Geert Wilders:the koran will destroy everything we in the Western world stand for

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Threats of murder. Fears of riots and religious violence. Demands for censorship. Politicians in hiding, fearing for their lives. A government preparing for the worst.

It’s happening right now in a most unlikely place … the Netherlands, once regarded as Europe’s quietest and most stable nation.

And it’s all happening because of a 10-minute movie that hasn’t even been made yet.


It’s the work of Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, who calls his movie “a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamicization.” Wilders plans to present it to his country on television sometime next month.

“People who watch the movie will see that the Koran is very much alive today, leading to the destruction of everything we in the Western world stand for, which is respect and tolerance,” Wilders, the 41-year-old leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom, said in a telephone interview.

“The tsunami of Islamicization is coming to Europe. We should come to be far stronger.”

Four months ago, he called for the Koran to be outlawed in the Netherlands.

“I believe our culture is much better than the retarded Islamic cultures,” he told in a telephone interview. “Ninety-nine percent of the intolerance in the world comes back to the Islamic religion and the Koran.”

Though he refuses to claim the mantle of van Gogh’s successor, Wilders clearly sees himself as continuing the controversial filmmaker’s work. He acknowledges the similarities between “Submission” and his own 10-minute work, about five minutes of which have been completed, he said.

“I have so much respect for van Gogh’s movie, aimed at one part of the Koran, women’s bodies, one very bad part of the Koran,” Wilders said. “I will use not only that theme but many others. Of course at the end it is a different movie.”

Though Wilders has remained steadfastly vague about the specific contents of his movie, saying he wants to maximize the “moment of the broadcast itself,” he added that it will include “images and parts of real-time movies that really happen in the Netherlands and the U.K. and the Middle East, the intolerance of the Koran that is still alive and vivid today.”

Wilders, said he’s working with professors who are experts on the Koran and Islamic culture, professional filmmakers and scriptwriters to complete his film, which he hopes to broadcast next month on “Nova,” a popular news program on Dutch public television. If “Nova” refuses to air the program, he said, he will broadcast the movie using the air time his political party is guaranteed by the government.

“The government is taking the announcement of this movie quite seriously,” said Floris van Hovell, a spokesman for the Dutch Embassy in Washington, D.C. “Obviously, because the movie hasn’t been made, we cannot say anything about the movie until the movie has been shown, but the message Mr. Wilders has told us he wants to portray is disturbing.”

* ‘Disturbing?’ How come these wimps don’t find their murderous Muhammedan immigrants disturbing? These cheese eating surrender monkeys better buy themselves some diapers…

Wilders’ rhetoric may have struck a chord among a part of the Dutch population. One poll suggests that if elections were held today, his Freedom Party would win 26 seats in the 150-seat Tweede Kamer — Holland’s House of Representatives — up from nine the party won last November.

Muslim reaction to Wilders’ film has been predictably less supportive. Some are calling for it to be outlawed before it is broadcast, and groups of both Muslims and non-Muslims have publicly denounced the film.

“I think he’s addicted to the attention of the media,” said Zainab al-Touraihi, secretary-general of the Contact Body for Muslims, the official Muslim advisory body to the Dutch government. “He’s doing it for political reasons, and I’m sure he’s getting more and more votes. And that’s the scary thing, actually.”

she said. “The Koran is a matter of interpretation, just like the Bible and the Torah. You need to interpret, not take it literally.”

* No its not. The Koran is to be taken literally.

* Zainab is lying to defend her cult from scrutiny: What part of ‘wipe the unbelievers out to the last’ is it you don’t understand?

For Wilders, though, all the criticism is just proof that he’s on the right path.

“The reaction is proof of how much the movie is needed,” he said. “This is not Morocco. We’re living in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a free country.”

* Still free. Make sure your surrender monkey’s don’t give it away! 


2 thoughts on “Geert Wilders:the koran will destroy everything we in the Western world stand for”

  1. I am AGAINST Fitnah Film

    I don’t like propaganda films…..Freedom is to let everyone choose
    the religion that he wants or even if he doesn’t want this is what i
    call freedom but trying to influence other people’s opinion by this kind
    of movie and to try to make people hate each other and just call it
    Freedom of Speech—–By the way many many supermarket here in the Middle
    East are removing all the danish and dutch products from the shelves
    (boycott) and i could send you photos of this so if the freedom of speech
    and hurting other people’s feelings is what you seek then enjoy
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH ….and this man Geert Wilders is seeking nothing but
    popularity …….I watched the first part only of the movie and i am an
    arab and i can tell you he doesn’t translate it right he leaves the part
    before the ayah and the part after the ayah which gets totally another
    meaning you could ask someone who understands Arabic and he will tell
    you this and puts the photos of the 9/11 beside it …..trying to
    mislead everyone ….plus the movie is very low quality if he
    wants to make something like this he should ask someone who understands
    good ARABIC plus take the whole meaning not to look like a fool like

    Please don’t relate what is happening as extreme actions like 9/ 11
    with islam ..WHY don’t you do that with Christianity too ….aren’t
    christians doing anything wrong?! …..we are all humansss…….Plus the
    word ISLAM comes from SALAM which is PEACE…how could it direct the
    people to fight one another what is meant in the first AYAH the only part
    i watched in the movie the part that he skipped is that if in war they
    attack you fight back which is pretty logical!!!!


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