Sydney: The Islamic Education We have To Have

Ean Higgins/The Australian

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Nationalists to exploit Muslim row

* ‘Nationalists’ are natural ‘exploiters’-didn’t you know? Socialists would never do a thing like that, of course:

* Once again, we see how the progressive red-green alliance of traitors and enablers wants to force multiculti-diversity onto a quiet country town in in the southwest of Sydney. Opposition is vilified and smeared as ‘right wing’, a 1991 conviction for firearm-possession of one of the protesters is used to discredit the whole movement, and the writer cites differences between the reverend Fred Nile and Christian Democrats member Gordon Moyes in order to divide. Classic commie agit-prop!

Left is where the thumb is on the right:

The Islamo-Nazi Connection:


Mufti and The Führer:(The Nazi/Islam Connection)



RIGHT-WING nationalists hope to use opposition to a proposed Islamic school southwest of Sydney as a springboard into local government.

The Australia First organisation, run in NSW by Jim Saleam, has been advertising for members in the town of Camden, where the Quranic Society wants to build a college for 1200 Muslim students.

Mr Saleam yesterday said his organisation would hold public meetings in Camden to build opposition to the school. Australia First planned to run a candidate for Camden Council in September elections, he said.

Mr Saleam, who was jailed for 3 1/2 years in 1991 for possessing a firearm and organising a shotgun attack on the home of Eddie Funde, the African National Congress’s Australian representative, said the proposed school was an exercise in “culture busting”.

Describing Camden as an Anglo-Saxon community, he yesterday told The Australian the school would be the start of an unwelcome Muslim campaign to “smash up the homogeneity of the area”. Mr Saleam was involved in the 2005 Cronulla race riots, claiming his organisation had recruited 120 members for the mob demonstration.

* Once again: Cronulla was not about ‘race’- it was about native Aussies being raped, molested and attacked over a long period of time. When Muslims ganged up and started beating up Aussie-life-savers, that was the straw that broke the camels back.

* Cronulla was about Muslims gangs, mainly Lebanese.

Something that this agenda driven journo, Ean Higgins, conveniently omits. The real Cronulla riots started when the Muhammedan mobs came charging out of the mosques, raced 70 cars at high speed through the suburbs, shot up and firebombed 4 churches, smashed  a hundred cars and started bashing and stabbing innocent Australians at random, while the police stood by doing nothing.

The proposed Islamic school at Camden is becoming a state political issue. It has split one of the longest-established minor parties in the NSW upper house, Reverend Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats.

Mr Nile addressed a rowdy anti-school meeting in Camden last Wednesday, saying the proposal would force thousands of Muslims on to the mainly Christian semi-rural community.

But the only other member of the Christian Democrats to hold a seat in the NSW parliament, the Reverend Gordon Moyes, yesterday said Mr Nile had gone against a recent party state executive reaffirming no opposition to Islamic schools. He hinted he would try to persuade the state executive to sanction Mr Nile.

* Another useful tool who just doesn’t get it…

The school proposal is expected to come before Camden council early next year for planning approval.

Camden Mayor Chris Patterson yesterday expressed concern that the issue was becoming a drawcard for right-wing groups.

* Opposing Islam makes you ‘right wing?’ Where did we see this before?

“What we don’t want is other organisations attempting to use this as a national issue or an immigration issue,” he said.

NSW police are understood to be worried about the prospect of ethnic violence, holding a confidential meeting with councilors and community leaders late last week.

Of about 3500 public submissions concerning the school, all but about 20 had opposed it, Mr Patterson said.

Premier Morris Iemma yesterday said he was “aware of the opposition” to the school but added that “some of the scenes from (the public meeting on Wednesday) were disturbing”.


* Morris Iemma, -the dilemma-, rides on the Muslim ticket. No wonder he finds everything ‘disturbing’ that opposes his multiculti-pipedream.

Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell concurred with Mr Iemma in saying the proposed school should be assessed according to planning laws, and attacked Mr Nile for stirring up religious tension. “It’s as dumb as pigs’ heads on stakes,” Mr O’Farrell said of Mr Nile’s contribution, referring to a recent incident where anti-school activists placed such macabre objects at the proposed site.

