Nick Griffin & The Islamization Of Europe

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Now here’s a guy who’s long been vilified and smeared in the worst ways possible. In spite of growing support he is virtually shunned by the MSM. Yet if you listen to what he has to say you’ll find that Griffin has actually educated himself about Islam and knows exactly which way the wind blows.

Could Griffin be the new Churchill?


“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.

The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceasedto be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities – but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

-Sir Winston Churchill (The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pages248-50


Meanwhile, the lizards on LGF have gone from canniballistic to plain stoopid:

Some random samples:

#490 Sharmuta 11/03/07 6:39:02 pm 0
re: #478 jeppo

The Wehrmacht was the German regular army.

OMG! Hello-oooooooooo! They were NAZIS!


#573 spam spam spam spam 11/03/07 7:09:05 pm -2

e: #490 Sharmuta

re: #478 jeppo

The Wehrmacht was the German regular army.
OMG! Hello-oooooooooo! They were NAZIS!
Not only that, but today Germany STILL uses the same song the Nazi’s did for the National Anthem!

Das Lied der Deutschen (“The Song of the Germans”, also known as Das Deutschlandlied, “The Germany song”) has been used wholly or partially as the national anthem of Germany since 1922. Outside Germany, the hymn is sometimes informally known by the opening words and refrain of the first stanza, Deutschland, Deutschland über alles.

If they weren’t Nazi’s, wouldn’t they pick a differen’t tune?

I’d rather live next to a Muslim than stinking German.


That’s right folks: in lizard gagaland everybody is a Nazi now:

* Sheik yer’mami: the quote above definitely does it for me. The chief-lemming jumped the cliff and the lizards follow. This is Cheepnis…..

The result of too many Hollywood movies or the kind of education one gets in US schools?

The mind boggles…


No explanations necessary. Right. And this is cheepnis here: One two three four…

I ate a hot dog
It tasted real good
Then I watched a movie
From Hollywood


Little Miss Muffett on a squat by me
Took a turn around, I said: Can y’all see?
The little strings on the Giant Spider?”
The Zipper From The Black Lagoon?
The vents by the tanks where the bubbles go up?
(And the flaps on the side of the moon)

The jelly & paint on the 40 watt bulb
They use when the slime droozle off
The rumples & the wrinkles in the cardboard rock
And the canvas of the cave is too soft


Don’t Laugh: That’s How It Used To Be:


Thanks to Shiva’s Illustrated Pig





Shiva: Nick Griffen, the BNP and Islamic terrorist supporting wankers


27 thoughts on “Nick Griffin & The Islamization Of Europe”

  1. Sheik,
    Thanks for defending NG over at D/W. Political Correctness seems to have affected many people,and they feel they must show their anti nazi credentials by shunning the BNP. What they don’t seem to realise is that the left consider anyone that doesn’t share their views to be somewhat to the right of Hitler.
    I joined the BNP during NG’s show trial. Brown showed his Stalinist credentials by saying the law needed changing when the verdict didn’t go his way. We need a united front to combat the evil we all face.
    BTW I couldn’t find the arrow to click!

  2. Sheik, Excellent post! I think the BNP are about the only group standing up for Britain. Their mainstream political parties are sure not. Sort of reminds me of here (the US). Who speaks for the silent majority any more?

  3. “I’d rather live next to a Muslim than stinking German.”

    It’s amazing how that statement reflects the thinking of Frederick Toben:

    “If there is to be a divide, then I would rather be on the Muslim side because Muslims do not fear Jews, but Christians bow to Jews and tremble with excitement at the prospects of being seen with >>God’s Chosen People

