Laura Bush: Properly Hijabbed In Arabia / Update

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“They do not expect nor encourage it,” of Western visitors at official meetings, said Bush’s spokeswoman, Sally McDonough. “As members of the official traveling party, we will not need to wear any head scarves or abayas at any point.”



Is Hollywood Owned by the Arabs?

* Actually, that is just a rhetorical question.

When you know that CNN/Time-Warner is firmly in the hands of the oil-sheiks and FOX is 7 % owned by this fast talking Sowdi-jet-setting princeling Al Waleed, a front man for the Al Sowds, then you cannot help wondering just how much of Sowdi money goes to Hollywood to produce schlock to make America look bad. The coke-heads and the self-hating moguls don’t seem to mind:


Fumento: Hollywood’s War on Reality


Hollywood’s War on the War on Terror

By Michael Fumento

In 1942, Hollywood went to war. It began pumping out countless movies designed both to entertain the public and bolster its will to fight. A lot of them were cheap, hokey, or both. But even in a nation that seemingly needed little reminder of the dastardly attack on Pearl Harbor or the evils of the Nazis, they kept drilling home the message that we must persevere no matter the costs or the duration.

Critics have labeled the new movie “Rendition” a “political thriller.” Whether it thrills or not is subjective. But “political”? Absolutely. It’s merely the latest in an unbroken series of major films about the war on terror that range from those seeking to assure us that Islamist terrorism isn’t the threat we might think, to those depicting the terrorists as no worse than those who fight them — and by implication the American people as a whole.

More Crock & Schlock from Hollywood


* Here is the new link to the video clip Youtube pulled the other day


Watch out: here comes another stinker 

“24” Trailer 

* From the ‘anybody can be a terrorist’-department: this time the terrorists are Hispanics and scream ‘Porco Dio and  Caramba’ when they crash the jet. Just like Muhammad Atta and  Ziad Jarra:


A plane is heading toward the White House to attack it. And wouldn’t you know it?–the plane is not being led by four Muslim terrorists, the way it was on the actual plane that was headed that way, UNITED 93. Nope, it’s Hispanic former CTU agent Tony Almeida (the very hot Carlos Bernard) who’s misdirecting the plane. As on “24,” even when Muslims are the terrorists, it’s only because they’re working for “the man”–the (non-Muslim) White corporate man, the (non-Muslim) Russian man, or some other (non-Muslim) entity or party.

By Debby Schlussel 



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  1. Very good, Islam is winning and all the others are loosing. America, Europe go to hell, you are in our hands and we can do anything to play around. Please prepare yourselves to give your land and democracy to us and we will rule you under sharia and law. Thank you, I am very happy and I like this. Vetican city will also be under us, pope should go home or we will kill him.

  2. “America, Europe go to hell, you are in our hands……”

    Yup, being in the hands of Islamania is indeed like being in hell.

    As for Hollywood I rarely see a movie-too much crap out there. I stick with classic TV on DVD for entertainment-I don’t find propaganda very entertaining.

  3. Mohammed Shahid

    Will any space be left in hell for others? Hell cannot accommodate others as the Islamic scoundrels qualify to occupy it more than any one else.

    When the most deserving evil rogues like Muslims are be there the only place remaining to be occupied by Non-Muslims is the Heaven.

    Dont worry, we’ll not be so unkind to you. We’ll gift you some pigs to feast in Hell along with Prophet Mohammed.

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