The Goracle: A Noble Warmonista?

To no one’s surprise, the Nobel Committee has awarded their meaningless, politically driven Peace Prize to the Goracle, and the United Nations:

Gore and U.N. Panel Win Peace Prize for Climate Work.

Bore yourself with Gore:


The chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Ole Danbolt Mjoes, addressed reporters after the awards were announced and tried to dismiss repeated questions asking whether the awards were a criticism — direct or indirect — of the Bush administration.

He said the committee was making an appeal to the entire world to unite against the threat of global warming.

“We would encourage all countries, including the big countries, to challenge all of them to think again and to say what can they do to conquer global warming,” he said. “The bigger the powers, the better that they come in front of this.”

He said the peace prize is only a message of encouragement, adding, “the Nobel committee has never given a kick in the leg to anyone.” [As Alfred Nobel spins in his grave. – ed.]

* Comment: I was not surprised at all. Who better than Al Gore in this shallow, celebrity obsessed, pop culture world of ours.

Real heroes are boring.

A flatulent fraud like Gore fits the bill perfectly.


In this decade the Nobel Peace Prize has been given to prominent people and agencies who differ on a range of issues with the Bush administration, including former President Jimmy Carter, who won in 2002, and Mohamed ElBaradei, the director of the United Nations’ nuclear monitoring Islamic bomb developing agency in Vienna, in 2005.


* Not to forget the honorific Yasser



The Mission of the Nobel Prizes

In direct contradiction of Alfred Nobel’s last will and testament, the selection of Gore essentially means the Peace Prize can no longer be said to be an award for improving the condition of humankind. Looking at Gore’s writing, it’s far from clear that Gore even believes that humanity is his most important priority.



Abdullah sez:


” No farther comment…”


Today’s quote:

“I swear by Allah that war is deception,” said Shukri Abu-Baker, now on trial in the federal terror-funding case. “We are fighting our enemy with a kind heart. . . . Deceive, camouflage, pretend that you’re leaving while you’re walking that way. Deceive your enemy.”

*Looks the US and the rest of the Western World are falling for this deception, hook, line and blinker…

One thought on “The Goracle: A Noble Warmonista?”

  1. Alfred Noble invented dynamite. Looks like that’s what should be given to the peace prize winners in recent years. Gore. Carter. Arafat. What a rogues gallery. The Noble people should be ashamed of themselves for handing such an award to the likes of this rabble.
    If this were 1938 Hitler undoubtedly would get a peace prize after Munich under this mentality.

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