A Teddy-bear named Mo


* This is just insane: here is a British teacher trying to help educate kids in a Sudan school and she is thrown in jail with the prospects of a public flogging, for allowing those kids to chose a name for a teddy bear. The kids chose ‘Mohammed’- among Abdullah, Ahmed and Osama.

Gibbons was detained after parents complained she had allowed six-year-old boys and girls at the expensive English school to name the bear Mohammed, although Gibbons has told British officials she never meant to cause offence.

* The Western press again makes mealy mouthed excuses and tries to ‘explain’ the fanatical frenzy of the Muhammedans like this:

‘For devout Muslims, any physical depiction of Mohammed is blasphemous and strictly forbidden.’

‘Very sensitive’

The BBC’s correspondent Amber Henshaw said Ms Gibbons’ punishment could be up to six months in jail, 40 lashes or a fine.

The school has been closed until January for fear of reprisals.

Fellow teachers at Khartoum’s Unity High School told Reuters news agency they feared for Ms Gibbons’ safety after receiving reports that men had started gathering outside the police station where she was being held.

The school’s director, Robert Boulos, said: “This is a very sensitive issue. We are very worried about her safety.


Bid to stop whipping over toy bear

LONDON, England (CNN) — UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Tuesday that officials were working to secure the early release of a British teacher who faces being whipped in Sudan after she allowed her class to name a teddy bear “Mohammed.”



Robert comments:

Will no one in the world stand up and call this madness? In a sane world, we would see the UN denouncing the Sudanese government, as well as the State Department and more. Instead, we see pleading with these monsters: it was “a totally innocent mistake,” you see. In other words, the lashes would be completely justified if she had meant to poke fun at Muhammad, but she didn’t mean to, you see, so please give her clemency.

Will no one stand up and call this what it is: sheer, outrageous madness?


Update on the War in France


Burned school in Villiers-le-Bel yesterday.


“genuine urban guerrillas with conventional weapons and hunting weapons” were among the rioters.

Pamela has a whole picture book of the action, here


25 000 pray at Western wall against destruction of Israel


Israel prays to be spared from jewicidal madness in Annapolis

IsraelNN.com) An estimated 25,000 people took part in a mass prayer service at the Western Wall against the Israeli government’s positions at the Annapolis summit.



Annapolis: Orwell in charge:

“The Palestinians believe Israel is not ready for total peace”

Because for the Arabs, ‘total peace’ means the peace of the grave…


An Orwellian story on the Annapolis Appeasement Party: it’s Israel that isn’t ready for peace. Forget about those suicide bombers and the annihilationist rhetoric. The ones who don’t want peace are, of course, the Jews. Maybe Matthew Lee means that Israel isn’t ready for total surrender.

Meanwhile, there is nothing much in this document. They’re going to establish a Palestinian state. Great. But then, unless Israel decides to rush headlong to suicide, that will stall on the Palestinian unwillingness to recognize Israel. Or it will stall when the Palestinians recognize Israel but then in Arabic say the opposite, and act as if they still believe it has no legitimacy. And they are certain to do that.


Saeb Erakat

“Israel, Palestinians OK negotiating plan,”

by Matthew Lee for Associated Press via JW

Hugh sez:

The only thing at stake a these conferences in the Middle East is the Survival of Israel. That is what is being negotiated over, or away. But at the same time, and unrecognized by Infidels who deem themselves safely above that particular fray, their fate is also being decided. Any victory over Israel, any forcing of Israel into a state still more perilous than what Israeli citizens must daily endure, will heighten the certainy of Muslims everywhere that they are winnning, that they cannot be stopped, that they are on the march. Israel is not to be thrown to the wolves, because those wolves will only get bigger, and stronger, and have more cubs, and they will all be hungry, and eager to maraud.


* If the “Palestinians” would put down their weapons, there would be peace with Israel today, if the Israelis put down their weapons,
there would be no Israel!

7 thoughts on “A Teddy-bear named Mo”

  1. Re: A Teddy-bear named Mo,

    How many well meaning moslem parents call their sons Mohammed, Muhamed, (however it is spelt). Does this mean any moslem male named Mohammed, or his parents, are in trouble???

    Because…”‘For devout Muslims, any physical depiction of Mohammed is blasphemous and strictly forbidden.’”

  2. 1)Islamaniacs are hypocrites #457: the Koran states that Christians are bad because they are polytheists. However, every time Mo (an alleged prophet) is deemed insulted violence errupts. One would think that Mo is also a god on a par with Illah judging from the usual reaction. Polytheist, thy name is Muslim!

    2)Schools are burned in France because they don’t limit themselves to teaching the one essential of life-the Koran. Silly infidels!

    3)Jews had better pray at the Western Wall-Idiot Olmert will be handing it over to the Destroyers sooner or later. Then comes the revisionist history from that bunch-“Wall? What wall? There NEVER was a wall there. What are you talking about? We always had full control of the place”!

    4)Total peace from Israel=total capitulation. Annapolis is just like Munich 1938, only this time the carcass will help carve itself up.

  3. Re: A Teddy-Bear named Mo.

    I for one couldn’t give a damn what happens to this stupid woman! Did she honestly expect these “people” to be grateful to her for going to the Ar***ole of Creation to teach their litters some basic decency? Didn’t she do any research into where she was going? Or at least read a bloody newspaper

  4. She has now been charged with “insulting religion, inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs”, and anyone who disagrees with the Islamic justice of the charges, and views Islam as harsh, violent, and unforgiving can have cultural sensitivity and diversity training until they overcome their Islamophobia and stereotyping of Muslims (and Muslimas, if you are one).

  5. It’s not just Sudan that is condemned as Barbaric. Saudi Arabia recently imprisoned a gang rape victim (under Sharia Laws). Nigeria condemned a woman to be stoned to death in 2002 and other muslim countries follow this 7th century Jurisprudence (Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran).

    We in the West are under grave threat (it wasn’t so long ago that some Sharia courts were proposed in Canada for gods sake!) and it will be tried again … probably in France or the UK. Luckily the European Court of Human Rights has ruled in 2003 and 2004, that “that Sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy” (13/02/2003), because the Sharia rules on inheritance, women’s rights and religious freedom, violate human rights as established in the European Convention on Human Rights, but that won’t stop an attempt to introduce it.

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