“What Accounts For The Almost Psychotic Aversion To Knowledge About Islam?”

Almost every day, Muslims, acting in the name of Islam, blow up cars, buses, restaurants, etc. The leaders of Islam do not speak out to say that such Muslims do not go to paradise.


Yet it is not uncommon to see statements such as this, which appeared recently in the LA Times:

[Kody “Monster”] Scott had seemingly turned himself around, converting to Islam and telling people he was rejecting his violent ways.

Given that public places are blown up almost daily in the name of Islam, with the undeniable implicit sanction of global Islamic leaders, how is it possible for an organization such as the LA Times to make a statement like “Scott had seemingly turned himself around, converting to Islam…”?

Or, in the words of Bill Warner, the director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI):

What accounts for the almost psychotic aversion to knowledge about Islam?

Warner provides an insightful explanation. He finds that the thought pattern taught by Islam is so antithetical to that taught by non-Islamic cultures, that non-Muslims have difficulty even beginning to consider it. He finds that Islam rejects the following things, which are inherent to non-Islamic thought.


...the Koran […] is actually two books, the Koran of Mecca (early) and the Koran of Medina (later). The insight into the logic of the Koran comes from the large numbers of contradictions in it. On the surface, Islam resolves these contradictions by resorting to “abrogation”. This means that the verse written later supersedes the earlier verse. But in fact, since the Koran is considered by Muslims to be the perfect word of Allah, both verses are sacred and true. The later verse is “better,” but the earlier verse cannot be wrong since Allah is perfect. This is the foundation of dualism. Both verses are “right.” Both sides of the contradiction are true in dualistic logic. The circumstances govern which verse is used.

For example:

(Koran of Mecca) 73:10: Listen to what they [unbelievers] say with patience, and leave them with dignity.

From tolerance we move to the ultimate intolerance, not even the Lord of the Universe can stand the unbelievers:

(Koran of Medina) 8:12: Then your Lord spoke to His angels and said, “I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror into the unbelievers’ hearts, cut off their heads and even the tips of their fingers!”

All of Western logic is based upon the law of contradiction-if two things contradict, then at least one of them is false. But Islamic logic is dualistic; two things can contradict each other and both are true.

…To reiterate, all of science is based upon the law of contradiction. If two things contradict each other, then at least one of them has to be false. But inside of Islamic logic, two contradictory statements can both be true. Islam uses dualistic logic and we use unitary scientific logic.

The Shared Humanity of Man:

Let’s examine the ethical basis of our civilization. All of our politics and ethics are based upon a unitary ethic that is best formulated in the Golden Rule:

Treat others as you would be treated.

The basis of this rule is the recognition that at one level, we are all the same. We are not all equal. Any game of sports will show that we do not have equal abilities. But everyone wants to be treated as a human being. In particular, we all want to be equal under the law and be treated as social equals. On the basis of the Golden Rule-the equality of human beings-we have created democracy, ended slavery and treat women and men as political equals. So the Golden Rule is a unitary ethic. All people are to be treated the same. All religions have some version of the Golden Rule except Islam.

FrontPage: So how is Islam different in this context?

Warner: The term “human being” has no meaning inside of Islam. There is no such thing as humanity, only the duality of the believer and unbeliever. Look at the ethical statements found in the Hadith. A Muslim should not lie, cheat, kill or steal from other Muslims. But a Muslim may lie, deceive or kill an unbeliever if it advances Islam.



There is no such thing as a universal statement of ethics in Islam. Muslims are to be treated one way and unbelievers another way. The closest Islam comes to a universal statement of ethics is that the entire world must submit to Islam. After Mohammed became a prophet, he never treated an unbeliever the same as a Muslim. Islam denies the truth of the Golden Rule.

By the way, this dualistic ethic is the basis for jihad. The ethical system sets up the unbeliever as less than human and therefore, it is easy to kill, harm or deceive the unbeliever.

Now mind you, unbelievers have frequently failed at applying the Golden Rule, but we can be judged and condemned on its basis. We do fall short, but it is our ideal.

There have been other dualistic cultures. The KKK comes to mind. But the KKK is a simplistic dualism. The KKK member hates all black people at all times; there is only one choice. This is very straightforward and easy to see.

The dualism of Islam is more deceitful and offers two choices on how to treat the unbeliever. The unbeliever can be treated nicely, in the same way a farmer treats his cattle well. So Islam can be “nice”, but in no case is the unbeliever a “brother” or a friend. In fact, there are some 14 verses of the Koran that are emphatic-a Muslim is never a friend to the unbeliever. A Muslim may be “friendly,” but he is never an actual friend. And the degree to which a Muslim is actually a true friend is the degree to which he is not a Muslim, but a hypocrite.

Westerners believe that all major religions are about finding happiness.


They find it almost incomprehensible that there may be a widely-followed religion that is a rejection of that – that is about rejecting happiness on earth – that tells you that the only way to achieve heaven is to attack those who do not share your religion — to attack them in every way, including through physical violence. And indeed, it is almost incomprehensible to us that there could be a religion that teaches its followers to act so brutally against their own earthly happiness. But many who practice Islam describe it as being precisely that, and practice it in exactly that way.

