Little Green Canniballistic Lizards

Little Green Footballs’ is considered by many to be a neo-nazi, right-wing, racist, hate-speech website.


* It’s not! Bookmark this page. From now on we will add on to this page like a separate blog. Take a look at this: A HARD LOOK AT RACISM

* Some comments from Atlas Shrugs:

It’s rather condescending and/or arrogant for LGF to accuse anyone else as ‘neo-nazi, right-wing, racists’ when LGF is considered by many in America, Europe, the Middle East to be ‘neo-nazi, right-wing, racists’ who preach hate.

* Makes sense, no?

If I am to believe the accusations that Johnson is a neo-nazi (which I don’t since exposing Islamic fascism is not ipso facto neo-nazism or racism) then it is odd to hear an accused neo-nazi racist accuse others of being neo-nazi racists.

I wish Charles would read and study the Art of War by Sun Tzu and he would see that the division of allies is one of the greatest obstacles to winning a war. Our enemies, both near and far, are delighted at this and will use it to their advantage.


* For millennium wars were fought by alliances. Hitler allied himself with Muslims, the allies united against Hitler with communist Russia, the US allies itself with any despot or dictator that is useful to her, including Islamic Turkey, African despots and South American dictators. And the same US sees Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as allies against the misnamed ‘WoT’ – yet the lizard army is clinging to a moral buraq that is so high up in the stratosphere that the oxygen bottles explode.

* Charles Johnson himself is a rather courageous fellow. The Islamofascist’s hate him with a vengeance and would love to chop his head off, the wankers from the MSM fear him because Johnson and his ‘army of lizards’ have exposed them on several occasions as the fraudsters they are.

* But lately the ‘army of lizards’, as Johnson likes to call his fan-club, has gone gaga: ever since Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch went to Brussels to attend a a very worthy and substantive conference held in part by European political parties being wrongly demonized the lizards have become CANNIBALLISTIC!


The torture never stops:

The ‘Lizard army’,- as Charles Johnson likes to call his fan club of sycophants, boot-licker’s and cheerleaders, doesn’t tolerate dissent: its cannibal time brother, get in on the action while it lasts, nothing is more important than being a morally superior PoS.

Its the Kos-kidz all over: ankle-biters, cheerleeders & wankers: to call it a lynch-mob would be politically correct, polite even!

Fjordman took a stand, patiently, bravely, but only to cop it from the lizard king himself.


Thanks but no thanks.

* Moral Superiority = the cocaine of the 21st Century.

* The Lizards fucked up, bad:

* Eddy Rollnick pours his heart out:

* The lizards see Nazi’s behind every bush. For the Lizards, the ovens in Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen are going to be fired up again. The Gestapo is on the way to round up the remaining Jews and the cattle trains are ready to roll. The Muslims are the victims who must be protected. Why don’t we bring out Neturai Karta to protect them!

* Sheik yer’mami sez:

* Call for internment and deportations of the global jihad’s 5th column and you will be booted from LGF. Call Condi Rice a ‘Picanninni’ who should be replaced with Ayaan Ali Hirsi and you will be banned: you instantly become a ‘racist’- regardless which race you are. Criticize Bush and out you go…

* More on Rice later..

* Okay, its too painful for a day. We’ll continue, or we may just drop it because it hurts the cause. The only hope there is is that Charles Johnson somehow gets the message.

More on Atlas Shrugs


The Brussels Journal has more of the same pain…

* The enemy of my enemy doesn’t have to be my friend. 

13 thoughts on “Little Green Canniballistic Lizards”

  1. Just looking at LGF, it seemed like someone hit the LGF reset button and I was back in 2004 again. Debating whether the koran is the problem? Holy cow.

  2. I seem to have missed out on a lot of this. I don’t think I fully understand what is going on.
    Haven’t looked at LGF for a while:(

  3. I am as anti-Islamic fascist as they come but I believe Charles is right not to let the neo-nazi piggy back on the movement. I believe we are in the war of our life times but we do not need to sell are soul to the devil (neo-nazis). Deport or imprison any Muslim that supports terror. Carpet bomb Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Gaza Strip, and any other haven of islamic terror. But don’t stand with people that will through the Jews in the Gas Chambers after they are finished with the muslims.

    I believe as a movement we don’t have to sell out. By associating with Neo-Nazis we are weakening the movement.
    I found this blog on LGF. I enjoy your view more on the stories that you both post. But stand with Charles not the Nazis. I have had some of my comments deleted from LGF for saying thing like the Iranian President should be shot when he visited NYC. I understood why I was censured. Charles in my experience there
    I love this blog don’t go to the dark side like Atlas Shrugs.

  4. The Nazis of today are the Muslims, aided and abetted by their useful idiot Marxist allies. I wish people would stop hunting the ghosts of the past. This is like all those Jewish organizations who go up in the arms about every tiny squeak from the Aryan Nations, but fail to say a word in condemnation against the daily hatred (not just toward Jews) that spews forth in the Muslim world as a matter of course.

    I frankly have little time to worry about the issue of Nazis in Vlaams Belang when, all around me where I live, there are people who want to do what Hitler would have done if he hadn’t been stopped at Al-Alamein (God forbid), with the Left cheering them on for their efforts as “resistance to colonialism”.

    Charles made a big mistake this time. A Europe fallen into the hands of the Muslims would mean not just its people and culture, but also its technology and weaponry, in their hands. And then the issue of Neo-Nazis would be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

  5. If we are to win we will have to compromise I guess. I am not crazy about right-wing supremacists, but I don’t like islamofascists either. Will it boil down to the lesser of two evils?

    1389 has posted some excellent comments on that link.

  6. As I said elsewhere in regards to this spat: “Hey, Jihad Jo, permit ‘us to divide ourselves’ while you suit up for the final conquest.” The jihadis have got to be eating this up.

  7. This whole discussion has gotten very bitter and counterproductive. It reminds me of Digg. I have made some comments, but with little or no effect, and at the risk of being expelled from LGF permanently.

    I agree with GOV that what’s happening now is just piling-on by people who want to get off on that fleeting sense of moral superiority that they get by accusing someone else of “intolerance.” It’s about as healthy as crack cocaine.

    This reminds me of the blood libel to which the entire Serbian people were subjected throughout the 1990s and up to the present. It consisted of false accusations of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and the like, that never were substantiated, but that led to REAL ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Serbs. It was the liberals and the Muslims who spread those lies, and who still spread them, against Serbs, Israelis, and anybody else who resists their agenda.

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