Because they hate

F*kcwits in Parliament:

Democratic presidential candidates explain why Muslims hate us

* The result of shallowness and ignorance. The result of not learning, and not teaching history. The result of indulgence, complacency and the age of stupid.

From “Why do Muslims Hate us?” by Bonney Kapp at Fox (thanks to Hot Air, where there is audio of the complete exchange):

“Because we are trusted so little” – Joe Biden

Because of “the bullying, selfish, abusive behavior” of President Bush and his administration. – John Edwards

“John’s point is right, but I want to broaden it a little.” If you were a Muslim overseas listening to Rudy Giuliani saying they want to come over here and kill you, you would get the impression that we don’t want to talk. – Barack Obama

“This has been a vacuum for a long time.” We don’t know their culture. – Chris Dodd

Why are they ethnocentrists? Because no one said anything like, “They hate us because of Islam. They hate us for reasons arising from their core values. They hate us because they suck the hatred in with the mothers milk.”

No, instead they assume that their hatred for us is entirely our fault and our responsibility. It never enters their mind that Muslims might be free agents who act on their own initiative, and not just as passive reactors to American actions.


Hugh Fitzgerald has answers and questions:

Questions to be raised every time this “they hate us because we do this or we do that” business rears its idiotic head:

1) Why have Muslims been beating to death Hindus walking by mosques after Friday Prayers in Bangladesh? Why has the Hindu population, relative and absolute, gone from 15% to 1.5% in Pakistan, and from 34% to 7% in Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan)? Why, in that same period since Partition, has the Muslim percentage of the population in India gone, on the other hand, steadily up?


2) Why are Christian Assyrians and Chaldeans massacred in Iraq? Why were 100,000 Assyrians killed in 1933, six months after the British left, taking with them a guarantee from the local Arabs that no harm would befall the Assyrians?

3) Why did Muslim Turks (and Kurds) kill hundreds of thousands of Christian Armenians, not during the “wartime conditions” that the apologists for Turkey like to invoke, but twenty years before, in 1894-96?


4) Why did the Muslim Turks mass-murder Christian Armenians and Christian Greeks in the period 1915-1920?

5) Why did the Muslim Turks commit the Bulgarian Atrocities that so inflamed Gladstone and others in the advanced Western world, in 1876?

6) Why did Muslims massacre Maronites in Damascus in 1860?

7) Why did Muslims massacre every last Jew in Grenada in 1066, during that supposed “convivencia” in Islamic-ruled Spain that we hear so much about? Why did Muslims continue to massacre Jews, in Spain and then in Fez and Marrakech? What led Maimonides to write his “Epistle to the Yemen” in which he described the murderous hatred of Muslims for Jews as worse than anything else they had ever endured?

8) Why have Copts enjoyed the only relative freedom, and semi-equality, in modern Egypt during the period of Lord Cromer’s adminstration, and then during a few decades after, when the European, and especially English influence and power, were at their height, and ever since Nasser and the other colonels overturned Farouk it has been steadily downhill, as first pan-Arabism (a subset of Islam) and then Islam itself, without the intermediate step of pan-Arabism, has taken over — so that the meretricious and corrupt regime of Mubarak, with his Family-and-Friends Plan, is almost certain now to be replaced by the forces supporting the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood. Why, when Copts enjoy the freedom of living in the advanced West, do they often throw off the islmochristian mentality and start telling the truth about Islam, and about Egypt — that they find so difficult and dangerous a thing to do in Egypt itself?

9) Why did Pakistani and Saudi engineers help the Taliban blow up the Bamiyan Buddhas?


10) Why before the blowing up of the Bamiywan Buddhas had there been the wholesale destruction of Buddhist statues, and of stupas, all over Central Asia and India, at Muslim hands?

11) Why did Muslim conquerors kill between 60 and 80 million Hindus, even after they had conquered India and there was no danger of a revolt? Why did Muslims destroy Jain and Buddhist and Hindu temples and temple complexex, by the thousands, and often build mosques right on top of the ruins?