  4. I also feel that unless we in Australia form some sort of political lobby group and get maintream ground swell support the muzzies will likewise take over australia and teh thought for our childs generation is dark and dangerous indeed we know that the dhimmi govt in oz has hired muzzies in charge of immigration and every day many christians desperate to flee africa and middle east are denied denied denied entrance by muzzie australian embassy staff who are by the way all muzzie in cairo egypt and their dubious muzzie allies are swamping australia
    god save us…allah the moon god will win unless good decent christians and jews buddhists and atheists, hinduis and anyoen not a filthy muzzie in oz can force the aussie govt to shut up and change their policies back to the strictest vetting of applications of immigration to oz who speak read and write english and have high education and whose beliefs are compatable with democracy and that aint filthy slimy racists islamics….kuffar need to be allowed in if they do not change the disgusting pro islam policies of hiring only muzzie sin egypt and other aussie embassies then the killers and haters of non muslims will continue to flood in, form separatist communities and attend extremist muzzie schools…aboriginals are converting to islam at alarming rate and feeding their hate of whities as they call em we will have civil war on our streets within 20 yrs max by these home grown haters who convert to islam and then are the most dangerous fanatica adherents who are our fifth columnits
    wake up for GODS SAKES Mr Howard and all ozzie political parties am so goddamned sick of the political correct shit here in oz, and the appeasers of islam in govt, federala nd state and local govts
    we have to stop these murdereous killer adherents to the koran from having one single new mosque built until they start building churches in saudi arabia

  5. ArchAngelGabrielle “wake up for GODS SAKES Mr Howard” – you may have to change that to Krudd soon.

    I suppose everyone has seen this piece:

    The best part of it is:

    “The second ingredient for war is anger and resentment amongst a unified mass majority. Despite the breadth of difference between Christian, post-Christian, Jew, agnostic, atheist, male, female, homosexual and heterosexual, the common thread that unites the people of the liberal West is no longer what we are, but what we are not. We are not Islamic, and — voluntarily — never will be.”

    I think to be united by our differences is a big ask – almost unheard of.

  6. ArchAngelGabrielle, Gramfan, the Christian Democrats are about the only political group in the country with muslim immigration on the agenda.

    They used to be known as the Festival of Light (Rev Fred Nile’s group) and currently have a petition they are pushing for a 10 year moratorium on the immigration issue.

    here they are.

    I went to one of their meetings a few months back here in Melbournistan, which had Bill Muehlenberg as guest speaker, with the topic being whether islam is compatible with our Australian democratic society.

    It was an excellent evening, and perhaps we should give more support to smaller parties such as the Christian Dems. They, at least, are tackling the muslim issue head on.

    Another group starting to get active (although not as a political party) can be found at the Australian Islamist Monitor.

    They are most definitely anti-white supremacist, but have a good mix of ethnic backgrounds and religious backgrounds.

    So there are people starting to pull together.

    We just need to do so faster, I guess.

  7. I hadn’t seen that piece, Gramfan. Certainly a plausible scenario, and no doubt that Islam seeks to establish a Caliphate under sharia law. Islam wages Jihad, but other “bad actors” are waging what they call “Jewhad” (search), and it goes something like this:
    The Final War for Jerusalem

    Why Permanent Israeli Victory Is Now Within Reach

    Our most pressing task, to put it simply, is to launch an international Noachide revolution without delay. […]

    1) We must first create a new Noachide society as an international network of communities and organizations functioning inside, but separately from, the surrounding society […]

    2) In the second stage, the growing Noachide movement will seize political power—using only peaceful, lawful means—in the capitals of the Western nations. This, of course, will not take place until the Noachide society has grown to some threshold size. We do not know how large this needs to be nor which nations will join the revolution first, although the United States, as a fairly religious, conservative nation, certainly tops the list of prospects. […]

    In essence, it is a Noahide society that is being engineered, by influential people such as the
    late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson; subject to Noahide law, and ruled
    by a false “Moshiach”, the Antichrist, ruling from the rebuilt Jerusalem temple.

    The BNP has an awareness of such things as Islamization, de-Christianisation of Britain, and the Noahide threat, and thus must be neutralised or destroyed. Some of the posters in here recently are clearly aligned with the “Judeo-Noahide” agenda, and will immediately attack any dissenting view as “Jew hate” or “anti-semitism”.

    If you are lurking, Babbazee, your “Jewhad” will succeed in the short term, but your “Moshiach” is a counterfeit whose number is 666. Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and he will return to deal with Antichrist and the False Prophet.

  8. I get the impression both Labour and Liberal have washed their hands of the muslim/immigration issue so there’s no way in hell I’ll support either.

