Al Qaeda in Somalia Promises to Behead Ethiopian Children

* Tiny minority of extremists spreads Islamo- love in East Africa:


The Jawa Report

Aden Hashi Farah Ayro (alt. “Eyrow), the leader of the African Courts Union’s Hizbal Shabaab youth movement today threatened to kill any and all African Union troops sent to Somalia as peacekeepers. He specifically threatened Ugandan and Burundi troops which are preparing to enter Somalia.

He also warned that Somalian jihadis would someday reach the capital of Ethiopia and behead women and children there.

[The website most likely to have published the audio seems to be down at the moment. It’s hosted by Yahoo! UPDATE: Nope, website back up and can’t find audio there. Another Somali website, affiliated with the Islamic Courts Union and hosted in Michigan doesn’t have the audio either. If you know where this is, please e-mail me.]

And if there was any doubt that the Islamists of the African Courts Union, who I’ve dubbed the ‘African Taliban’, are connected to al Qaeda, please let this put it to rest: Ayro’s began his audio address by greeting Osama bin Laden.

Just so this won’t get lost down the memory hole: many in the State Department, prior to the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, were urging the U.S. to recognize the African Taliban as the legitimate government there in an effort to reach out to ‘moderates’ and to ‘bring stability’ to the war-torn nation even as supporters of the African Courts Union were holding up signs praising bin Laden.


A Somali Islamist commander, thought to be al Qaeda’s man in Mogadishu, has ordered his fighters to attack African Union (AU) peacekeepers in rare taped comments intended to bolster an anti-government insurgency.
Somali Web sites that posted the 20-minute recording named the speaker as Aden Hashi Ayro, who has been in hiding since his sharia courts group was ousted from its southern strongholds by joint Somali-Ethiopian forces in January….

Ayro, who security and intelligence sources say trained in assassination and insurgency tactics in Afghanistan in the late 1990s, vowed to take the fighting to the Ethiopian capital.

“They beheaded our children, women and elderly people in Mogadishu and we must behead theirs in Addis Ababa,” he said…..

* Beheading, of course, is a Muhammedan specialty. So Ayro is not exactly truthful, but the truth doesn’t matter when the outcome justifies the means…

He prefaced his message with a greeting to all Mujahadeen groups and al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.


* No doubt the Bunglawala Ding Dong and the MCB can explain it all away…

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  1. The BS coming from A-Q is simply insane. They’re nothing but an army of lunatics. What beheadings are they referring to? If they supply pictures no doubt the headless bodies would be made so by A-Q. The OAU troops shouldn’t even bother capturing these criminal lunatics-just summarily execute them since they aren’t a real army from any one nation. They’re just a 21st scentury version of the pirates and bandits of centuries past and should be treated accordingly.

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