Jihad Against The Dutch: Koranimals Run Amok In Amsterdam

* Following the death of a Muslim Hofstad-group-associated terrorist who burst into a police station and stabbed two officers, Moroccan “youths” are rioting and setting cars on fire in Amsterdam.

Now check the headlines from the Herald Tribune:

Police station vandalized in Amsterdam after officers kill mentally ill attacker

* “Mentally ill”- does that mean Islamically afflicted?

Moroccan-Dutch youths rioted in Amsterdam overnight Tuesday. DPA

A group of dozens of youths in the Slotervaart neighbourhood in western Amsterdam set cars on fire, damaged several other cars and threw stones through the windows of a police station.


Van Gogh & Assassin Bouyery

The riots followed the death of 22-year old Dutch-born Bilal Bajaka, of Moroccan descent.

On Sunday, Bajaka entered the police station of Slotervaart, stabbing two police officers with a knife. Although having sustained serious injuries, one of the officers, a policewoman, shot and killed her alleged attacker on the spot. The two police officers were later brought to the hospital where their condition was described as “serious but stable.”

The police and Amsterdam municipality officials announced at a press conference Monday that a national investigation had been launched into the incident. The police also added that Bajaka had a criminal record.

From the age of 13 up to his death on Sunday, the police said, Bajaka had been involved in several major criminal incidents, including armed robberies and a series of violent incidents. He was allegedly part of a criminal gang.

In addition, police said he was personally acquainted with Mohammed Bouyeri, the convicted killer of the late film director Theo van Gogh, as well as with other Moroccan-Dutch terrorist suspects.

Moroccan-Dutch residents of Slotervaart complained to reporters they were “sick and tired” of continuous “negative news reports” about fellow Moroccan-Dutch, adding they felt increasingly stigmatized. [And what better way to counter those negative news reports than to riot and burn stuff? – ed.]

Several television reporters who came to report on the fatal incident at the police station were threatened by Moroccan-Dutch youths.

Best comments:

* The words “muslim”, “islam”, etc etc appear not once in the article. How telling

* His mama said he was a good muslim, he would never do a thing like that

* Fellow criminals start rioting because they complain they are “made to look bad” in the media.

* Reporters show up…and the rioters attack the reporters.

* The police needs police protection

* How dare they shoot that poor youth, just because he was expressing himself in a way totally unfamiliar with our culture. We need to look at the root causes of this poor soul’s frustration.

* Police said burning cars are acts of retaliation after the killing of a mentally ill man, police said Tuesday.

* Those damned, trigger happy Dutch cops…going around killing sick people.

* Kudos to the lady police officer for ending this one-man jihad. She should get a medal.

* No, she will probably have to seek asylum in Denmark

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The Alan Colmes Idiot of the Month comment:

* What? The racist bits about ‘Moroccan’ and ‘Muslim’… you can’t possibly blame a whole religion just because they are Muslim and because they’re stabbing you to death…


 Amsterdam: Eight ‘youths’ arrested for setting cars on fire

* You won’t find  words like ‘Muslim or Islam’ in this Expatica report:

Amsterdam police chief Bernard Welten said the problems in Slotervaart are caused by a “core group of no more than 35 youths aged 12 to 17”.

Welten said the youths come from violent homes, adding that he would not be surprised if the riots would increase to the level of those in Paris last year. “Their parents have no authority over them whatsoever,” he said. He indicated youths in the group were arrested frequently, only to be released soon afterwards, “because we want to be a constitutional state.”

* Limp dick politicians and a toothless police ‘service’ perpetuate the ongoing horror.



Downfall of the Netherlands Land of the Naive Fools

The author shows that the Dutch, if they don’t adjust their policy regarding Muslims and set a drastically different course, will be repressed by the culture of Islam. In a worst-case scenario, they will have to admit they literally gave their already small country away. The author sheds light on the subject from different sides and clarifies with many examples that a seemingly far-fetched speculation is actually already materializing in the foreseeable future.

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