Perth Muslim school raided and boss charged

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Lampathakis and Nicole Cox/ thanks to WoJ reader Savitch:

* Infiltration exposed, indoctrination centre shut down:

A MUSLIM school in Kenwick has been raided by police and shut down by WA Education Minister Mark McGowan. The school’s head faces a stealing charge.


Mr McGowan said he had taken the extraordinary step of closing Muslim Ladies’ College in Kenwick because of allegations, including fraud and the use of unregistered teachers who were focusing mainly on religion, rather than the WA curriculum.

The school’s acting director, Zubair Sayed, appeared in East Perth Magistrates Court on Saturday charged with stealing.

The court was told the charge related to an alleged theft offence — of $355,934 — in April, when Mr Sayed, of Sarah Close, Canning Vale, was a company director of Muslim Links Australia Ltd.

It is alleged the school was overclaiming for state and federal government funds for students. Police prosecutor Sgt Scott McCormick told the court that detectives had discovered the money had been sent to Pakistan.

* Whatever it takes to further the global jihad…

This is a matter which is of extreme seriousness, whereby Mr Sayed obtained public money from the commonwealth by deceit,” Sgt McCormick said. “The state wishes to put on the record that this is a very serious charge.”

The court was told that Mr Sayed wrote a Commonwealth Bank cheque for money from the Federal Government that was meant for the Muslim Ladies’ College to educate students.

* What could be more important than Islamo-fascist indoctrination?

At the time, Mr Sayed’s brother was principal of the college.

Magistrate Vicki Stewart granted Mr Sayed bail, with conditions he surrender his passport, not be within 1km of international sea or air ports, report to Cannington police station each Wednesday and reside at his home address.

He was released on $100,000 bail and a $100,000 surety to reappear in Perth Magistrates Court on January 2 next year.

On Friday, Mr McGowan told The Sunday Times: “I want to make it clear that this decision (to close the school) has not been made because this is a Muslim school.

“This decision has been made because this is a school that is not educating students properly.

* No need for apologies. Islam wants you dead or converted, don’t bother, mate…

“An investigation into the operations of the college by the Department of Educational Services began in December 2006 — following complaints about the conduct of the principal-administrator, staffing of the college and the educational program.”

Key areas investigated included whether teachers were registered, the appropriateness of qualifications of teachers, inadequate educational leadership and standard of education, and the sufficiency of the school’s resources.

Mr McGowan said other concerns were about the college’s governance structure, the condition of buildings, and facilities and enrolment, and attendance procedures.

He said it was found that teachers were inexperienced in teaching and understanding the curriculum framework, and students weren’t being taught all required subjects.

“The college has employed a number of unregistered teachers and many with limited authority to teach,” he said. “Teachers are not spending 50 per cent of the school day on literacy and numeracy, as required.

* Suicide bombers and breeders don’t need literacy and numeracy, what are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

“Instead (they) spend a large amount of time on religious studies. This is clearly unacceptable and seriously damaging to the student’s academic well-being.

“The school is not being properly led because the director of the college (Anwar Sayed) is in Afghanistan and has been for most of the year.”

* Is he a ‘martyr’ or not yet?

Mr McGowan wrote to the school’s governing body to notify them of his decision, which took effect from Friday.

He said enrolments had declined in the past year, from about 90 students at the beginning of 2007 to about 50 or 60 students currently.

* That’s a lot of potential suicide bombers. Have they been interned yet or are we going to deport them, when exactly?

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  1. You forget.. it’s the Muhammedan way to demand jizya from kafur and to lie to the kafur…. surprise, surprise.

  2. Oh! The Islamophobia! How could this school be shut down-it was merely churning out ultra pious Koranists. Nothing wrong with that, is there? The fact that this place was stealing government money just shows the students what Islamaniac piety is really about.

  3. Muslim Ladies College? Is that even possible??? Is this where they teach them how NOT to drive and how to be good submissive wives? The title itself tells you that it is a front .

  4. what the hell are u ignorant pple going on about??!!! there is no jihadi cause in this!! u dimwits!!!!! i am the owners daughter and u guys are all idiots. i am really ashamed of u muslim pple actually posting ridiculous comments like this!! my father has absolutely no interests of using the school for jihadi reasons. the only jihad being fought there is by the students themselves to excel in their studies. not in ridiculous warfare.

    and as for u racist PIGS, i myself went to that school and i will tell u myself what it teaches. science, maths, legal studies (australian!!), human biology, history, english literature, human rights. and yes of course quranic studies!! we are muslims and unlike u racist pigs we like to know what we we’re talkin about wen we talk about our religion and not just blabber on like idiots without making a single stroke of sense!!

    the school did NOT steal money for their own personal use or meaningless war, but to open a school in kabul, Afghanistan for orphans. children whos parents had been killed in the war by the STUPID taliban (may god give them ALL a terrible death!) And the reason for the killings?? merely for going to the market to buy groceries, or food, or to go to the mosque or for NO BLOODY REASON AT ALL!! this school is a new hope for them. a reason for them to repair their broken lives and a reason for their eyes to light up again. a reason for them to try to forget and leave behind the terrible memories of horrible atrocities. a reason for them to wipe out images of theri fathers being tortured and killed, of their mothers and sisters being raped and killed, of them and theri young siblings crying in front of this scene. tell me: would u not want to do the same?

    i cannot beleive u muslims would actually believe the MEDIA!!! after every other bullshit they’ve written about the muslim community, u wud actually choose to believe this???!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  5. pissd off
    Well for an educated Muslim you’ve failed MISERABLY. If you want to put an argument across and be taken seriously put some more effort in your writings.

    I gave up after the first paragraph.

  6. * Islam isn’t a race, dimwit…

    It is when it’s playing the victim card…

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