Sydney: 1,000 protest against Islamic school

* From the ABC with thanks to Savitch:

* From the ‘come and smell the coffee’ department:

Around 1,000 people rallied against plans to build a large Islamic school in south-west Sydney last night.

The Quranic society has lodged a development application for a 1,200-place school with Camden Council but Mayor Chris Paterson says there have already been 284 submissions against the proposal.

Councillor Paterson says most of the opposition is on planning and traffic grounds.

One woman speaking at last night’s meeting said residents were concerned about traffic and they did not want people from Muslim backgrounds like in areas closer to Sydney.

“I believe in everyone having their own religion, whether they’re Catholic, Church of England or Muslims – they’re fine – but I’ve seen what’s happened at Bankstown,” she said.

“Bankstown used to be a really nice town. People are terrified.”

Local federal MP Pat Farmer, who also attended the meeting, says it is not a racist issue.


* Well brother, you better go check with Charles Johnson and the canniballistic lizards from LGF, they’ll set you straight! You racist Nazi, white power supremacists, you…


* Lebanese hate preacher calls infidels and Jews ‘sons of apes and swine’

“It’s more an issue of council consulting with the local people in their area to be able to have a say in what goes on in their area,” he said.

Mr Farmer says people are concerned that the historic rural feeling of their town may change.

“Council requires an application if you want to do something as little as setting up a barbecue area out in your backyard to a pergola, let alone fences around your property. Council has a say in all of that,” he said.


* The ‘solution’ these people have in mind is of course, Islam, nothing but Islam, which means death , subjugation or forcible conversion for the kuffar. (kuffar or kafir: that’s you and me, just in case you’re wondering) Yes, Bankstown used to be really nice…


“The people are saying, ‘Well, those sorts of things are up for scrutiny by the neighbours. Why shouldn’t any large piece of infrastructure be up for scrutiny by the neighbours?'”

Meeting organiser Emil Frenchevich has told ABC Local Radio people have a right to have a say about their community without being labeled racist.

“Let the people decide,” he said. “Why is it that politicians always make these rules where they say, ‘You must do this and you must do that,’ irrespective of some so-called political correctness?”

Camden Council says it expects the matter to come before council early next year.

* When will the nutroots and the polit-props start taking notice?


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  1. This is how LGF proposes to deal with Islam:

    The question that concerns us is: is your nationalism colour-blind, and ‘religion-blind’. If not BUH BYE.

    There are other similar comments. They are just as demented as the left if they think they can fight an enemy as ruthless as Islam with this limp-wristed stupidity.

  2. I saw this on ABC-TV tonight. I couldn’t believe they ran it. There were a lot of people there, and they were quite vocal.
    I think the ABC were trying to make it look like they were all red-neck racists.Can’t think of another reason for them running it.
    Bet Iemma will have something to say.

    Isn’t Camden the area developed by John MacArthur, the same man who established our merino sheep industry? Can anyone verify that?
    sorta correct!

  3. Not really on topic, but the sort of stuff “taught” in Islamic “education” facilities (apart from Jihad) – “All your knowledge are belong to us, infidel!”:
    All modern discoveries are by Muslim scientists’

    LAHORE: Muslim scientists have made all discoveries of the current age, said University of Columbia’s Arabic and Islamic Studies prof George Saliba at a seminar at the Government College University (GCU) on Monday. […]

  4. Hmmmm, according to one of the scuzimuzis on MV:

    “this is a tablighi school. its most likely gonna be filled with subcontintent background people.
    Its all being organised by the brothers out of the haldon st musalah”

    Google tablighi … heard about them while travelling India a few years back.

  5. You people are just awful in not wanting another center for the propagation of terror in your backyard. Don’t you know it’s an Illah given right to establish such “schools” everywhere possible? The yoots desperately need to learn how to memorize the Koran mindlessly. If not in schools like these, then where? These poor kids will be shiftless without the “divine” guidance found only in the Koran. How can you condemn them to such a fate?
    Illiterate as well as Koranically deprived-what a horrible fate for the children of the cult of death!

