LGF: A Place For Sycophants?

* With thanks to Rosie…

1389 was banned from Little Green Footballs as of November 24, 2007

No explanation was given, nor is any explanation needed

I could read the handwriting on the wall. Since the onset of the huge feud that Charles Johnson deliberately started with Gates of Vienna and the rest of the antijihadist blogosphere, which involved Charles hurling very thinly substantiated accusations of fascist links to European antijihadist organizations, I could see that LGF had changed, and not for the better.

LGF has joined the dark side


LGF is no longer an antijihadist site, if it ever was. Whether Charles Johnson is consciously aware of it or not, LGF has gone over to the other side, or perhaps it has always been there. It is covertly helping our enemies by sowing dissention and by muzzling genuine antijihadist voices everywhere.

LGF takes no part in activism against jihadism. Nor does it make any effort to help any other antijihadist sites or organizations. I have become convinced that LGF never had any intention of doing anything effective to begin with, and that this was the real reason for its boycott of Counterjihad Brussels 2007. LGF merely wishes to appear to be an antijihadist site, and to that end, it posts a sprinkling of terrorist news stories to draw readership. In other words, LGF is nothing more than a disguised version of Daily Kos or the ACLU.

I don’t know who has bought out LGF, and I don’t even care at this point. Their declining traffic figures are already rendering them irrelevant.

* Hmm, looks like things are hotting up. Stay tuned!

Tragic irony: the censored has become the censor

The saddest thing of all is that, some months ago, I helped LGF by launching a campaign to get them, and other sites, unbanned from various “censorware” blacklists. Before that, I had worked hard to promote LGF stories on Digg, against the efforts of the infamous “Bury Brigade.” Now LGF has retaliated, if that’s the proper word, by banning me.

* Things are hotting up: stay tuned!


The counter jihad strikes back:

Shiva from the Illustrated PIG just put this up:

LGF and Al Qaeda both have something in common: they hate Western civilization and those who stand up for it.


* Fjordman sez  Goodbye to LGF:

I’m not impressed by the lopsided coverage Little Green Footballs has displayed regarding the political situation on my continent. LGF linked to a post by the blog Islam in Europe which claimed that right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis were not just as dangerous as Muslims, but in fact a greater threat.

I don’t see how anybody can possibly claim this…


11 thoughts on “LGF: A Place For Sycophants?”

  1. This is bull. LGF doesn’t hate western civilization. LGF and mainstream american right wingers don’t want their anti-jihad efforts to be used by neo-nazis in their dreams for a “white europe”.

    If euro right wingers want to be on the moral side, they should kick out their nazi bed fellows.

  2. Mats, Charles Johnson can accuse anyone he fancies for being neo-Nazi scum. In most cases it’s libel, not

    The problem here is that he’s making up the problem himself possibly in order to create traffic to his site, possibly in order to regain some monumentum in the anti-Jihad movement by discrediting others. The reason that noone from the anti-Jihad movement has kicked out any Nazi elements is simple: They don’t exist. There’s nothing to kick out. Charles can demand all kinds of kicking out, left or right, but why cave in to his unfounded demands? He’d just move on and request someone else to be kicked tomorrow. As he does at LGF.

    Noone at the CounterJihad Summit had any connections with neo-Nazi groups, nor was any incitement to that or similar effect presented at the conference. I participated, I know.

    Nazi groups in Europe are fringe groups. Once in a while they create a street rally which usually turns violent when they clash with left-wing extremists. Who, BTW, are the most acute extremist problem we have. No Nazi group in Europe have connections to any serious political party. Actually, the neo-Nazis are somewhat likely to line up with Islamists rather than anti-Jihadist due to their common hatred of Jews (http://www.terrorismawareness.org/files/NaziRoots.pdf).

    Charles Johnson has little understanding for Europe and the details of our politics or history. Further, he doesn’t have the intellectual honesty to admit that his arguments have largely been shown to be rubbish, and that Vlaams Belang has a long record of working with Jews, Israel and doing everything anti-Nazi they come across.

    It’s a common mistake to not understand Nazism properly. Anti-semitism we all know about, as well as militarism. The strong coupling between state and industry is an interesting aspect not widely remembered. That’s where the ‘Socialism’ part of ‘National Socialism’ comes in. The Nazis needed that to finance their terror regime and wars, just as the Soviets needed a similar coupling for the state to exploit the working class and the industry to remain in power.

    Vlaams Belang has the opposite viewpoint on market vs. state. It wants a free market with some regulation, not extensive state involvment in all corporations. This is diametrically opposite to any fascist-style ideology.

