Yvonne Ridley: All Wrapped & Befuddled With The Taliban

* Remember: Yvonne Ridley, ex-journo and former Taliban hostage, tells Muslims in Britain not to cooperate with police and raves how she learned to love her captors, so much that she converted to Islam, wraps a towel ’round her head and calls everyone a ‘racist’ who criticizes her new found ‘religion’. This crackerbox is now on a speaking-tour to ‘progressive’ US universities where they allow her to do da’awa, her Islamic duty to call the infidels to Islam.

* You can see from her background where the mental baggage comes from:

Ridley has been married three times. Her first husband was Daoud Zaaroura, a former Palestine Liberation Organization officer. Zaaroura was a PLO colonel when Ridley met him in Cyprus, where she was working on an assignment for the Newcastle-based Sunday Sun. They had one daughter who was born in 1995.[1] Her third husband was Iraqi-born businessman, Ilan Roni Hermosh[2], to whom she was married until 1999.

Above we have a youtube clip via Red County with Ridley doing her thing.

Praising the Taliban at UC Irvine 

* While this demented, reverted and perverted Ridley-twit tours American universities –without being arrested for treason- the Religion of Peace hits India once again, Shiva from the Illustrated PIG has more here

Yeah. But what about the sex????


Taslima Nasreen update:

Exiled Bangladeshi writer asked to leave western Indian city fearing attacks by Muslims

* What’s right is wrong and good is bad: Indian authorities order Talima to leave for fear of Muhammedan riots:

NEW DELHI: A controversial Bangladeshi author was sent to the Indian capital under armed escort Friday after authorities ordered her to leave western Rajasthan state fearing violence by Muslims who accused her of insulting Islam.

Taslima Nasrin, who fled Bangladesh in 1994 after Islamic extremists threatened to kill her, has lived in the eastern city of Calcutta for the last two years but left Thursday after members of the All India Minorities Forum led angry protests against her a day earlier and demanded her deportation from the city.

Idrees Ali, a forum leader, accused Nasrin of hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims through her writings.

* If the Indian police had any guts they would tell Idrees Ali to shove his religious feelings and to get stuffed real quick before he gets hurt. But don’t hold your breath…


From the wankers & flakes department:

Featuring Asghar Bukhari, UK, “Britain is a scary place”…

* This professional Muhammedan Victim deserves a place in madame Tussuad’s Hall of Fame as the worlds Number One Bullshit Artist, watch his pathetic performance before its gone:

Well, Ashgar, maybe if you’d stop blowing stuff up perhaps your ass wouldn’t be on the line for internment and deportation. But keep doing what your religion commands you to do and you’ll see that Brit’s will turn the heat on…

8 thoughts on “Yvonne Ridley: All Wrapped & Befuddled With The Taliban”

  1. I have decided that I am going to worship a book that I feel is very important to me. It is an original “101 Dalmatians”. Now this book is very important to me, and I am going to find others that feel the way I do. When I gather these people together, anything negative your website or your readers say about my “book” I will declare blasphemy. I will do this under the guise of “religion”. Therefore, I will be protected. Right??? Right???? Damn, I keep forgetting that I am a white Christian and that what I think is sooooo offensive that it doesn’t mean squat. Please forgive my post above.

    PS: LOVE this site!

  2. This kook’s been married three times? What kind of Muslima is this? I assume this means all those hubbies did that “I divorce thee” routine and got rid of her (at least they saw the error of their ways to a point) rather than her dumping them since we all know women have zero rights in that cult.

    Now she’s polluting the US with her presence, speaking at progressive (i.e. leftist leaning)
    universities. Wonderful- more minds receptive to BS will be thoroughly destroyed.

  3. What are we feeding these idiots? Glad it hasn’t reached my town yet, all i’ve noticed is restoftheuniversiphobia from the islamic world….

  4. Has anyone on here actually looked her up, and read about what she is about? Sounds like you all are extremely mis-informed racists! She does not support violence against women within the Muslim faith. She has won awards for journalism, and is known for “humanitarian” work. The US can blow up civilians all over the Middle East, and then expect their citizens and offspring to praise the western world. Bush arrives in Calgary AB, and idiots in suits and ties pay $400 to hear him speak about being “misunderestimated.” What is wrong with you people? You’re likely the same freaks who threw out your Dixie Chick CD’s, cause they used their right to “freedom of speech” at an “anti war” parade! The reason we have terrorism in our world, is due to the West being a big bully, who opened up Israel after the Holocaust, and never questioned the results. Now we all live in terror, due to Hamas: The first terrorist organization to blow up a bus in Britain. As much as I hate war and violence, I can honestly say I understand why the Muslim world is fighting back, though I’m not of any organized faith. The western world is a bully, Israel is a big bully. It’s time the western world took off their rose-coloured glasses and started to see the people of the Muslim world, as people, and not dogs.

  5. FROM WIK: Sounds like she’s doing more than any of you who commented above!

    “A founder member of Women in Journalism, she is also a promoter of women’s rights, and is also a founder member of the Stop The War Coaltion and the RESPECT political party”

    “In her spare time Sr Yvonne travels throughout the UK and across the globe promoting peace and the anti-war message. She has also delivered lectures on issues relating to Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir and Uzbekistan, Women in Islam, the War on Terror and journalism at Ivy League universities across the US, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. Sr Yvonne is a founder member of the Friends of Islam, an All Party Parliamentary Group and Women in Journalism. In addition she is a member of the National Union of Journalists, the International federation of Journalists and the Society of Authors. She has written two books called In The Hands of the Taleban and Ticket to Paradise and is currently writing and researching for two other titles including a biography of Osama bin Laden. Sr Yvonne is a patron of the UK-based pressure groups Cage Prisoners and Hhugs. She also devotes much of her time to humanitarian work and is a Goodwill Ambassador for the charities Helping Hands.”

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