12) Why did the first Umayyad caliph deliberately choose Jerusalem as the site of the “furthest mosquye” (al-masjid al-aksa) mentioned, without more, in the Qur’an, from which Muhammad is said to have travelled to, and back from, seventh heaven on his magic steed al-Buraq?


13) Why did the Caliph Al-Hakim in 1009 order that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was to be razed? Why did Muslims attack Christian sites and Christian pilgrims with increasing boldness throughout the eleventh century, culminating in the ferocious attacks by the Seljuk Turks, a century of attacks that led, in the end, to the calling of the Crusades to recover the Holy Land, and not any other part of the vast lands that had been conquered by the Muslims over the previous four hundred years?

14) Why did Muslim Turks destroy so many of the churches in conquered Constaninople? Why did they leave Hagia Sophia, but vandalize all of its Christian pictures inside, and turn it into a mosque? Why has it not, even to this day, been turned back into a church?

15) Why was the population of Turkey 20% non-Muslim in 1900, and today is far less than 1% non-Muslim?

16) Why did people in Western Europe, over the past thousand years, build watchtowers on their coasts? Who was Thomas Pellow, and why does it matter? What was the extent of Muslim raiding up and down the coasts of Christian Europe, and how many Christians were taken in slavery back to Muslim domains? (Note: an estimate will do). How many slaves were seized by Muslims on raids in the Slavic lands, and in the Caucasus and Georgia, for women to be taken back to harems?


17) When did the Arab slave trade in Africa begin, and when did it end? How many victims did it claim, and what was the relative size of the Arab slave trade as compared to the Atlantic Slave Trade? Why was it mostly young black males who were seized, and what made their rate of survival so small?

18) In what respect have the canonical texts of Islam, the Qur’an, and the Hadith, and the Sira, been changed, or re-interpreted, so as to conform more with the moral sense of the modern world, and with the need to live in peace with the 85% of the world that is non-Muslim? List specific verses in the Qur’an, or stories in the Hadith, that have either been eliminated altogether, or been made subject to radical re-interpretation, or downgraded, in the case of certain Hadith, to a much lower level of “authenticity” based on a revisiting of the relevant isnad-chain?


* Islamic Jihad members

19) What is the status, at present, of the concepts of Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb? What is the duty of Jihad? What is the goal of Jihad? What are the permissible instruments of Jihad, in the state of permanent war that Muslims are taught exist between Believers and Infidels?


20) What, in all that has been written in the previous 19 questions, has to do, has anything at all to do, would not exist but for, the admittedly wasteful, naive and sentimental, administration of George Bush, and its dreamy belief that the problem with the Islamic states and peoples has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, a perfectly peaceful and splendid “religion” (and all “religions” are to be respected, are they not?) that has been so badly misrepresented by a handful, or possibly just more than a handful, of “extremists” who have “hijacked a great religion” for their own nefarious purposes?

I could list another 80 questions, but I think this is quite enough for today. After all, the presidential candidates have so much campaigning to do. And during the past six years and three months, since 9/11/2001, they just haven’t had a minute to spare to begin to study, really study and thing about, either the texts and tenets and attitudes of Islam, or to find out very much, anything in fact, about the 1350-year history of Muslim conquest of non-Muslim lands, and about the subsequent subjugation of so many different non-Muslim peoples — Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and others from smaller and less well-known communities — who are in the end treated, at best, in remarkably similar, and often unendurable ways.

Is it really too much to expect that the candidates would have done this studying, and done it a bit more seriously than buying some work by a known, and venal, apologist for Islam, such as the ridiculous Karen Armstrong, or the sinister John Esposito?

If candidates are unwilling to do the absolute minimum amount of study necessary to understand the contents, and menace, of Islam, when they have had more than six years to prepare, then how can they ask to be supported, how can they presume to be capable of instructing, and protecting us?

What nerve. What self-satisfied ignorance. What intolerable nonchalance.

Posted by: Hugh


No Mo Clitman’s!

From the Byzantine Sacred Art Blog


What Hashim—The Snake—Thaci Buys With Millions of Heroin/Human Trafficking Dollars: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Billary’s Statement on future status of southern Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija

“On December 10, the US-EU-Russian troika seeking a mutually acceptable settlement of the future status of Kosovo will make its report to the United Nations and to the world.

