo of the Archbishop on whose sidewalk they kept the shoes or sandals that are lined up outside the mosques in their countries. And along with the shoes or sandals, the empty bottles of water they’d used to wash their feet before praying. A tent placed in front of the cathedral with Brunelleschi’s cupola and by the side of the Baptistery with Ghiberti’s golden doors. A tent, finally, furnished like a sleazy little apartment: seats, tables, chaise–lounges, mattresses for sleeping and for fucking, ovens for cooking food and plaguing the piazza with smoke and stench. And, thanks to the customary irresponsibility of ENEL, which cares about our works of art about as much as it cares about our landscape, furnished with electric light. Thanks to a radio tape player, enriched by the uncouth wailing of a muezzin who punctually exorted the faithful, deafened the infidels, and smothered the sound of the church bells. Add to all this the yellow streaks of urine that profaned the marble of the Baptistry. (My, these sons of Allah sure have a long range! However did they manage to hit the target when they were held back by a protective railing that kept it nearly two whole meters away from their urinary equipment?) And along with the yellow streaks of urine, the stench of the excrement that blocked the door of San Salvatore al Vescovo: that exquisite Romanesque church (year 1000) that stands at the rear of the Piazza del Duomo and that the sons of Allah transformed into a shithouse. You’re well aware of this.”


And the Muslims are seething about what, a toilet seat? Can you imagine the outrage if some dared shit on the steps of a mosque? Blood would run in the streets! Yet there will be no response to the muslims defiling the holy places of Christianity, except to cower in fear. Europe’s political class has been neutered, leaving a vacuum of courage and leadership that will lead to the next World War.


Laura Bush: “They do not see covering as some sort of subjugation of women:” Laura Bush defends the hijab.

* Note: wearing the abaya in Saudi Arabia is not a “choice.” It’s mandatory for all women when they are in public. If they show even a little bit of ankle, they’re subject to being beaten and arrested by the Saudi religious police (mutaween).

Hijaab Befuddlement Syndrome, update:

* Does Laura Bush really think those women will be honest about their opinions on this misogynistic practice?

UPDATE at 10/28/07 11:35:26 am:

Did these girls also choose to die in a fire instead of wearing the abaya?

Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.

In a rare criticism of the kingdom’s powerful “mutaween” police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday.

About 800 pupils were inside the school in the holy city of Mecca when the tragedy occurred.

According to the al-Eqtisadiah daily, firemen confronted police after they tried to keep the girls inside because they were not wearing the headscarves and abayas (black robes) required by the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islam.

One witness said he saw three policemen “beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya”.


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  1. So many syndromes,so little time,,,,
    We need to make a list of them,lol!

    BTW it is so annoying that these stories don’t make the MSM news,esp the one with the gruesome picture.

  2. There was a sura on the toilet seat when I was there last night
    I didn’t read it in the dark
    But I saw it in the light
    And now I am a criminal
    A sad and sorry plight
    When the Carabinieri came and seized
    My seat with Ayat Al-Kursi (The Verse of the Throne) on it
    And treated me like shi’ite

  3. The ummah expands at a constant rate. Just like the Blob-it consumes all. Is no place safe from this nightmare?

  4. Boahhh hey what did you Italyien against Moslemen? Always since her insult our religion! What really wanted her! We insult but not Christianity!!


  5. the verses on the toilet paper roll translates to:

    O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam

    And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favour on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you: That ye may be guided.

    Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.

    Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving Clear Signs: For them is a dreadful penalty,-

  6. how impudent is this act!!!

    At least, i have never seen a muslim doing something like this to a bible, and here’s lies the difference. Also, i have never seen a church being burned down or bombed either in muslim or non-muslim country, but i have really seen mosques being destroyed and attacked. So, muslims are just the scapegoat.

  7. Liar!

    And the desecration of the Church of the Nativity, and the burning of 80 Christian Churches in Kosovo under the watchful eyes of the UN, and the attacks against Churches and Christians in Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Phillipines, and the toppling of Buddhist statues in Afghanistan by the Taliban and…..

