“Muslims in 10-years time will be viewing the West through razor wire” –Glen Beck

Must watch: America’s most outspoken talk show host speaks Truth to Power

Don’t you wish cloning was legal? We need a million more Becks!


Libya’s Terrorist Regime Rewarded With Seat in UN Security Council


Muammar al-Gaddafi, officially the “Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”, is not the only socialist autocrat to be invited onto the powerful security council, whose five permanent members include China.

NEW YORK: Libya, once a pariah of the West, took a giant stride back to global respectability when it was elected along with four other countries today to a two-year term on the UN Security Council.

The US, which had used its influence to foil previous Libyan attempts in 1995 and 2000 to win a coveted seat on the powerful council, took no similar action this year, diplomats from other countries said.

Libya, Vietnam and the West African state of Burkina Faso easily obtained a two-thirds majority after being endorsed by regional groupings to stand unopposed for the three non-permanent seats available for African and Asian nations.

Also elected for terms starting on January 1 were Croatia, which defeated the Czech Republic in a contested race for an East European seat, and Costa Rica, which beat off a challenge from the Dominican Republic for a Latin American place.

US deputy UN ambassador Alejandro Wolff declined to say how he had voted, telling reporters only: “We look forward to working with all new members that are elected.” But he added: “I noticed that there were (Pan Am 103) family members … in the room, and I know others were watching. Their presence was felt here today.”

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UN Watch condemns election of Qaddafi’s Libya to UN Security Council 

Geneva Oct. 16 –  UN Watch condemned the election of Libya today to the UN Security Council. “Electing Colonel Muammar Qaddafi to maintain international peace and security is like naming Jack the Ripper to fight sexual harassment,” said Hillel C. Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based monitoring organization. “We’re also concerned with the election of Vietnam, a country that continues to deny its citizens fundamental political and religious liberties.”

Neuer expressed concern that “the West is silent as Libya is quickly acquiring a series of new and important UN posts — including its unanimous August election as head of the UN’s “Durban II” anti-racism process through 2009 – even as its record on human rights remains appalling.” The UN and African Union will meet in Libya at the end of the month for Darfur peace talks.


(ANSAmed) – The Libyan debt with Bulgaria, amounting to USD41 million was cancelled by Sofia as a countermeasure for the liberation of the Bulgarian nurses sentenced to death in Libya, and will be transferred to the International Fund ‘Benghazi’ for the cure of Libyan children with AIDS, Sofiàs newspapers reported today. According to daily Dnevnik, the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Feim Chaushev, and the Ambassador of the EU Commission to Tripoli, Marc Pierini, president of the fund, signed yesterday in Sofia an agreement with which Bulgaria cancels the Libyan debt and transfers the sum to the fund. In July, the fund paid a total USD460 million to the families of the over 400 Libyan children infected with the HIV virus in a hospital in Benghazi. More than eight years ago, the Libyan authorities accused the five Bulgarian nurses and a doctor of Palestinian origin, then naturalised Bulgarian, of having intentionally caused the contagion of the children and for this reason sentenced them to death. After the payment of the compensations, the relatives of the small victims withdrew their request of enforcement of the death sentence and the nurses and the doctor were afterwards released, and on their return to Bulgaria they were granted pardon. According to daily ‘Sega’, during a meeting with Pierini, the nurses asked to be considered by the EU as victims, and therefore they asked for compensations, as it happened with the families of the Libyan children sick with AIDS.(ANSAmed).


Discover Islam in 1 Minute 11 Seconds

Montreal imam faces deportation

Cleric from Tunisia concealed criminal conviction in France, refugee board says


MONTREAL — A controversial, outspoken Muslim imam in Montreal was arrested yesterday and faces deportation after his refugee status was revoked for failing to disclose a past criminal conviction.

Saïd Jaziri, a 40-year-old maverick cleric from Tunisia, triggered an uproar in recent days after his appearance on a television talk show where he spoke of homosexuality as a sin.

The show, set up as a supper gathering, also raised eyebrows because other guests had to retreat to the kitchen to sip their wine because Mr. Jaziri said alcohol couldn’t be served in his presence.

But what led to his detention was an incident from his past – a criminal conviction for assault in the southern French city of Nice in 1995.


Last summer, an adjudicator from the Immigration and Refugee Board rescinded Mr. Jaziri’s residency status because he had concealed his criminal record when he applied for refugee status in 1998.

Mr. Jaziri has made varying claims to play down the issue.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail in June of 2006, he acknowledged that he was convicted in France but described it as a scuffle with non-Muslim residents outside a mosque.

Two months later, he told The Canadian Press that he was the victim of RCMP manipulation and that his record had been cleared after he agreed to co-operate with French officials.

* Have you ever seen or heard of a Muslim who was not a victim of something?

According to a 1995 front-page newspaper account from Nice, Mr. Jaziri got an eight-month sentence for inciting fellow Muslims to beat up a less devout co-religionist – who was being blamed for the closure of their informal prayer room – in 1993 at a shelter for immigrants.

The newspaper article, reproduced in a recent book by journalist Fabrice de Pierrebourg on Montreal Muslim activists, also quoted Mr. Jaziri’s lawyer as saying that his client was willing to leave as soon as possible for Tunisia.

The imam of the Al Qods mosque in northeast Montreal, Mr. Jaziri has made headlines for campaigning in favour of faith-based sharia courts of law for Canadian Muslims.

He has also led demonstrations against the publication of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed, even as other leaders urged the community to stay clear of such events for fear of inflaming the situation.

* In other words: He is a terrorist sympathizing rat bag who should have never been allowed to enter Canada in the first place.



Outspoken Montreal imam ordered detained until deportation

A controversial rabid Muslim cleric hatemonger will remain in custody until his deportation next week after the Immigration and Refugee Board declared him a flight risk.

Imam Said Jaziri was ordered detained Wednesday following a nearly four-hour hearing in Montreal. He will be deported to his native Tunisia next Monday.



Syrian official slips, acknowledges nuclear facility

One U.S. delegate told colleagues he could not believe his ears when the Syrian diplomat made his statement and that the resulting document was close to verbatim, and another source told FOX News the document reinforces what people heard [the Syrian representative] say in the actual debate.

Syria already has disowned the remarks, adding “such facilities do not exist in Syria.”

The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency, SANA, quoting an unnamed Foreign Ministry source, said the U.N. press release misquoted the diplomat and that Syria had made it clear that there are no such facilities in Syria.
Syrian President Bashar Assad said earlier this month that the target is an “unused military building.”

* It sure is now. Israel did its best to ensure that.



UN blames interpreter’s error for report that Syria has a nuclear facility


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