Kosovo: Islamic Heroin Republic With America’s Blessing?

Debate on U.S. Kosovo Policy Brewing in Washington

* Hello? Anybody home? Anybody realizing what the Clitman administration has done in Kosovo?

One of the supreme ironies of the “Global War on Terror” has been the consistency with which the US has pursued pro-jihadist foreign and military policies since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Not even the spectacular carnage of 9/11 has shaken the resolve of the State Department, for example, to back Muslim demands against Christian Serbia in Kosovo. The US of course backed jihadis during the Balkan wars of the 1990s, first the Bosnians — allying ourselves with such Muslim luminaries as Alija Izetbegovic (see his Islamic Declaration if you still aren’t sure of his true sympathies) and Osama bin Laden (that’s “Mr bin Laden” if you ask the New York Times) — and later the KLA in Kosovo.


* Wahabi mosque in Kosovo

Slowly — haltingly — it seems that reality is beginning to catch up with US policy. Herewith the latest from the redoubtable Serge Trifkovic in Chronicles Magazine on US policy in Kosovo:

As we near the deadline of December 10 for the Contact Group “Troika’s” report on its attempts to negotiate a solution to the problem of Kosovo, the voices of reason in the United States are finally becoming more influential and more articulate than ever before. Over the past two weeks alone, John Bolton, Christian Science Monitor commentator David Young, and a host of prominent analysts meeting at a conference in Washington D.C. have warned that the U.S. policy in the Balkans is heading for the rocks.
On November 1 the Voice of America interviewed former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, about the future status of Kosovo. Mr. Bolton expressed the view that the State Department has conducted a consistently anti-Serbian policy for more than 15 years. Unfortunately, he said, this biased policy has continued even though there is no logical reason for it after the fall of Milosevic:

While Serbia is trying to establish an effective and functional democracy regarding human rights and other issues, the anti-Serbian policy has continued, especially with regard to Kosovo, where a decision in favor of its independence could only create other concerns. Such a decision could impact on the democracy in progress in Serbia, and the possibility that the Security Council would step beyond its authority, which would be very unfortunate. This is one of the numerous examples of behavior by the State Department, which is a problem the next President has to solve.
John Bolton is the most prominent former Administration official so far to be so outspoken about the U.S. policy in the former Yugoslavia. In his VoA interview he was adamant that the United States should not recognize any unilateral declaration of Kosovo independence:

Such a decision, which would be taken under threat of violence, would actually represent a way to reward bad behavior. The issue of Kosovo should be solved by two parties at the negotiation table . . . this is much better than to impose a solution on one side or the other, based on a wrong understanding of the situation.
Bolton added that the last thing we should do is to sow the seeds for future conflicts under the pressure of one side or the other. Of his new book, “Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations and Abroad,” Bolton said it was focused on how the policy is actually formulated. He quoted a senior State Department official who told him that “if they knew how we formulate our foreign policy, Americans would be very dissatisfied.”

Indeed they would. Read it all.



John Bolton gets it:

from B92 News Politics Politics

Ex-U.S. ambassador to UN criticizes U.S. Kosovo policy

* Kosovo Liberation Army

* Heroin Republic Kosovo

* Cooking History a la Islamiyah

“U.S. Kosovo Policy Is Bad for Israel”

From Israel’s prestigious Begin-Sadat Center, Bar Ilan University: The more you pull the thread to appease the jihadists, the more the sweater unravels. Hand them Kosovo today, the more pressure builds to chop up Israel too.

“Strong American support for the independence of Kosovo is detrimental to Israeli interests. Washington futilely hopes to curry favor with the Islamic world through appeasement; effectively gives a fresh impetus to the ongoing growth of Islamic influence in Europe; and denies the fact that the putative state’s leaders are tainted by terrorism, criminality, and well-documented links with global jihad. Most importantly, it betrays a cynically postmodern contempt for all claims based on the historical rights and spiritual significance of a land to a nation” — claims at the heart of modern Israel.

Authored by Jim Jatras (a member of Jihad Watch advisory board) and Serge Trifkovic (author of the superb Sword of the Prophet). Read more here.


* We need a steady focus on Islam, sez Hugh


* Islam and the nation-state

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, one of Israel’s most influential commentators, Caroline Glick, puts two and two together and, unlike our State Department, gets four:

…The Saudi-financed Kosovo Muslims have destroyed more than 150 churches over the past several years, and have terrorized Kosovar Christians and so led to their mass exodus from the province.


This is an important article. The comments, especially from Stendec, are equally important.

Read it all

Jihad in Bosnia 

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  1. As muddled and as stupid US policy has been regarding Islamania nothing (except handing over more money to the worthless palestinians) comes close for sheer stupidity as Kosovo. The US would rather alienate Russia needlessly (I know I know the Russians are a pain in the rear anyway but why make them worse?) than do the right thing and leave that mess to those who know better. Sometimes I think I want to just convert and get it over with because the West is bent on increasing the size of the ummah all over the world.

  2. We wuz brainwashed. Now we all know better.
    Well, at least those of us not in power know better.

  3. True. I supported Clinton in removing Milosovic. This of course was before I learned about Islam and its history.

  4. In a few days the world will see how violent the Albanians are going to get across the Balkans when it becomes obvious they have lost on the diplomatic front. I am not so sure that this is a victory for Serbia. What is so great about having 2 million hostiles as citizens?
    Unfortunately, total war is coming to the Balkans, and interference from the EU and USA is only prolonging disorder in the region.

  5. The Albanians in Kosovo are mostly not native to the province, having infiltrated and/or invaded from Albania at various times during the past century – most notably by having participated in the Nazi occupation of Serbia. To allow them to remain in Kosovo is to ratify and to reward the evil deeds of the Third Reich and of the Communist regime that followed. They have a place to live – Albania.

  6. now kosovo is “republiced”, i am anxious about the nuts president in the island of tw.
    this surely encouraged him, indeed.

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