“Given the current position of the Russian government, it is unlikely that any agreement will be reached. If this is the case, I believe that further delay would be highly inadvisable. This process, which started far too late thanks to the neglect of the Bush Administration in its first term, has run its course. With Russia threatening to veto any arrangement submitted to the U.N. Security Council, we must be prepared to strongly support the will of the majority of the people of Kosovo. If the government in Pristina decides for independence, I would strongly support prompt U.S. recognition, and I would urge the European Union to do the same. I also congratulate the people of Kosovo on the orderly, peaceful election they have just completed.

“In supporting the independence of Kosovo, I want to stress the high importance that I attach to full protection of the rights of all minorities in Kosovo, especially the Serbs. This is an absolute necessity as Kosovo goes forward.

“I am also concerned about the deterioration of the situation in Bosnia. Twelve years after the Dayton Agreement ended that war, a combination of American neglect, European Union weakness, and Russian and Serbian obstructionism threatens the stability and future of Bosnia. I urge the Administration to pay more attention to this issue, so that it does not once again become a major threat to European stability, especially at the same time as the Kosovo situation approaches a historic juncture.”

Read the whole shameful thing

7 thoughts on “Because they hate”

  1. * “Why do Muslims Hate us?” by Bonney Kapp at Fox

    I prefer their hate than the “New Age” solution of “celebrating diversity”, cooperation, dialogue and partnership being promoted on sites such as “Jewish Muslim Dialogue and Co-operation”, where the multi-culti spinners weave their web of seduction that will prove more dangerous than Islamic seething and rage. It is delusion … its name is Mystery, Babylon the Great.
    “Both Jews and Muslims have suffered discrimination in the forms of antisemitism and islamophobia. This shared experience could be used for mutual support of victims and to increase the pressure to prevent it.”


  2. Politician are not stupid, they know the numbers game better than most, muslims breed like rabbits and at this rate will be the majority within decades. You see, we are mere statistics to these self interested glory hunters whose sole existence revolves around numbers where the almighty dollar is the bottom line, the reliance on oil to keep our economy rolling along is paramount. Individuals mean nothing to them, politicians are not f#ckwits, they are obstinate fools and far too clever for their own good…

  3. The Democrats fell for whatever the Communists said and now they are falling for whatever the muslims say. And the sorry part is that the Democrat ‘leaders’ know their constituents are going to take their words and look no further to find out the real truth.

    They call us sheep and they are the ones who follow blindly. As do the muslims blindly follow a prophet who was a despicable character.

    They call us facists while they are the ones who censor and twist facts, and as I have heard on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Monday – they are monitoring the radio, news, etc of conservatives and Republicans (basically anyone who disagrees with them) so as to raise the red flags and sic the ACLU after them, force businesses to stop supporting them, etc. They do as good, little Stalinists should do – ‘repeat a lie often enough and it will become a fact’. And we all know that the muslims do it so very well they even have it defined – taqiyya/kithman.

  4. Why they hate us is a question that will puzzle the Left forever-they believe in fairy tales, like man’s nature is always good, that Islamania means peace, that government should care for everyone from cradle to grave, etc. In short, they will never get it because they live in a utopian world of delusions. The sad part is that the answer is so obvious and can be found so easily. Read the Koran-a book of fear, violence and hatred. It has the answer.

  5. Politicians are greedy and drunk on power. In that order, for the most part and ‘it’s the economy, stupid’ aka ‘show me the money’
    – this is what greases the almighty wheel no matter how ya slice it. Until ‘we the people’ become as important as the greenback to ourselves and each other we’ll continually screw each other and everything until there ain’t nothing left. I hope I’m wrong.

  6. Guess which organisation strung up a 16 year old girl to slowly strangle to death for the crime of confessing to having been abused and raped by a former republican guard. A war hero perhaps, with medals for his bravery? Yeah you got in one, correct the religion of peace and in which country, yeah right again Iran… home of the sickest philosophy this world has seen in recent times, oh possibly Cambodia and North Korea come close. We are all doomed to slavery or death if we don’t fight back and soon!!!!This is not a drill!!!

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