  6. Darriin hodges,

    They are stupid, most of them. Most agree that islam is a danger but think Islam has a right to florish in the West. They actually did me a favor by banning me.

  7. malsikcuf said ““this is a tablighi school …””

    Thanks for that bit of good news. 🙂

    * Google tablighi

    I did, and voila! Tablighi Jamaat in Australia (among others)
    ( )

    [Victim card] Muslims largely find themselves in the periphery of Australian society through social and economical marginalized and discrimination and the Tablighi Jamaat offers them hope, a sense of belonging, and a clear sense of their “Muslimness”


    [Inner struggle alert] The Deobandi interpretation holds that a Muslim’s first loyalty is to his religion and only then to the country of which he is a citizen or a resident; secondly, that Muslims recognise only the religious frontiers of their Ummah and not the national frontiers; thirdly,that they have a sacred right and obligation to go to any country to wage jihad to protect the Muslims of that country.

    Anyone in Canberra awake, or still recovering from Cup cheer?

  8. I liked the picture with the sign “Muslims are part of the solution not the problem” —

    Yes, they’ll be part of the solution when they finally decide the West is totally committed to being un-Islamic, and they all pack up and head home to PakiPaleoArabistan.

  9. Let’s have a look at the numbers here. The number of Muslims who live in the Camden lga (local government area) is 289, or 0.7% of the population. They want to build an Islamic school which caters for 1,200 students. You do the math. Remember, the 289 figure represents *all* the Muslims that live in the Camden lga, including Muslim children. The question is…why do they need this school? What is wrong with sending your children to Camden High School?

    Once the Islamic School is open, then the next thing on the agenda will be a Mosque (becasue the students will need somewhere to pray), then Halal shops, and the next thing you know, Camden is no longer a ‘country town’ anymore.

  10. Its all being organised by the brothers out of the haldon st musalah”

    Musalah means prayer room. That is, the Haldon St Prayer Room.

    The same one that brought us Mamdouh Habib.

  11. > The same one that brought us Mamdouh Habib.

    No it’s not. There is more than one musallah in Haldon Street.

    It’s clear this is being driven more by emotion and not facts.

  12. Gramfan, yes John Macarthur is the guy who established the Australian Wool Industry which started in Camden. This is why the Camden residents are trying to retain the country town is was 200 years ago. They are trying to hold on to a Historic Town. The Town itself is divided into 2 areas which are separated by the Nepean River.

    One side which has Narellan/Harrington Park and Oran Park which is to be released I think in the next 2 years has been developed and has a shopping centre and takeaway shops such as McDonald’s and plenty of housing developments.

    On the other side of the river where the actual small town of Camden is, it is still very much a country town with no shopping centres and the residents have recently requested that a McDonald’s be knocked back. They have small shops, many of which have been there for 200 years, down the main street. There are not many housing developments over this side and only 1 new one in say 20 years.

    This is where the rural land can still be found. The flood plains and the paddocks and farms. This is what the Camden residents are trying to protect for future generations to be able to appreciate the heritage of the Wool Industry.

    Take this away and all you have are photos.

  13. Camden is an old traditional Aussi town that has low crime with good people and its one of the only old town’s that left. The only reason Muslims want it there is because it’s one of the only towns left in Sydney with hardly no Muslim’s. If you walk down the main street of Camden you wll not see one headscarf, on the other hand if you go to Fairfield it’s the other way around you won’t see an Aussie walking down the street, all it comes down to is they want to spread out all over Australia.


  14. muslims dont question or fight other religions so why do people choose to only pick on and fight with muslims. what harm do we cause. why cant people just leave us alone. if they want to build schools it shouldnt be a problem so why are locals making such a big deal of things.muslims are good people who bring love and culture to areas that need it.if 1 muslim is stupid enough to get on the bad side of things why should all muslims be called TERRORISTS. what did every1 else do. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK.see you in HELL

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