    Here you can see what Muslims do to churches & Christians:

  8. Fares

    Also, i have never seen a church being burned down or bombed either in muslim or non-muslim country,

    Just because you have never seen church being burnt down, does not equate that churches are not burnt down

    In IMHO, all mosqes should be ripped down and convert to house for the many who have been made homeless by frenzied moslems who have been brainwashed by the mullahs who preach hate in their unholy places and fleece their congregation of what little money they have

    I witnessed this incident

    East Java, Indonesia, Oct. 10, 1996

    The destruction of Churches and other Christian related properties on October 10, 1996 in Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia left no place for Christians to worship corporately. The condition for Christians due to the tragedy is heart braking. Sweet memories of worship services, singing, fellowship, weddings, prayer meetings, and Bible studies were all but vanished. Not a single church building was left standing in Situbondo. There are no more places to worship corporately, no more Sunday services, all burnt to the ground. All ashes. If anything is left, it is beyond recognition.

    Here is more proof from tranquil Indonesia where “The battle cry of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah that night was: ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’”

  9. fuck your mother, what is your problem. omg you
    have a big problem in your fuckings head…
    so go fuck your mother men.

  10. Islam is the worlds funniest joke and the Quran is the worlds funniest joke book. All Muslims are child molesters, rapists and terrorists.

  11. Istagvirullah doe even normaal man repecteer andersmans geloof stelletje homo’s

  12. Good Day:
    We would like to add, your deeds what you do, our deeds what we do. These people whom deisgn these things, are blind and have no sight. Whom knows how they looked those days!. also, why run to the punishment?. hahahahaa. these people RUN to their punishment. do u doubt what I just said…they run, they get a ONE WAY TICKET…to get to their chiding or chastisement…so what they say..would u catch a bus to scotland when u live upon london to see your family or friends? why not?…..non-sense..why Rush to a thing of this nature, senseless….as for the dead body…what was his her crime?.

  13. A poster above wants to know:

    “the dead body…what was his her crime?.”

    She was raped and killed by Muslims for being Christian. Ring a bell?

  14. i don’t know are you all kidding ???
    didn’t you know what happened to Muslims by Serbians!!!???
    they did what can never be expressed by words….
    and every action has its reaction

  15. fuck you what why don’t you respect people with there relegion
    who made this world where you can live god!

    serb first of all you just maked a fucking titel wich fits with your fucking story
    you dont know if its treu and second you dont know what the serbs has done to moslims
    third mabey 1 of te many moslim killed 1! and that probaly that people (like you)want fighting but that dosent mean anything atlast we got somone to pretect us we are save

  16. To sheikyermami:

    Serbs what the fuck do u know about Serbs???
    You do not have a clue what a war looks like your probably in your comfortable home with your personal laptop, what the Serbs did was called Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing.

    EVEIDENCE: MILOSAVICH (spelling) Was found guilty of exactly that in International Court!!

    NATO Yes NATO!! Stepped in to help those who lived in Kosovo (Muslims) by sending airstrikes on Serbs!!
    He or She was raped? Sorry Not Muslims!! U got it mixed up!! As usual!

    Where’s your evidence, when their is war it is limited to those in fatigues all others are innocent civilians.
    So if that was whoever no matter what religion and they were an innocent civilan. May they rest in Peace.

    Afganistan was invaded by Russia, and what happened to those women?
    The women that were pregnant were of course raped with all the others, then had their wombs and bellies ripped open. Sounds like something from a Movie this shit was real.

    -Raped and murdered, we see that now in Iraq. Don’t believe me iw was all over US news and those soldiers were found guilty of raping a 14 year old girl in front of her family then her and her family were killed.


  17. Salam alykoum means peace be upon you all,
    I’m muslim , I love all the human beings,
    I believe in god and I believe in our dear prophet mohamed,
    Islam made me believe in jesus, in moise and in all the prophets may god bless them all,
    the verses of koran told me to be polit and kind to every body and to give one answer to the insultes, nothing but this word: SALAM which means peace.
    And if you allow me to tell u one advice, I would say: try to read a good and fear translation from koran, you may find the light of god that can lead you to your peace and your own heaven, because heaven is on this earth before being upon the sky.
    I love you all, and may god help you to find the truth.

  18. Don’t play with Moslims religion!!! …..Le-ilahe ilallah muhameden ve-resulullah….. All-llahu Akbar…… I LOVE MY RELIGION MOSLIM AND I’AM PROUD TO BE A MOSLIM….

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