MPACUK: ‘9/11 and 7/7 Were ‘False Flag Incidents’

* Just a delusional wankfest or deliberate conspiracy drivel to confuse the nutroots?

* Keep in mind that MPACUK is the official Muhammedan propaganda-arm in the UK:

* MPACUK: this Holocaust-denying, Jew-hating bunch are so extreme and so open about it you almost have to wonder if MPACUK itself is some kind of false flag operation. A new post at their web site is an extended paranoid seethefest about Britain becoming a fascist state: MPACUK – A New Dark Age is Upon Us:

Just how oppressive must a government become before we can justifiably say that it has turned a country into a police-state? Midnight knocks on the door? Security squads in black uniforms? The indefinite imprisonment of innocent individuals in prison cells and the immediate assumption of their guilt until proved innocent? Imprisonment for thought crimes? The use of torture to extricate information which may never otherwise be given? The permanent surveillance of a population at large?

If these were the criteria then there can be no doubt that Britain has become a police-state. Using the pretence of ‘Anti-Terror’ laws, themselves the product of an entirely fabricated ‘War on Terror’ which resulted from a false-flag incident involving the mass-murder of over 3000 innocent people, 911, and again 52 innocents in another false-flag incident involving Britain’s secret services, 7/7.

* One commenter, ‘truth’- sees the khilafa already around the corner:

How strange that the zionist’s have even taken over the comments section on this site. Is there anything that they do not desire the control of.

Don’t worry. The khilafa is very close, dont despair the muslims are awake,just See what is happening in Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Morrocco, Algeria etc. The muslims are starting to fight for their rights and allah’s justice will be implemented.

salaams to all the zionists.




Women at an anti-terrorism demonstration in Glasgow, Scotland July 7, 2007. The peaceful protest was organised by Muslim groups after the terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow. (Reuters: David Moir)

* Encore:

Intolerance of Muslims ‘compares to Nazi Germany

While it is never openly stated, there is little doubt that the majority of the possible terrorists in the UK are Muslims.

Now, the Muslim Council of Britain has accused the Government of stoking tensions, arguing the amount of debate relating to Muslims is disproportionate.

* Translation: ‘Go back to sleep, kuffar: we don’t like the attention…’

Citing Nazi Germany in the 1930s as an example of how people’s minds could be poisoned against a community, the Muslim Council says the air is thick with suspicion and unease about Muslims.

* Inayat Bunglawala is the assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council.


UK: Illegal immigrant demands to be flown home because Britons are ‘rude and unfriendly’

The British authorities should gladly oblige this fellow and any other immigrant who thinks Britons are rude. This is, of course, yet another manifestation of the bedrock assumption that Muslims must be served, must be accommodated. Chutzpah Alert from the Daily Mail
An illegal immigrant has demanded to be flown home after saying he was fed up with British people – because they are “rude and unfriendly”.

Speaking today, Mokhtar Tabet, 30 – who has been given a home, food and free travel around London – claims his local council has breached his human rights by moving him to a place he does not like.

He was refused asylum in 2004 and is set to be deported.

He said: “The council evicted me from my home in September and moved me to Streatham, which I don’t like.

“The new place is small, and the kitchen closes at 9pm, so I can’t have anything to eat late at night. They have taken away my human rights.”

* Just imagine the horror.

* Fred comments:
Yes, the Algerians, the people who 40 years ago offered the 1.5 million European residents in the country a choice – the suitcase or the coffin.

Never mind on Wednesday Britain’s foreign secretary was looking to the day when they and other North African states would be part of the EU. Referring specifically to Turkey he said we couldn’t keep them out to just because they were Muslims.

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  1. The Destroyers whine about a Nazi atmosphere? That’s a hot one! Blame Osama and his imitators-prior to 9/11 few in the West gave a damn about the Koran and its followers. If this bunch feels persecuted then let them blame Bin Loser. It’s his legacy they now live with-it’s not just for us infidels. It’s a legacy that should be as strong as the one the Nazis stuck Germany with-but at least with the Germans they admitted the crimes of Hitler. Will Bin Loser’s legacy ever be treated in a similar manner by the Islamaniacs?

  2. al-gordo and his boys are being soft on them. it’s the british public that will take the strain with all the restrictions on the freedoms of non-muslims!
    they’re far to easy, i’d deport them all!

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