“Fragile Hicks faces torture of freedom”

* This must be the No. One bullshit header of the year. Does your heart bleed already?


Mahmud Dawoud aka Hicks


* Penelope Debelle in Adelaide, who writes for the Sydney Morning Herald, has a soft spot (and lots of other afflictions) for the ‘former Muslim extremist’- although she looks like she is way past menopause, she seems to be fighting severe bouts of hormone-imbalance…

DAVID HICKS’S mental condition is so fragile that – only five days before his scheduled release from jail – he suffers from agoraphobia and retreats to the kind of solitary confinement he endured for five years in Guantanamo Bay.

The former Muslim extremist has suffered panic attacks and has ventured into the sunshine, in the prison yard, only once since his return to Australia in May this year to serve the balance of his nine-month sentence at Yatala Labour Prison in Adelaide. He could not cope and preferred the enclosed prison and artificial lighting, where he felt more safe.

“He tried to go out but he just said everything closed in on him,” his father, Terry Hicks, told the Herald.

The long night of the ‘shrinking horizons’

Hicks’s agoraphobia and panic attacks are hallmarks of prisoners who have spent prolonged periods in confined isolation. Professor Mullen said he would be suffering psychological damage from his trauma, which included being imprisoned in a container in the hot sun, believing he had been left there to die.

“Your horizons shrink and shrink and your world becomes your cell and everything outside of it becomes increasingly unfamiliar and frightening,” Professor Mullen said. “They become not just de-skilled but they lose all of the ease with which we deal with strangers and strange situations. Take them out in the street and they become terrified. Give them a simple task to do like buying something in a shop and it is just overwhelming, difficult and confusing.”

* Right. Professor Mullen, cheerleader for the compensation blues. Far left lunacy is a mental condition like no other, professor. And you have just been diagnosed…

* More on Muhammad Daoud aka Hicks, the eager jihad-beaver


More bullshit and distorted ‘news’ from AFP:

AFP: Jews Beat Santa Claus

Imagine your kids see these pictures for Christmas, with a header like ‘Father Christmas beaten in West Bank demo’: Once again, AFP makes sure the antisemitic propaganda goes around the world just in time.


Update: The Torture Never Stops!

Thanks to Mullah:

Haneef ‘won’t return unless safety guaranteed’


* The result of the lefty loony Islamic convergence:

Former Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef says he is still angry with Australian authorities about the way they treated him.

Earlier this year, Dr Haneef was arrested on a terrorism-related charge and spent two weeks in custody.

The charge was later dropped but former immigration minister Kevin Andrews cancelled his visa on character grounds.

Last week a full bench of the Federal Court upheld an earlier decision to reinstate the visa.

Dr Haneef says he misses his job at the Gold Coast Hospital, but he will not come back to Australia from India without the approval of his wife and family and a safety guarantee from the authorities.

“If my family decides I would go back there, we would need reassurance from the authorities who are there that there wouldn’t be any harm to us or any problems in our safety,” he said.

* In other words: an exemption from waging jihad. We haven’t seen that before, but there is always a first time. Go for it, Haneef.

Australia’s far left lunatics will support you all the way…


7 thoughts on ““Fragile Hicks faces torture of freedom””

  1. Poor Hicks. I think maybe he should bury himself alive every day once he’s freed. Eventually, with a little luck, he’ll stay buried.

    By the way, that “santa” had it coming.

  2. Oh poor deadwood, um I mean Daoud. If this little wannabe gets one dime of compensation. No, I won’t go there but he needs a testimony from Afghan women who have been brutalized by the extreme dictates of sharia law that he willingly supported…

  3. On the Channel 7 scrolling newsbar today, Hicks is suffering from “freedom phobia”. His lawyers are no doubt salivating over the compo – I Smell Lots of Aussie Moolah.

    Yes, Merry Christmas (not Winterval (Summerval?), festivus, season, holidays, Eids of December) and a happy 2008 (not 1399, 5767, 1 etc).

  4. * This must be the No. One bullshit header of the year. [“Fragile Hicks …]

    Also brought to us by the letter H [for horse ….] …

    Haneef ‘won’t return unless safety guaranteed’

    “Fragile” Hicks; “unsafe” Haneef … those running this “War on Terror” couldn’t organise a
    chook raffle in Inghams!

    Merry Christmas.

  5. Have you heard the quotes from Hick’s correspondence with his family? Holy crap, what a contemptible moron. If he hadn’t been with Al qaeda shooting at Indian troops, scouting targets in Sydney etc etc, you wouldn’t take him seriously at all. A punk.

  6. what a lot of crap I thought when I read this article in newspaper. If that scumbag is so menatally tortured then how will he be able to sustain employment or uni. His parents bring shame to a lot of us Aussies for protecting him and saying he has seen the error of his ways and wishes to be re-assimilated back into society. But we all know that islamists are taught to tell us infidels LIES to get under our guard. As far as I am concerned he shoulad have a curfew from 6pm to 9 am next day. And strict monitoring of him for at least 5 years.He is still free to be in contact with his other Aussie jihadists like Jack Thompson etc. I am just so sick of all of us world wide being under this insidious threat. what do others think. DJ.

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