    I would vote for Hanson, or the Christian Democrats as a protest vote, in fact I probably will vote for the Christian Democrats despite Fred Nile. The same thing with the BNP in the UK, sure, Griffin states the bleeding obvious (to anyone with a brain) but the guy has a dubious history and the BNP neutrality on the Isreal/Pali situation is a figleaf for their anti-semitic views. Griffin is no Churchill, but comparing these ‘far-right’ political parties to islam, it’s like comparing Mickey Mouse to Hannibal Lecter.

    And here’s just another example of how the mainstream politicians are disconnected from reality (or are they all insane, not sure). You see, Pauline Hanson is an ‘extremist’, a ‘firebrand’ and ‘destructive’ while the muslims the victims suffering from ‘hurt feelings’. The media inverts reality yet again.,25197,22700447-26103,00.html

  9. Nilk:
    who is going to vote these people in – as much as they may be good for all of us?
    I have said before Nile and Hanson are the only mainstreamers who are willing to declare their hand about this.

    thanks for the link. It will take me a while to go through it all and as our friend Atheist knows,,theology isn’t one of my fields of expertise so I am counting on you:)

  10. Gramfan, if you find it heavy going, it is perhaps because it is heavy going, but I find it fascinating, as I love connecting the dots, like a puzzle. It is a lot easier to use Islam as a proxy to undermine and bring down the West; 1.x billion Muslims seeking to implement Sharia Law are more effective, perhaps, than the currently restricted Noahide numbers seeking to implement Noahide Law (which is compatible with Sharia, according to some sources).

    See these minimum laws at and get an understanding of the similarities with Sharia, and the limitations they impose on the current “Christian” Western nations – USA, Britain, Oz, Canada, NZ etc:

    * The Law is Only a Minimum
    In contrast to the wicked Christian doctrine that the Law is too difficult to follow and that everyone falls short of the Law, […]

    The following list is therefore only a short summary, not a complete explanation, of additional mitzvos that should be adopted as quickly as possible by Noachides everywhere:

    1. Noachides should pray, at least once every day. There are specific rules how prayer should be done, rules that are routinely violated (out of sheer ignorance) by Christians. There is a proper way to pray, and a wrong way.

    2. Noachides should observe a variety of Torah rules for modesty in dress and behavior, especially between men and women. There are both similarities and differences in how these rules apply to men and women.

    3. Noachides may not observe any religious holidays outside the rabbinical traditions of Torah — most especially including such Christian holidays as X-mas, Easter, Halloween, All Saint’s Day, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and probably even the “new year” (January 1st). Alien religious holidays are forbidden even under the minimum of the Noachide code; these are violations of the commandment against idolatry.

    Note that the penalty for breaching any “Noahide Law” is death by beheading – eg celebrate Christmas after the Noahides are in power, and have your head chopped off. This is the end game of the current “multi culti” madness that has been unleashed against the west. Unclear how this will impact on Islam / Muslims – they might not take too kindly to having Ramadan Eid al-Fitr etc outlawed, but if Muslims are accepted as Noahides, it won’t matter.

    Keep your head! 🙂

  11. Sheik, I listened to Nick Griffins speach, thanks for that link, the last few times I tried to listen to it, it stopped working after a while, I thought it was a Google plot. He certainly understands Islam and it was an excellent speach.

    There was a point where he started to talk about a Christian Zionist plot to carry out war against Islam in part of the question and answer session, l was also unimpressed with his knowledge outside of the UK during the Q&A session, but it was the Christian/Zionist comment/attitude which I also noted on the BNP website that defines why I am still unhappy with the BNP, I am also not happy that non-whites can not be part of it.

    I think that the war on Islam can not be avoided, we are already in it, and ignoring the Islamics even in their own countries is not a good idea either, unless one has a policy of making sure that they are not able to attack us. The BNP needs to develop further.

    Urban11, I remember you joining the BNP at the time, as a member can you push them to re-look at their Zionist fixation, I really don’t understand that at all, it does not help, and they must get better at international issues.

