The Guardians Awful Muhammedan Agit-Props

* The Grunard, once a respected newspaper in the UK, has become a megaphone for Muhammedan propaganda. Lately the shrill siren song of Muhammedanism has become more obnoxious than the incessant azzan, the war-cry ‘Allahu Akhbar’ that calls the believers to prayer 5 times a day. But all in all, the worshipers of Muhammad are rather skilled, like Ghada Karmi here, who invokes

‘Intellectual terrorism’

For the sake of free speech, British organisations should confront pro-Israel bullies, not appease them.

The newest and least attractive import from America, following on behind Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Friends, is the pro-Israel lobby. The latest target of this US-style campaign is the august Oxford Union.

This week, two Israeli colleagues and I were due to appear at the union to participate in an important debate on the one-state solution in Israel-Palestine. Also invited was the American Jewish scholar and outspoken critic of Israel, Norman Finkelstein. At the last minute, however, the union withdrew its invitation to him, apparently intimidated by threats from various pro-Israel groups.

The Harvard Jewish lawyer and indefatigable defender of Israel, Alan Dershowitz, attacked the topic of the debate as well as the Oxford Union itself. In an article headlined “Oxford Union is dead”, he accused it of having become “a propaganda platform for extremist views”, and castigated its choice of what he termed anti-Israel and anti-semitic speakers.

Yet Dershowitz could have restored the balance as he saw it; he was the first person invited by the Oxford Union to oppose the motion but he declined due, as he put it, to “the terms of the debate and my proposed teammates”.

Read it if you can be bothered


Our favourite: Soumaya Ghannoushi


This totally unhinged hijabbed Muslimah makes sure that each and every one of her articles is

“Shriller than a thriller:”

and full of

“Racist/ Far Right/Nazi/Islamophobia/Xenophobia”

Gannushi attributes these qualities only to the filthy kuffar, of course.

A properly indoctrinated Muslimah would not harbor such sentiments.


Return of the Muslim other

The far right is reviving the prejudices that used to dominate mainstream European politics

In a few days time a cluster of far-right groups under the name the Stop the Islamisation of Europe alliance will hold rallies in London, Copenhagen and Marseilles to demand an end to what they call “the overt and covert expansion of Islam in Europe”. Although the events are likely to attract no more than a handful of protesters, their message resonates widely. On Saturday the rightwing People’s party, notorious for its virulent hostility to ethnic minorities and Muslims, emerged as the victor in the Swiss elections, taking 29% of the vote, the best electoral performance by a party in the country’s elections since 1919.

More howling and wingeing?

Sumaya got plenty more


But best of all is the ‘Islamophobia Watch’ website of the ever vigilant Inayat Bunglawalla, a Mr. Bean lookalike and media secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, who got himself stuck in a steaming pile of taqiyya after he was caught sending death threats to Charles Johnson’s ‘Little Green Footballs’ here


The Bunglawalla ding dong: 

“I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut….”


Inayats tolerance for multiculti-diversity shows on his blog:

“Comments Off”


The Awful Guardian:

The Media Are the Enemy

Guardian “reporter” Clancy Chassay (for whom the term “weenie” was invented) goes along on a field trip with the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades as they fire rockets into Israel, attempting to commit mass murder. Disgusting beyond belief: Video: Inside Gaza – ‘Resistance is our strategy’.

Also note that the degenerate murderers are now using Google Earth to aid in their targeting.

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  1. America’s pro-Israel lobby? If there is one left it’s a closely guarded secret because the only thing heard about Israel for the most part nowadays is how fascist it is. Nice to see that the UK has its own version of the NY Times for putting out “all the crapola that’s fit to print”.

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