High Treason In Cambridge

By Boston Herald editorial staff

Cambridge lefties have at last begun to show their true colors – and they sure as hell aren’t red, white and blue.

You know all that rhetoric about hating the war in Iraq, but supporting the U.S. troops who are there? Well, fuhgedaboudit!

A troop of Boy Scouts in Cambridge set up donation boxes at 33 polling stations in that city on election day last week. Their mission was to collect amenities for troops serving overseas – those little items like snacks and lip balm that make life a little easier. The Scouts had spent considerable time and money to publicize the event, distributing fliers in city buildings, libraries and local businesses well ahead of time, according to their troop leader, Jamisean Patterson, writing in this week’s Cambridge Chronicle.

Most of the boxes were set up in the lobbies of those polling stations with the permission of the Cambridge Election Commission, Patterson wrote.

Then one resident in one precinct complained about the implied “pro war” message, according to Marsha Weinerman, executive director of the Election Commission. The city’s law department was consulted and “it was determined that the best course of action would be to remove the boxes,” Weinerman told the Chronicle.

Takes your breath away, no?

It gets worse. At the same polling station that was the scene of the complaint, on the same bulletin board where the Scouts had posted their flier were about 75 other fliers. According to Patterson they included those “promoting Get Out of Iraq, Campus Green, College Democrats of America.” The only one removed belonged to “those evil Boy Scouts collecting things for the troops,” he added.

The Cambridge cave-in was shameful but instructive. There are in this world those so blinded by hatred of this war and of George Bush that they would punish those who have been called to fight it – denying them, what, granola bars? That is mindless and it’s stupid. That public officials caved in to such mindlessness – yes, even in a city like Cambridge – is a public disgrace.


* Just watched Laura Ingaram on Fox taking the Cambridge shyster to task over this. She did well, but she missed shaking him down for the anti-war messages that remain while those against the troops still stand.


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  1. The deal in Cambridge is no surprise:the senators from that state are Frankenstein Kerry and Senator for Life Kennedy. Obviously the voters there lean so far left that the state is in danger of falling off the planet.

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