    Charles Johnson is reinventing Stalinist methods at LGF, which – just like the Soviet Union – is now severely lacking in proper debate and analysis. Yes, it gets a lot of traffic and a lot of comments. But it’s hardly worth the time to read those comments, as Charles dilligently purges independent thought and dissent from his blog.

  3. LGF banned me too and didn’t give me a reason why. The trouble with LGF is that it likes to look at the bad behavior of muslims but doesn’t want to do anything about those troublesome butt-holes. So, I don’t go to his site anymore.

  4. This whole issue is confusing and interesting.
    Even if you don’t comprehend it all, and I fit into that category, doesn’t it go against the grain to ban people from your site for disagreeing?

    I know ‘bloggers have the right to allow/disallow, and ban trolls etc etc, but I don’t believe anyone who disagrees with many ‘bloggers like Sheik, JWDW etc etc get booted off quite as quickly, and just for disagreement.

    I have seen abusive and crude posts deleted. But I thought our anti-jihad ‘blogs had a degree of free speech.

    How many warnings did CJ issue to the people he booted off, if any at all?

    So is it a free speech issue or an anti-nazi issue? Or a combination?

    I actually often learn quite a bit from people who disagree with me so it isn’t always a good reason for banning posters.

  5. Seems like the Sheik is more tolerant than LGF-their headlines still appear on this site on the side despite his being banned by them!

  6. Islamforlosers:

    I don’t mind their headlines at all as long as its news. I have no argument with that. LGF has a great feature on the side that links to news sites and other blogs which we haven’t been able to do here yet.

    We’ll get there sooner or later…

  7. sheikyermami

    I don’t mind their headlines at all as long as its news. I have no argument with that. LGF has a great feature on the side that links to news sites and other blogs which we haven’t been able to do here yet.

    True LGF does have a side link, yet the news is not so fantastic, I have found that the Religion of Peace keeps a much better update with the News,, not only that, I can name a whole host of sites which are far, far superior

    The more I think about and read LGF community’s continued conduct that damages the anti-jihad movement, the more I believe continued attacks against Johnson are necessary.

    He should be exposed as a mere commercial blogger opportunist. Let him make as much money as he can from his blog.

    But he should receive less and less recognition from serious anti-jihad followers and people should be discouraged from visiting his site, but it should not be on the backs of serious counter Jihadis

    And personally Sheik, by having his link in your side bar, you are directing people away from other more informative sites.

    Plus the fact is wo needs to go to LGF after being here, because Winds of Jihad cover most of what is already at LGF.

    But you have been around LGF for quite some while, so it wjll take some time for you to wean your off.

    Any thanx for the many linking to my humble efforts at P.I.G.

  8. Henrik Ræder Clausen,

    I live in europe (as I think you do), and I know who are the euro-right wingers. I think we both know about that. From what I have been seeing in all this process, Charles is being cautious in not being associated with euro-right wingers, due to their easy conection with neo-nazis.

    For the time being, it’s safer to be conected with american right wingers (like Robert Spencer, etc) who not only defend western civilization, but are careful enough to draw the line between them and the nazis. Euro nuts don’t do that.

    Secondly, you didn’t address my point:

    LGf does NOT hate western civilization.

    This is a type of “slur” hurled by islamo-nazis.

    It is because mainstream american right wingers (like Charles and Robert) love western civilization that they spend their efforts attacking nazism (which is a cancer invented by euro atheists) and islamo-nazism. Both are two faces of the same coin, as someone said recently.

  9. Mats: Go ahead and let us know why the Euro-‘right wingers’ worry you, Please!

    The moment the cyber lizards -or anyone else- can prove that ‘Euro-right wingers’ are more dangerous than Islamofascism I’ll drop the the rest of my present affairs and hop on board. Otherwise stop being canniballistic!

    Shiva, the RoP doesn’t have a pop-up window for news that we can link up. We’ll try to get an interchanging news-window that does all that, but at the moment that LGF window is all we got because Charles made the code available.

    Yes, the news CJ selects may not be the preferred stuff, but like I said, we’ll keep it for a while longer until we can provide something better.

  10. sheikyermami,

    Go ahead and let us know why the Euro-’right wingers’ worry you, Please!

    I said it already. Euro right wingers are easily seduced to the nazi camp, therefore, it’s safer to have nothing with them until they kick away their bed fellows.

    Secondly, LGF doesn’t hate Western civilization.

  11. And now it’s November 2008 and Charles Johnson of LGF has banned many more more people.

    I think even the “mats” guy above was banned from LGF recently; I think I saw his screen name show up at Jihad Watch or LGF2 saying as much.

    Johnson recently banned Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch from LGF, and is continuing -based on flimsy evidence- to accuse lots of other people or political parties of being fascists or Nazis.

    If you’ve been banned from LGF, you might want to visit this site:

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