Condileezza goes for ‘No Jews Allowed’

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* ‘If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything’ takes a new dimension: Condi takes it all lying down.


The intrepid Secretary of State, intent as ever on achieving peace, chides the Israelis for building housing units in an already-existing area of Jerusalem, while remaining mum about ongoing Palestinian jihad terror.

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The Bush administration and it’s minions have been a huge disapointment when it comes to dealing or identifying our Islamic enemy. Their failure to recognize how the Islamist factor continues to drive and motivate the Palestinian Terror Machine will result on more pressure on Israel to make concessions that will never be reciprocated and will only result in greater risk for the citizens of the only civilized country in the Middle East

* How the Pali propaganda machine brainwashes children to become murderous zombies /link

Like all of their predecessors since 1948, the Bush administration has failed to learn the real reason behind that “Palestinian Terror Machine”, which is Israel’s very existence. The Palestinian leaders will never be placated by Israeli concessions. What they want, and have wanted since Israel came into being, is Israel’s destruction. As Yasser Arafat said in 1974, ten days before addressing the U.N.:

“We shall never stop (killing Jews) until we can go back home and Israel is destroyed. The goal of our struggle is the end of Israel and there can be no compromise or mediations. We do not want peace we want victory. Peace for us means Israel’s destruction, and nothing else.” (emphasis added)


Bush, Rice, and everyone else in the State Department need to study Arafat’s words.

Hugh comments:

“More inexplicably, it seems many Israeli politicians have also learned nothing, perhaps less than nothing. I don’t get Olmert.”
— from a posting above

He’s a dope. He’s also very likely corrupt. And the corruption comes, as so often in Israel, from the fact that Israeli political figures are paid so poorly, but do make friends among those deep-pocked “Friends of Israel” who, living safely abroad, and having even less understanding of the situation than the muddle-headed Israelis, who have managed to avoid thinking seriously about Islam, and what it means for their survival, or a strategy that makes sense, to make that survival more rather than less likely. Take Olmert’s friend Daniel Abraham, for example. Oh, like so many “Friends of Israel,” it is enough for him to be a “Friend of Israel” even if he knows nothing about Islam, and furthermore doesn’t know the legal, moral, and historic claims of the Jews to the land they currently possess (including the “West Bank”), has not studied the Mandate for Palestine or what lay behind it, knows nothing of the demographic and cadastral records for that area under the Ottomans, has not a clue about what a “dhimmi” is or how many Jews endured that status, under Muslim rule, in the Middle East and North Africa. In short, merely a successful businessman who, being Jewish, and being, as he sees it, “pro-Israel,” presumes to have opinions, and with his money, buys himself entree into the ruling circles of Israel. In this case, it happpens to be Olmert. It is difficult for Israel’s mostly mediocre leaders, living in a land where Robert Frost’s definition of a “liberal” as someone “who takes the other fellow’s side in a quarrel” applies to so many, except that the “quarrel” in question is not merely some dispute over a cow pasture or what a stone wall demarcates between two hardscrabble farms in Coos County (pardon the absence of the diacritical mark over the second “o”), but rather Israel’s very survival.

And the failure of Israel’s leaders to know or make their case, and their even greater failure to understand the Islam that explains the relentlessness, and the never-to-be-assuaged permanence of what is not, and never was, a “quarrel” about the “legimiate rights” of the (recently-invented) “Palestinian people” but, rather, about whether that tiny Infidel nation-state is going to survive, which requires not the impossible — a change in the worldview that Islam inculcates — but the entirely possible, a situation in which Israel’s military superiority is maintained, and so clearly that the surrounding rulers have an excuse not to make open war, and meanwhile Israel, along with the rest of the West, recognizing the demographic conquest from within, acts to halt and reverse it — which can be done.

And if Israel elects leaders who discuss the texts and tenets of Islam openly, and how they relate (how, for god’s sake, the Treaty of Al-Hudaibiyya relates to all treaty-making between Israel and any Muslim Arabs), that will encourage those in Western Europe to do likewise.

And, of course, vice-versa.

The people of Western Europe, subjected almost non-stop to anti-Israel propaganda — the kind of thing that innocent listeners are fed, in the daily poisonous drip-drip-drip that omes from the BBC (Orla Guerin! Barbara Plett! Lyse Doucet! and a cast of hundreds!), The Guardian, Robert Fisk wherever he manages to place his nasty mythomanic stuff, Le Monde (especially in the days of Eric Rouleau, as long as Peroncel-Hugoz was kept muffled), Agence France-Presse, and in so many other places, in so many other countries, where those who needed an acceptable outlet for their….peculiar pathology found it, and then some.



The Zionist” were a group of Socialist Jews who started purchasing wasted lands from the Ottoman Empire starting about 1882. They sought to create a Jewish community in their native homeland and by 1913 (pre-World War I) had amassed more that 90% of what is today Israel.
In some cases they paid much more for the land than it was worth. In two separate documents, the Ottoman’s Vilayets and the Sanjak of Jerusalem, the general condition of the land is described as “empty,” a “place of ruin” and a place of “desolation”.

After World War I, the British and French wound up with a Mandates of Lands through the League of Nations. The Balfour Declaration called for the creation of a “national homeland for the Jewish people”. There are hundreds of pre-statehood documents and articles where Arabs’ “welcomed the Jews and ‘Zionist’ back to their home land!” The small population of Arabs relocated into the area, and welcomed the opportunity of employment, better access to health care and food.


“Yasser Arafat” was born as Mohammed Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa Al-Husseini; in Cairo, Egypt!
He was a distant cousin to the Grand Mufti, and learned his hatred of the Jews, from this man who help Hitler…

The Inevitability of Genocide

You have to read this:

A Muslim’s ancient urge for jihad is so great, so unquenchable, so uncompromising that whenever he is deprived of his sacred right to murder the infidels, he will inevitably begin killing his own brothers, using obscure tribal or sectarian distinction as the cause of war. Just look what’s going on in Iraq today, where Muslims successfully resist the infidel occupation by murdering each other.

The history of Islam is the history of jihad. The purpose of jihad is expansion. We don’t send out missionaries. We send out warriors. We give you a fair choice to accept Allah and His Messenger or die. That’s the extent of Allah’s boundless mercy to the infidel. That’s the extent of benevolence your female Secretary of State so lavishly praised.

And if you don’t destroy Islam at least as thoroughly as you destroyed Nazism, Islam will destroy you as thoroughly, as it has destroyed everything and everybody in its way during the 14 centuries of unending jihad.

The Real Islam

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