Dutch Cabinet fears Geert Wilders anti-Koran film

Cabinet warns Wilders on anti-Koran film

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* The Dutch dhimmi cabinet, which is heavily infiltrated with red-green-commie rats and groveling surrender monkeys, attacks Geert Wilders even before his ‘provocative film’ is shown:

The cabinet is concerned about a ‘provocative’ film about the Koran by anti-immigration party PVV leader Geert Wilders which he expects to be shown on tv at the end of January.


Geert Wilders

The justice, foreign and home affairs ministers, who are worried about a backlash from Islamic countries, have warned Wilders about the risks of screening such a film.

Justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin stressed that while Wilders is free to express his views about the Koran, he also has a responsibility towards society in general. ‘Think about the what the repercussions could be,’ he said.

* ‘You have freedom of speech as long as you don’t use it…’- how many times have we heard that now? Get the f*kc out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat, Hirsch Ballin!

If the film is hard-hitting, it could evoke hard-hitting reactions against himself and others,’ says the minister. Those who want a free debate must show respect for all religions and for things that are sacrosanct for others, he said.

* Why would you ‘respect’ those who want to kill you? You go after them, not kowtow to them… idiot! 

* Wilders already lives under police protection because of the Muhammedan assassins who are out to kill him. The ‘hard hitting reactions’ against him could hardly be worse.

Wilders says it is not the aim of his film to insult people but if they are insulted, that is ‘a pity but not my problem’. He says he wants Muslims to realise that the Koran is a ‘terrible and fascist’ book which inspires people to commit ‘terrible’ deeds.

He repeated his belief that the Koran, like Hitler’s Mein Kampf, should be banned in the Netherlands.

* Wilders is right: appeasement sux…


* Which leads to the inevitable threats from the reps of the Religion of Peace:

Abdelmajid Khairoun, chairman of the Dutch umbrella organisation of Muslim organisations, said Wilders’ film would damage not only Muslims but the Netherlands in general. In addition it could lead to a boycott of Dutch products similar to the anti-Danish reaction which followed the controversy about cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed two years ago.

* Perhaps economic considerations have to take a backseat when the survival of the nation is at stake….

* Al Reuters link sux as usual

* shd.gif

Netherlands Muslim Council chairman Abdelmajid Khairoun warned Wilders. threatens in the usual Muhammedan fashion:

“We fear the worst if this actually happens. Then the youngsters on the street will at a certain moment have the last word. And we would then be unable to restrain them any more. Just look at France.” He also believes that “many Dutch products will be boycotted.”

* Detain and deport Abdelmajid Khairoun for incitement and blackmail!  Shut down the mosques! It would be a good start into the New Year…

* Enough is Enough: Ban the Koran: Translation of Geert WIlders Volkskrant piece which is causing uproar in Holland


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  1. One would think that with this promise to unleash the yoots the Dutch police would be ready to crack some heads at the slightest sign of trouble. But somehow, I don’t think so.

    I doubt Widers’ flick would be a big deal for normal people, but knowing how thin skinned the cult of death is things WILL get ugly. But then again normal people would be embarrassed by Mo rather than worshipping him.

  2. On the topic of movies….

    Mel Gibson is supposedly starting a film about Armenian genocide. Turkish groups are emailing him in opposition. They already scared Sylvester Stallone away from any involvement.

    I have Gibson’s email and more on story at my blog http://www.USorThemonline.com

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