  12. NG doesn’t seek to impose Western culture, our political and economic system on the whole world and the ‘zionist fixation’ as one pundit puts it is irrelevant. The Palestine/Israel conflict is of no concern to the NG and he makes solid arguments against being involved because basically the whole situation is like pushing the proverbial up hill and results in even more hostility, is it not far more realistic to be neutral, as nationalists are supposed to be? Take a good hard look at the BNP, they make a lot of sense…

  13. I understand that NG does not want to impose Western culture etc., but NG needs to understand that we are in a war between civilisations, war has come upon us whether we want it or not. If NG seriously believes that after Israel they will leave us in peace, he is completely barking, do you understand that all those little enclaves in the UK are now Muslim lands? Well you bloody well should and adjust your thinking accordingly, this is one of the reasons why I think that NG is wrong, we can not dis-engage, it is not possible.

    And this fixation on Zionists is there, I saw it on the website and I saw it in one of the Q&A’s in his speach and in my opinion NG blew what was otherwise a very good speach with it, it was a real shame…

  14. Isreal is at the frontline of the jihad and I don’t see them as being expendable. If it came down to it I’d fight to defend that country.

  15. Mullah,

    I just checked out that website you linked to ( How scary is that??

    It looks like they don’t want any support from Christians eh? Just as well that they don’t represent most Jews….

  16. Gramfan, with respect to voting FF or CDP, I’d have CDP second after the Libs.

    I thoroughly disagree with John Howard on gun control – I call my suburb Bogan Central for a reason, and hoons and ferals are a fixture on my street.

    I was one of the idiotic Lib voters who were annoyed with Jeff Kennett back in 99 (I think) and voted against him. Thank me for the Socialist State of Melbournistan. I made the mistake of thinking my vote wouldn’t count. So did a few thousand others.

    An interesting article on fighting for preferences here between Family First and the CDP.

    If it came down to the wire, I’d still prefer the Christian Dems to Family First, if only because they dare to make a stand on their belief in God and Jesus. I’d always kept my beliefs to myself, as I saw is as between myself and God, but since I now speak out on religious matters, I’ve been called a racist bible-basher, jesus freak and bigot, to name a few.

    Okay, sorry for the digression – that’s a sore point with me and I should rant on my own blog lol.

    Anyway, I’ve yet to watch Nick Griffin’s talk, and will get to it by the end of the day I hope, but I’m ambivalent on the whole situation.

    It’s going to take me a bit longer to sort it all out and be able to articulate where I stand.

  17. I finally saw that NG speech (couldn’t get it to work here) it was good. About as clear and well researched as you could get.

  18. DaffersD;
    I agree, we certainly cannot dis-engage now, it would flip the muslim lid and their rampage would continue as any serial killer in his motive of operation would.
    There’s a beautiful rose growing out a lump of dung in a paddock full of it and it’s not only islam that ferments the dung it’s our meddling and ultimate financing of it, whilst the Saudi’s feed the indoctrination in the West the West pays the jizya to those who use it for weapons against Israel, the West is shading the dung from the glaring light virtually preventing it from drying out and withering way into dust. This meddling is also preventing Israel from acting in a proper self defensive manner and are forever being duped with reassurances of peace talks, a two state solution, when the only solution muslims acknowledge is the final one.
    NG has an opinion on this sordid situation that grows uglier by the day, an opinion we all have a right too, this is where the essence of free speech is and pulling out the fascist anti-Semite race card because he does not feel obliged to contributing to the cycle of mayhem, vain hope, despair and then giving legitimacy to the method of taqiyya in the minds of the muslim hordes, is intolerable…
    Savitch; Israel could easily play with the murderous thugs like a cat does with a mouse, it is Western leaders and that islamic bloc at the UN that is tying the Israeli defense in knots…

  19. I do find his zionist BS and suggesting the Iraq war was soley about oil pretty strange, as if 9/11 never happened. NG sounds like he’s talking crap at that point.

