Hicks: ‘Gitmo’s Tasty Halal Burgers & Me’


* Muhammad Dawoud aka David Hicks upon his release

Ex-Taliban offers no apologies to Australia

* No apologies were forthcoming from the ex-Taliban upon his release from gaol, although his lawyer and his egregious father made a few flatulent announcements to that extend before as we can see in this article here from News Com.

The considerably fattened up Hicks never offered any apologies to the nation that raised him, but believes in his entitlements.

A federal magistrate last week declared Hicks was still a threat after a series of disturbing letters were read out in court. In the letters, written while training with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Hicks said he wanted to be a martyr and professed affection for terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.


Hicks the dole bludger with entitlements:

Terry Hicks last night defended his son’s right to receive financial assistance upon his release.

“He’s an Australian citizen, he has a right to that sort of thing, same as any other Australian citizen. He has a right to Centrelink like anyone else,” Terry Hicks said.

“I can’t see a problem with it. He won’t hang about and bludge on it, he’ll try to get a job out of it.

* Some of us would disagree. Hicks joined the ummah as a jihad warrior, a soldier of Allah, and thus became a traitor to his nation, to his culture and civilization. In a sane world he would have been hanged or shot long ago.

But we no longer live in a sane world.

* Suggestion to Hicks: try your writing skills. Your fan club might like to know more about halal cuisine. Rumor has it that Gitmo has some of the finest in the land in fact its world renown! And you got 5 years experience: go for it mate!

“Gitmo’s tasty halal burgers and me…”

* how does that sound? Now here’s the Sheik yer’mami account number for the royalties, just in case….


Preferential treatment for jihad murderers world- wide

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* Photo show’s Bin Laden sidekick Al Zawahiri in an Egyptian prison that led him on the ‘right path’. Btw: he was shouting ‘we are Muslim, we are Muslim..’ at that time…


RABAT, Morocco, Dec. 31 (UPI) — Preferential treatment for detained militants in Moroccan prisons highlights the influence the various jihadi movements have over authorities.

Monday’s New York Times cited the case of Ahmed Rafiki, known as the father of Moroccan jihadists, whose lush private gardens, radios and visits by his two wives in prison showcase the balancing act between counter-terrorism efforts and the influence of Islamic militants.

Prisoners gain leverage over authorities through hunger strikes and protests and officials worry the increased freedom could make prisons breeding grounds for radicalization and recruiting for their cause.

“More than any time in the modern history of terrorism, the prisons have become a key front in the war on terror,” said Dennis Pluchinsky, a former intelligence analyst at the U.S. State Department.

Arab governments are also feeling the pressure to hand out lenient prison sentences and mass pardons in an effort to subdue Islamic fundamentalist movement, the Times said.

British diplomats and other representatives at a Moroccan conference on the radicalization of Islamic prisoners expressed concerns over dealing with the unique circumstances in an “overcrowded and underfinanced” prison system.

Some said they see the increased access as a chance to inject moderate Islam to the increased militant population.

“You have to fight their ideology with Islam and against their wrong interpretation of Islam,” one Syrian security official said in the Times’ article.

* Sure thing. That’ll work. Like putting the fire out with gasoline!

* Unfortunately nobody has ever come up with a definition of ‘moderate Islam’- and so far not one Muhammad-worshiper could be found among the 1.2 gazillion Muslims in the world who could plausibly explain where these elusive Koranimals can be found.

Guess its a bit like Big-Foot, or the Yeti.

* We’ll keep looking!


From the NYT:

Jihadists in Jails Win Leverage Over Their Keepers

31prisonxlarge1.jpg Ahmed Rafiki in his cell in Oukacha Prison in Casablanca, Morocco. Other militants call him the father of Moroccan jihadists.

* Read the whole thing


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  1. * Read the whole thing

    If the NYT link wants you to register or log in, try this:

    CASABLANCA, Morocco — Ahmed Rafiki sprawled on the makeshift couch in his cell, a fresh red henna dye in his long hair and beard. […] His kitchen and larder are stocked three times a week by his two wives. His curtained doorway leads to a private garden and bath. He has two radios and a television, a reading stand for his Koran and a wardrobe of crisply ironed Islamic attire. […]

    Whatever happened to “crime doesn’t pay”?

    Spain, apparently, isn’t quite as accommodating to its vast Moroccan prison population:


    Spain says tackling Islamic militancy in prisons
    […] Spain’s foremost investigative judge Baltasar Garzon ordered the arrest last week of 13 suspected members of a radical Muslim group, “the Martyrs of Morocco”, formed largely from the fast-growing North African population of Spain’s prisons.[…]

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