TURKEY: Halki’s Chapel of the Transfiguration left in ruins

Forest guards began demolition work on the chapel without warning, Only the immediate protest of the prior of Haliki and Metropolitan Meliton avoided its total destruction. A Church in Kadikoy, ancient Calcedonia is also targeted by vandals.


Istanbul (AsiaNews) –
A XVII century chapel dedicated to Our Lord’s Transfiguration, which lies in front of the Haliki School of Theology, was almost completely destroyed yesterday by Forest Guards. The Church had been recently restored with the permission of local authorities. Demolishers had begun tearing down the building without any prior warning, which is called for in such cases.

Only at the last minute was the total destruction of the chapel avoided: following protests by the prior of Haliki School and Metropolitan Meliton, director of the Ecumenical Patriarchates office for legal affairs, the prefect of the Prince Islands stopped the Forest Guards. The building however was seriously damaged.

The Prior of Halki immediately brought to the attention of the Turkish authorities that these kinds of episodes will provoke international disapproval, including that of the European Union. The Authorities response was stark: “Don’t dare to threaten us!”.

Shortly afterwards an “unknown” group smashed the windows of Holy Trinity Church in Kadikoy, ancient Calcedonia.

Diplomatic and journalistic circles mummer that cases such as these are on the increase and are not casual either: they are part of a strategy adopted by powers in Turkey who are against the nations process of integration in the European Union and are testing the Governments will to protect religious minorities.(NT)


Meanwhile, Muhammedan agents are touring Europe to prepare authorities for the coming Islamization:


Turkish diplomat Ömür Orhun, the representative of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe fighting intolerance and discrimination against Muslims, was speaking at the end of a three-day visit to Switzerland.

Under his OSCE mandate, Orhun was invited by the Swiss authorities to gain a better understanding of the situation and expectations of Muslims living in Switzerland.



* Orhun has a long record of promoting Muhammedanism in Eurabia as you can see here from Islam Online:

OSCE Says Dutch Muslims Live in Fear

* There you go. Fixed it.

There is a problem in Holland as far as tolerance and non-discrimination is concerned,” Orhun said. (OSCE).

AMSTERDAM, May 21, 2005 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) – Europe’s main rights and democracy watchdog, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), expressed concern at increasing Dutch intolerance towards Muslims and the “climate of fear” under which the minority was living.

* Lets see some reciprocity and some Islamic tolerance, Orhun. Otherwise don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!


Orhan Ömür  Tells Swiss: “Allow Minarets.” 

* The cheek of these bastards is astounding: while the churches in Turkey are being demolished, Christians murdered, blackmailed and intimidated this sanctimonious, pontificating turd wallows around Europe telling us to roll out the red carpet for his 7th century cult.

“The mainstream Swiss population has a growing apprehension of Muslims in the country which leads to a sense of fear in the Muslim community of not being welcome, alienated and rejected,” he explained. “The perception problem of mutual fear and anxiety between the non-Muslim and Muslim communities could be easily corrected by small gestures provided there is goodwill on both sides. Otherwise this fault line could further increase in the future,” he told swissinfo. 

Orhun also criticised political initiatives such as the rightwing Swiss People’s Party campaigns to force nationwide votes on banning the construction of minarets and on expelling criminal foreigners, which he said were “creating a very bad atmosphere”. […] “Minarets are an integral part of mosques, as bell towers are parts of churches. And both of them are humanity’s common heritage,” he said. […] 

*  banning the construction of minarets and on expelling criminal foreigners, which he said were “creating a very bad atmosphere”.

* Switzerland and Europe would altogether be better off to give Orhun a shoe in the ass, don’t you think?


Mosque Shootout in Serbian Town

Rival Muslims shoot, wound each other in Serbian town

Two rival Muslim groups clashed in front of a mosque in a volatile southern Serbian region, leaving four people injured, police said.

The clash in Novi Pazar, the administrative center of the Raska region, was between Muslims who support a local cleric and those in favor one located in Belgrade.


Savage: The Muslim War Against the West

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  1. Yeah, Orhun is right. There is intolerance and fear in Holland. But it’s of Islamaniacs in regards to infidels!

  2. * OSCE Says Dutch Muslims Live in Fear

    There’s a surprise (contained in yet another Mojan Horse).
    OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) is a bit like a sawn-off UN, with North America (USA & Canada) as regional members, & protecting Muslim “human rights”.

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