* What could be dumber than selling out to those who want you dead or forcibly converted, Barry O’Farrell?

Efforts to contact the Quranic Society were unsuccessful. But the legal representative for the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Haset Ali, yesterday said the school would fill a strong demand for Islamic education and serve as a moderating influence in the Muslim community.

* Islamic indoctrination can serve as a ‘moderating influence?’ What an insane statement. Those who are indoctrinated with the poison of Islam will wage war against infidels and Jews. Inevitably. Our lefty loony goodfella’s are aiding and abetting the global jihad.*

* Here’s how those who oppose the spread of Islam are vilified:


‘Yusuf rubs it’- from the blog of the ever vigilant Islamofascist IrfanYusuf

Sample: I think Fred Nile is a threat to our liberal democracy. Here’s why.

Fred Nile has drawn the line. He has declared Australia to be a Christian country. He has also declared that we shouldn’t allow schools that reject Christian doctrines such as the divinity of Christ and the idea that Christ is the Son of God.

* “Lets go and hit the Jooozz” – Tu Coque – (‘they do it too..!’)

On that basis, I challenge Fred Nile to call for the closure of Moriah College. I call upon Rev Nile to hold a public meeting at St Ives which will support the closure of Masada College.

* Shameless. Despicable. Unhinged.

* Remember one thing Yusuf: Muslims are not Jooozzz, never will be…


* Just another scandal involving Islamic schools, it never stops, does it?

Islamic body ‘using school to milk funds’

Thanks to Mullah

From the “What is a madrassah?”-department

The report obtained by The Weekend Australian says AFIC, which advises the Howard Government on Islamic issues, should seek legal advice about the $900,000 in rent it charges the school a year – up to four times more than average commercial rates.

The private school, which receives more public funds than any other in NSW, is situated on land owned by AFIC. While it operates as a separate non-profit organisation, it has four AFIC executives or office holders on its governing board.

AFIC charges the school rent, accounting fees, cleaning costs and other charges which provide two-thirds of AFIC’s budget of more than $2 million a year.

The school receives $11 million a year from the federal Government on condition the funds are used only for educational purposes and the school only uses surplus profits for its own activities.

But the investigation into AFIC’s finances by forensic accountant Robert Smith reveals that the rental income is used to support the political activities of dozens of Muslim groups in the country.

“Arguably there is a diversion of ‘profit’ from the school to AFIC,” Mr Smith warns in his report, prepared for AFIC.

“Such a diversion is what I have speculated that governments will be concerned about – educational funding being diverted to other entities for purposes other than education.”

Link: Islamic body ‘using school to milk funds’ –

That’s what its all about, Yusuf, isn’t it?

* Using Australian taxpayers money to fight the jihad against the native Australians, are we, Yusuf?


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  1. Mick’s dictionary sez:

    right-wing : opposed to Islamic totalitarianism (Islamofascism)
    racism : opposition to an ideology which is committed to the destruction of the Jewish race
    racist : 1. (unashamed) white-skinned person 2. not sufficiently anti-semitic
    Islamophobia : rational fear of the establishment of an Islamic theocracy
    victim (of racism/Islamophobia) : one who shoots at/incinerates Churches
    redneck : white person opposed to the introduction of capital punishment for minor offences (including blasphemy) as prescribed by the Shariah

  2. I find it odd that those who promote a Koran based fascism are painted as fascists by the leftis allies of those Koranic Fascists. Anything to deflect attention from the true threat I suppose.

  3. I gave up trying to work the lefties out. A bad upbringing combined with being generally insane, gets you a lefty. Perfectly describes the ones Ive met.

  4. We have been trying to keep Saleam and his Nazi’s away from the Camden area. He has an extensive criminal (arson,fraud, firearms )and Nazi history that the left, as you have observed, like to use to smear the whole movement. Also while he was in gaol on the firearms convictions, somebody was shot to death in this kitchen and the whole event was captured by ASIO bugs.

    for more see – particularly the Saleam’s Lot series

    Saleam has also written touching hagiography of Saddam Hussein as well as handing out leaflets at the Camden protest last week (19/12/07) attacking Fred Nile and saying that Islam and Christianity are the same.

    In short, he is a criminal lunatic that has no business being involved in the anti-school protest in Camden or anywhere else.

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