  20. I do see your point about the “Zionist BS” but the emphasis NG is trying to make is that Zionism is an ideology that supports a homeland for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, where the Jewish nation originated some 3,500 years ago. The BNP stance is a neutral approach as nationalists are supposed to be and I commend NG for that. The philosophy on Iraq is that BNP do not seek to impose Western culture on the whole world, let alone introducing democracy in Iraq which has been reiterated by scholars such as Fitzgerald and Spencer that it will not mix. At this rate the only situation America will create in Iraq is an apostate state living in the land of mohammad, and we know where that leads. There’s no doubt that oil plays a pivotal role, it’s what blinds the allied forces in persisting in this effort to reconstruct Iraq into the image of a Western democracy. NG never for one moment denies who or what is responsible for 9/11, he simply states the response is wrong, strategically, tactically, practically and morally. And he just so happens to attack the ideology at its base that spawned these martyrs for allah, maybe not with the velvet sledge hammer our mentors at jihadwatch use but with a cutting knife that cuts to the bone. I doubt NG will be the next Churchill but his views are a breath of fresh air in the stupor and ignorance that has followed that dreadful day of 9/11…

  21. eloivsdiablo,

    I agree with your view on Saudi Arabia, and on letting Israel go all out to defend itself, the only reason we are pushing them to commit suicide is that we are stuck in hearts and mind mode in Afghanistan and Iraq, this also screw us on the home front, its difficult to win hearts and minds when your jailing jihadists in the UK, so the Jihadists get a free reign in the UK and the USA.

    I note the Zionist issue on the right even if I do not agree with it, the issue is that Israel is a democracy, that the Jews have a right to live in Israel and that is something that we should support. The Muslim world want to destroy Israel because it hurts their pride, sod the Zionist crap, its time to stand up for what is right and in my opinion the right of Israel to exist is something that we should defend. NG should lose this baggage, its gone, it is not relevant.

    For many anti-Jihadists the survival of Israel is a key part of defeating Islamism, because the Jewish state shows to the people of the Middle East that it their backward religion that is killing them and holding them back every day that the Israelis make the desert bloom is proof of that..

    People think that Israel can defeat its many enemies, I do not think so, Israel was nearly defeated twice, in 1967 and 1972, it took hard fighting to stablize the situation and at times they could have been defeated. I look at Egypt with some concern, they are getting ready for a future conflict with Israel, they demonize the Israelis all the time and their military is getting stronger and stronger with US assistance.

    I am not calling NG a fascist anti-semite because he is against Zionism, I am a democrat, I believe in open expression without a knee jerk racist calling reaction, I just think he is wrong on those issues (go and look at the Vanishing American blog for a run down on NeoCons) and he needs to look at them again. It is the way he talks about some Zionist Christian plot that makes him look like an extremist to many, some Jews have been very good at playing the racist card, but do you blame them when they are in a fight for survival, I don’t in their case, so I hope you see where I am coming from. VB are giving unconditional backing to Israel because it is the right thing to do.

  22. “NG never for one moment denies who or what is responsible for 9/11, he simply states the response is wrong, strategically, tactically, practically and morally.”

    The alternative is to disengage from the middle east I suppose, seems like that’s what he wants, which will never work.

  23. Savitch, that is one of the reason I doubt NG will be the next Churchill but I’m positive if ever a British leader steps up to the plate, s/he will have a no nonsense seed of cultural defense planted in their mind all thanks to Nick Griffin. Granted, cutting and running is not an option at this stage, we have gone too far down the path so training Iraqi police and sending in that recent surge to put that sunni minority in their place is paramount. The least we can hope for is that we’ve learned something from this ‘extended’ disaster that was the war in Iraq. Cut the man some slack, you want to discount him because he has the courage to stick his neck out for his country, no one is perfect but here is a politician who is showing he has a spine, unlike the pathetic lot we have reining stupidity at present…

    DaffersD, stuck in a winning hearts and minds modes because the lunatics running the asylum are gutless weasels, unlike BNP who have come forward and said what we have been dying to hear, a spade is a spade. Doesn’t that sound great coming from a politician? Yes, Israel have every right to exist and I’d love to see them kick some serious ass and put the heathens back in their caves but the dung patties in the paddock keep piling up threatening to swallow those beautiful petals. A run down on neo-cons, do I have too? They’re always poking their noses in where they don’t belong, like international affairs…

    Hey, the BNP don’t believe in multi-culturalism, sounds like a case of when in Rome. And I can hear Brigitte Gabriel singing, “we need to take hold of political correctness and throw it in the garbage where it belongs…

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