Half of Scots see Muslims as ‘cultural threat’ in wake of terrorist attacks

* Another BS report from a multiculti-diversity twit who relies on the opinion of a wakademic nutbag:

By Luise Gray, spinning multiculti-stuff for the Scotsman:

THE number of Scots who hold discriminatory attitudes towards Muslims has increased over the last three years following the terrorist attacks in London, new figures showed yesterday.

Prof Curtice pointed out that half of those surveyed would be unhappy if a relative married a transsexual person while a third said the same in respect of an asylum-seeker, a gypsy traveller or someone of the same sex.

However Prof Curtice said the group that appears to have suffered the worse in recent years is Muslims.

He suggested this was because of the ongoing “war on terror” and the attacks on London in 2005.

* ‘Muslims have suffered?’- How the hell did they ‘suffer?’ Did Britain intern them after 7/7? Were there mass-deportations after the attempted Glasgow bombing?

* For heavens sake, who is f*kcing with our kids in the universities today? Are they all far left loonies or brain dead?

But hang on, not all is lost:


THE revealing statistic in yesterday’s government report into discrimination is that while 4 per cent of people would object to an Asian teacher, 21 per cent would do so if it was a Muslim teacher writes Osama Saeed.

It confirms the trend whereby people of colour have gained increasing acceptance, while prejudice now targets people because of their faith.

* Poor moonbats. Learning about a belief-system that wants you dead or forcibly converted is not ‘prejudice’ – its called ‘survival instinct’!

We now have a situation where white people of Celtic stock convert to Islam and are being told to “go home“. To where? Glasgow?

* Thats a problem. The biggest problem. Its called subversion. Muslims call it da’awa…



* But in spite of a loopy professor and a very sympathetic reporter who try to make the point that Scots have ‘prejudice against faith, not color’the Bunglawala wussie cries ‘racism’-

how could he not, so far it always worked:


“Huge rise in Scots with racist prejudices”


* The inevitable result of Muhammedan immigration

* Louise Grey’s politically correct report, like so many others before, presents us with all the schlock and crock that has become the mantra of the ‘progressive’ left:

Equality groups said such attitudes are unacceptable in the 21st century and called for the “silent majority” to speak out against prejudice.

* Who the hell are these ‘equality groups?’ If 50% are waking up to what is a grave threat towards society, why are they smeared as being prejudiced? They deserve to be heard.

* Then comes the old chestnut about the ‘economy will collapse if Scotland doesn’t import another 20.000 Muhammedans:’

It has been estimated Scotland will need 20,000 immigrants every year to save the economy from collapse over the next 30 years, and Stewart Maxwell, the communities minister, pledged to redouble Scottish Government efforts to tackle discrimination.

* Wake up, people! The economy will not ‘collapse’ if you don’t import Islam, the economy will collapse if you do. This is just more proof that socialist utopian’s are trying to replace you, the natives with an imported Muhammedan proletariat. Did your government, or any other government in Europe ever publish a survey as to the contributions of Muhammedan immigration? Are they not the greatest recipients of welfare in Europe? What are the benefits to the natives if this is to continue?

* These are the questions that should be asked of your government.


In other news:

Muslim convert on terror charges

A Muslim convert from Rotherham in South Yorkshire has appeared at the Old Bailey in London accused of preparing an act of terrorism.
Nicholas Roddis, 22, of Reedham Drive, Bramley, was told he will face trial at Leeds Crown Court on 30 June next year.

He is charged with possessing items on 11 July 2007 for a terrorist purpose, relating to hydrogen peroxide, nails, detonators and a bomb-making recipe.

He is also accused of engaging in the preparation of an act of terrorism.

* ‘Reverts’ are known to take their Islam seriously…


Britain’s Lessons in Cultural Suicide

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