Gaddafi Visiting France: Demands 200 Attractive French Women….

Gaddafi Wants Tent, Women in France

By: Newsmax Staff


Gaddafi’s female entourage…

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is coming to France next week and has made clear want he wants: a tent to live in, 200 attractive French women, and some nuclear energy.

Col. Gaddafi, who has been Libya’s dictator for almost four decades, has been known for bizarre activities. Reportedly he likes to dress up in drag.

Gaddafi is also said to suffer from claustrophobia and prefers to live in tents. The French government has acceded to his wish and has set one up next to the Hotel Marigny, the country’s official guest house.

According to French media, the dictator also wants to “meet 200 Frenchwomen and to go to a Renault factory to see ‘the working class.'”


* Cool as a turd with a cocktail cherry…

France has been accommodating to Gaddafi as he is set to sign a nuclear energy deal.

* “Nuclear energy” is all this hostage taking, extortionist lunatic needs.

The new French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, has moved rapidly to sign up mega nuclear deals with a host of Arab countries.

In the past week, France signed such a deal with Algeria, and this past October one with Morroco. He is reportedly offering help to the Saudis to build a nuclear reactor.

* France is bankrupt, morally as well as financially.

The deals mean big bucks for the French economy. But some are worried. Germany said that “the risk of proliferation rises with every country that uses nuclear energy.”


Paris to Host PLO Fundraiser Just Days After Riots

* Muslim ‘youth’s’ burn thousands of cars and destroy hundreds of businesses in order ‘to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy’- according to their Islamic teachings, and France, this pathetic whore of a nation, goes right ahead and hosts a huge fundraiser in support of the Palistanian parasites.


* Young Muhammedan’s in France do their best to wreck the French economy


PLO representatives will try to raise $7.1 billion (4.8 billion euros) in hand-outs at an upcoming meeting of donors in Paris, according to the PLO economy minister on Saturday. The meeting will be hosted in the French capital, just days after sweeping riots connected to Arab, Muslim, and other immigrants were quelled by a massive police crackdown.

The Arab organization says the funds will be used to boost the local Arab economy and to increase the 2008 to 2010 budget. Included in the plan will be to pay salaries and fund armed forces.

* “Boost the Arab economy” is Pali-speak for rearming…

More projects included a Jenin industrial town to be constructed with German assistance and processed food and packing plants in Jericho to be built in partnership with Japan.


And pigs will fly…



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* It is morbidly fascinating that if you are sympathetic to the plight of the Jews you are immediately labeled a Jew or a tool of the infamous “Jewish lobby.” This report out of Algiers on the antisemitic attacks on French Sarkozy are a clear indication of just how bad things are getting for the Jews. Just for knowing, Sarkozy is not Jewish. His grandfather, a Sephardi Jew by birth, was a convert to Catholicism, and Sarkozy was raised a Catholic, (not that it should matter, but it does). *

Sarkozy faces antisemitic jibes in Algeria

Cowardly, shameful behavior by France’s new PM


French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s first official visit to Algeria this week was overshadowed after he became the target of antisemitic insults.

Only a few days prior to the visit, Algerian minister Mohamed Cherif Abbés claimed in the El–Khabar newspaper that Mr Sarkozy had been elected through the manoeuvres of “the Jewish lobby” and made reference to the president’s Jewish origins.

The Algerian authorities refused to apologise for the assault, and Socialist leaders Jean-Christophe Cambadélis and Pierre Moscovici pleaded for a rescheduling of the trip, stating the attack was “intolerable”.

However, Mr Sarkozy decided to push forward with the meeting, attempting to consolidate tense bilateral ties and to sign $5 billion (£2.5bn) of energy deals.

Mr Abbés’s comments were not the first antisemitic attacks launched against Mr Sarkozy. Extremist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen has pointed at Mr Sarkozy’s ancestors, saying “he is Jewish through his mother”, and several weeks ago Mr Sarkozy was even accused of spying for Israel’s Mossad intelligence service. But Mr Abbés’s assault was the first public antisemitic attack made by an Algerian official and was followed by the Algerian authorities’ refusal to allow entrance to one of Mr Sarkozy’s guests on the visit, a French-Jewish singer of Algerian descent, Enrico Macias. The French Jewish umbrella group CRIF said it was “disgusted” by these decisions.

The attacks may have been intentional, coming at a time when Algeria is trying to make its mark in the region. Mr Sarkozy, who has strengthened relations with Morocco, Algeria’s rival, wants to develop a Mediterranean Union that would include Israel, but Algeria prefers to keep Israel out.

However, the most obvious issues of discord were France’s past colonial rule in North Africa and Mr Sarkozy’s refusal to issue an official apology, as well as his immigration policy, which has been strongly criticised in Algeria.

The French president chose to remain focused on his mission, condemning colonisation but refusing to issue an excuse. He replied to the minister’s antisemitic attacks in his speech, calling for a fight against racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia.

“Nothing resembles antisemitism more than the hatred of Islam,” Mr Sarkozy told the Algerian Parliament. “Antisemitism and Islamophobia have the same face, the face of foolishness and hatred. We can’t explain them, we simply have to fight against them.”

* Is this guy for real?

* If Sakozy had balls he would tell the Algeriennes to shove it where the sun don’t shine and ship them back 3 million ‘youth’s’ who wreck havoc in France

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  1. * Gaddafi … wants: a tent to live in

    Cirque du Soleil could help him out, & his clown act might prove a drawcard.

  2. 200 attractive French women?!?!?

    Tell Gaddafi that Kaffur women don’t wait on muhammedan maggots.

    Is it just me, or does he look more and more like Micheal Jackson every day?

  3. The Libyan cukoo is still a riot after all these years. Give him 200 leftist French women-they’ll gladly do whatever he wants.

    Sarkozy is becoming more and more disappointing. Better than Chirac, but needs improvement.

  4. Sarkozy should round up the ugliest and oldest hookers (from all parts of Africa) that frequent certain quarters of Paris and present them to this assclown as “French’ mademoiselles…

  5. Actually, maybe he should be introduced to 200 “formerly female” French women. He can’t know about it until he has “enjoyed” their company though. lol Wonder how THAT would go over with the caliphate????

  6. Gaddafi is also said to suffer from claustrophobia and prefers to live in tents. The French government has acceded to his wish and has set one up next to the Hotel Marigny, the country’s official guest house.

    According to French media, the dictator also wants to “meet 200 Frenchwomen and to go to a Renault factory to see ‘the working class.’”

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