A Savage Attack


The thugs from CAIR -the Council on American Islamic Relations- thought they could intimidate and scare off Michael Savage, a popular ‘right wing’ radio jock who sometimes goes over the top and really lets it fly. Unlike others before him who cowed and backed off, made apologies or lost their jobs, Savage goes on the attack and hits back:

Savage fights back, sues CAIR


Fibbi Hooper

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The truth-challenged unindicted co-conspirators of the Council on American Islamic Relations have been targeting radio host Michael Savage, as they have targeted so many others before him. They’ve been pressuring advertisers to stop advertising on his show, and they’ve been succeeding. Background here.

But Savage, unlike Fox, unlike National Review, unlike so many others, is unwilling to play the dhimmi and kowtow to these lying Islamic supremacist thugs in their continued assaults on the freedom of speech. It’s about time that somebody with the resources to do so has fought back.

The text of Savage’s suit can be found here. A few highlights:

The conduct of CAIR (in addition to raising money) in violating the copyright interests of Michael Savage was to gain media attention and control so that CAIR would be seen as the “moderate” voice in the media. In fact CAIR is a radical voice that deliberately attempts to be seen as centrist so that media time goes to CAIR and once on the air, CAIR directs its rhetoric to the benefit of its extremist clients. This is a deliberate tactic and the theft of the copyright material was part of a pattern and practice advancing this tactic.

As set forth herein, CAIR is not a civil rights organization but is instead a political organization designed to advance a political agenda that is directly opposed to the existence of a free society that includes respect and dignity for all people and all religions.

The copyright infringement herein is part of this plan. CAIR’s fundamental purpose is to be a lobbyist for foreign interests.

Here you can listen to Savage on youtube



CAIR while claiming in its paperwork to be a civil rights organization was in fact co-founded in 1994 by Ibrahim Hooper, Nihad Awad, and Omar Ahmad, all of whom had close ties to the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), which was established by senior Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook.


The director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation counter-terrorism unit has stated that IAP is “a Hamas front…(that is) controlled by Hamas, it brings Hamas leaders to the US, it does propaganda for Hamas.”


CAIR opened its first office in Washington, DC, with the help of a $5,000 donation from the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), a self-described charity founded by Hamas operative, Mousa Abu Marzook.


The bully boy Muhammad from CAIR

* This is how to do it. If more radio and TV-stations grow some balls and get with it, this spook can be over in no time. Let the counter jihad begin!

Read it all


What the Pal’s really think of Condi


Yeah baby, they call you a raisin head who is breeding a monkey. Now don’t hate me just because I’m telling you the upleasant truth….

(Nor do I wish to burst your bubble… but you better wake up before reality comes to bite you in the ass…)


Via Pali Media Watch

Above and beyond the steady anti-American hatred promoted by the Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders for years, they seem to have a special penchant for hating Condoleezza Rice. Some of the attacks have included expressions of racial hatred, as in an article this week referring to Rice as a “raven” and a previous article that referred to her as “the colored… the dark skinned… the black lady.” [see PMW Bulletin]

In another racist article attacking Condolezza Rice, the PA daily referred to her as the ”black woman” [three times], the “black spinster” and continues that he even considered the term “black widow” but rejected it. Her father is called the “black clergyman” [who filled her head with Bible stories] and Colin Powell is the “black man”, the “black gentleman” and even the “brave and moderate black.”

All appeared in the official PA daily, then controlled by Arafat, today under Mahmoud Abbas.


Soumaya Ghannoushi, always good for a laugh:

* Soumaya is a shrill Islamo-fascist shill in Londonistan, along the lines of the Bungla-spin doctor. This time she’s got it all worked out:

The teddy bear affair seems to have been the Sudanese government’s revenge against London. In a country whose national memory is still profoundly scarred by the massacres of Gordon and Kitchener, it does not take much to stir tension and suspicion against the British.

* Read it if you can be bothered…

* Sick of Soumaya Ghannoushi 


Oxford “Open Minds” Alert:


Jews and Muslims forge a bond in the Oxford mêlée

The Union of Jewish Students and Oxford University’s Islamic Society carried a huge banner marked with the symbols of both organisations. Some Muslim demonstrators carried posters proclaiming “Hands off our Jews”, while the Jewish Society carried others saying “Hands off our Muslims”.


* Useful Jewish idiots? Even their own mothers hate them.

* Jewiscidal Jews?

Deborah Lipstadt, whom Irving sued unsuccessfully for libel that led to him being labelled a Holocaust denier by the trial judge, said in a message read out during the demonstration: “Inviting these two men [to the Oxford Union] smacks of a stunt which gives them what they most need to survive: publicity.

“Some of those who have defended the Oxford Union have called for open minds. The problem with people with open minds is that sometimes their minds are so open their brains fall out — and that is the best that can be said of the organisers of this debate.”



Muhammad worshipers walk out on Daniel Pipes

Here’s the reception Daniel Pipes got this time around at UC Irvine, where the Muslim Student Union boycotts him and walks out. Menacing, but very much under control.

* Once again we see the Muhammadan’s refusing to listen to an opposing point of view…The Muslim Student Union fits right in with the modern American university liberal.

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  1. Thanks for the picture of Iblis Hooper-finally I have seen one where he’s not looking like he’s sitting with those awful Zionists while constipated.

    Savage will now be targeted by the death fatwas. I hope he bankrupts those CAIR bastards once and for all.

    As for Raisin Brain, at least the we can credit the palestinians for not use the N word in their media-yet.

  2. I found Garland’s cartoon unsettling. Thinking it over, it reminds me of those mindless zombie’s – slaves of the “devil”, in the the film “Quatermass and the Pit”. A scientific spin on a supernatural tale, in this case suggesting that mankind was visited in its distant past by an evil alien force (a scientific explanation of the devil’s presence in so much of our literature), which left its mark in our own vicious nature ( in modern terms, in our own DNA), and inspired our ancestors’ depictions of demons and devils. The evil that could be resurrected, is revealed in the deeply repressed memories of one individual, but lie within each of us.

    One of the most interesting sci-films I’ve ever seen, and frightening as well.

  3. I am ashamed of our youth, our Universities of ‘higer learning’ and the parents of these youth who are ignoring a lot.

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