Westerners must look at Islam and find out what it is, not what we wish it was.

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  1. Even if Moslems realise this duality (which is not openly admitted, I am sure) they prefer to ignore it and turn a blind eye towards it and excuse the whole thing in the name of ‘Allah’. Bloody hypocrites and scumbags, the whole lot of them.

  2. Too bad there isn’t a third book of the Koran that would have Mo stating that all the violence he committed was wrong and that infidels should be left alone. For all we know such a book did exist but was destroyed-everything the second book says is just too good to pass up. In a way it’s too bad Mo died when he did-perhaps he would have seen the error of his ways.

    But then again, he might have actually gotten worse with time-hard as that is to believe.

  3. Given that he was riddled with venereal disease and heading for senility, no doubt he would have gotten even worse.

    His next wife would have been only three.

  4. * Westerners believe that all major religions are about finding happiness.

    There is no Biblical basis for such a belief; it is a delusion that will play into the hands who seek to implement things like the “Managing Council of Religions” under UN sponsorship, to promote dialogue, accept diversity, eliminate stereotypes & wrong perceptions (etc). Oh, and don’t try to convert someone to another faith – just help the Muslim to be a better Muslim, the Christian to be a better Christian, and other non-Biblical “New Age” nonsense.

    World Conference on Dialogue among Religions and Civilizations in Ohrid

    The Declaration will be submitted to the UN General Assembly, the High Representative of the UN General Secretary for the Alliance of the Civilisations, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the Arab League, OIS, the African Union, the Association of South Asian Nations, the Organisation of the American States, the World Council of Churches, the International Francophone Organisation, and the governments of member states of the UN.

  5. What circumstances caused the ’second’ Koran to be written in the first place?

    Mo got tired of being bashed by others for what he was pushing and he got angry and started to kill them. He justified it by saying it was instructions from allah – basically ‘god made me do it’ sort of a logic’.

    I found a good book in the web ‘The Life and Religion of mohammed’ that stated his history – or at least as much of it that we know.

  6. Please do not insult Islam i am a muslim we are not violent some are terrorists because they understand the Qu’ran wrong we are peacfull. Yes we dont have to be like every one else eating prok, drinking wine and looking at girls we hate these things. We are diffrent but we are not terrorists i am a relegous Arab muslim and i know how it is like in the middle east and its not what you think at all.

  7. Many Moslems like Muhamed (see above) do not understand the eternal, unchangeable duty of jihad-genocide which is incumbent on all Moslems, at all times and in all places.

    Up until the last 150 years, there was near unanimity among Islamic scholars that Moslems should go on yearly jihads to conquer the world.

    The filthy disgusting kufaar (perverse unbelievers) must be slaughtered and subjugated to usher in the utopia of Sharia-dominated societies such as the one in Afghanistan under the Taliban, the purest Islamic society yet! The way to this beautiful utopia is jihad.

    Jihad is the supreme summit of Islam. It guarantees paradise to the warrior who kills or is killed assuring him sainthood. Ayatollah Khomeini said, “The purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah!”

    “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by [the unbelievers]? Islam says: Kill them, put them to the sword and scatter [their armies]….Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! There are hundreds of other ayahs and hadiths urging Muslims to value war and to fight. Does all this mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim.”

    It is insulting our intelligence to think we accept that “Islam means peace”. Islam means “submission” and submission means enslavement of the planet.

  8. Dear Sheik,
    You have left out the important bit of this question: “Why do Westerners have a near-psychotic aversion to learning about Islam.” This is not answered in this post and I think you need to look into it.

    I would suggest that most Westerners are at once “terrorized” and revulsed by Islam. The only religion that sanctifies decapitation, cruxifixion, amputation, crushing gays under walls, totally repressing women, robbing, raping, slaughtering, enslaving peoples of other religions, etc.

    I suggest Islam is so repellent and the mentality needed to be a true follower of Mohammed is so narcissistic and toxic, that most people would just as well read ten books about Hitler’s death camps as they would read a single book about the 270 million people killed by Islam’s bloody wars of world conquest in the past 1400 years.

    The death toll due to all Islamic jihad (270 M) is shocking, revolting, monsterous, disgusting.

    Anyone who can advocate Islamic jihad is devoid of empathy, pity or normal human decency.

  9. muslims cheating and lies and killing because of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA stupid rules and freedom demo thats what make islam in bad view in ur mind people.. but i remind you again islam is not the problem the problem is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the secret agents who work for it to make islam ugly and terrorism religion .
    thats my opinion i dont know about you


  10. The problem is allah, rebelling against the Biblical God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), mocking and blaspheming and pretending to be god, like a cuckoo. The rebellion will be crushed, and allah will be cast into the lake of fire, unable to deceive, murder, strike terror and all its other antics.

    Flee from allah and its false prophet, if you value your life and your soul.

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