How Muhammedan Agit Prop Works

With thanks to Mullah

‘Sheik Haron’- Who the hell is this creep? Heaven knows when and how he got into Australia, but he is here, and ‘here to stay’- and he’s got himself a website.

* But not only that: Besides writing hurtful and disgusting s*it to families of fallen Aussie diggers who died fighting Muhammedan headbangers in Afghanistan, his sheikness writes a lot of equally revolting crap to Australia’s politicians.

Take a look:

30 July 2007
Report of terrorist acts to DPP

Letter of Sheikh Haron to Mr. Damian Bugg

6.2 KB
6 August 2007
It is not my business. Report it to AFP

Facsimile to DPP, Mr. Damian Bugg

10 KB
7 August 2007
I haven’t heard from you, did you get my report about terrorism?

Facsimile to ASIO, Mr. Paul Osullivan

4.5 KB
7 August 2007
Have you received the report of terrorist acts?

Facsimile to Attorney-General, Mr. Philip Ruddock

4.5 KB
9 August 2007
Why are not Non Muslim terrorist victims taken seriously?

Facsimile to Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP

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10 August 2007
We give your terrorism report to AFP, only if you give permission!

Letter of Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, to Sheikh Haron

4.3 KB
15 August 2007
Go ahead with DPP, if unsatisfied then go to ACMA

Letter of Senator Joe Ludwig, Shadow Attorney-General to Sheikh

3.6 KB
16 August 2007
A message for Prime Minister

Letter of Sheikh Haron to Mr. John Howard

Dear Prime Ministerif the war against terrorism is not a war against Islam, you and your
government should prove it by your behaviour not by words. If your war is not a war against
Islam, but it is only against terrorism, why Non Muslims are free to commit terrorist offence
in Australia but Muslims are not allowed? If your war is not a war against Islam, so please
tell me why only and only Muslims victims are targeted and beeninterrogated? Why Non
Muslims who were instructing terrorism on 4thJuly 2007 in Sydney Australia have not been
interrogated yet. We do not expect them to be in custody, we at least expected your Attorney-
General to interrogate or investigate about the case. If Australian Government condemns
discrimination, as Mr. Philip Ruddock has mentioned in his letter, it must be proved by action
not just by words.

* Our Muhammedan overlords call the shots?

9.1 KB
17 August 2007
Has ‘Sunrise’ damaged the Australian society?

Letter of Sheikh Haron to ACMA, Mr. Chris Chapman

4.4 KB
24 August 2007
ACMA is appropriate authority for your terrorism report, not ASIO!

Letter of ASIO to Sheikh Haron

5.4 KB
30 August 2007
Paul ! Please do your duty. It’s your job

Letter of Sheikh Haron to ASIO, Mr. Paul Osullivan

* Besides, sheik Haron issues fatwas, and councels the believers:

Q: A Christian girl loves to marry my Muslim friend. She is like most of Christians who believe Jesus is the son of God. My friend wants to know whether or not he can marry this Christian girl?

A: The marriage with Mushrik is religiously false and can’t be in order. It is Haram to sexually touch the Mushrik partner even after marriage.

Check it out


‘There Are No Moderates”

Of course not. The assassins, the suicide bombers are the Muhammedan stormtroopers. They are the ‘tiny, tiny minority of extremists’ and ‘we cannot tar them all with the same brush’ – right? Because Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’- but when you draw a silly cartoon about the pedophile ‘profit’ Muhammad every Muslim will tell you that you have just insulted 5 gazillion Muslims and that they all have a duty to kill you, you filthy kuffar, how dare you!


Abu Hamza and footsoldiers

Don’t call me radical. Don’t call me moderate. Call me Muslim.

Let me make something clear for you:

We do not have “radical” and “moderate” in Islam. Muslims are Muslims. Muslims are not divided to two kinds of “radical” and “Moderate”. These names and divisions are made by man, not by God or religion. Radical Muslim and moderate Muslim do not exist. Muslims are Muslims even if they have different interpretation of the religious texts. In Islam there is another division. 1. The Muslims who follow the Quran and practice the religion. 2. The Muslims that believe in God and the messenger of God, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), but they do not follow the Quran and do not practise the religion. They just carry the name of Islam. So this division is not only in Islam, we can see it in all other religions. There are practising Christians and non practising Christians. They are not called radical Christians or moderate Christians.

Radical Muslims do not exist. Moderate Muslims do not exist. Extremist Muslims do not exist. According the order of Allah in the Quran we are not allowed to call any name on our religion but Islam, and any name on ourselves but Muslim (I refer you to Chapter 30, Verse 32 of the holy Quran). If a Muslim doesn’t follow the Quran, do not call him/her moderate, but call him a Muslim who is not following the rules of his/her religion. Islam is not divided to two types of hard and soft, radical and moderate. Also the Quran is one unique holy book. There are not few versions of the Quran. I understand that there is variety of different interpretations of verses which are not clear enough and need to be explained by an expert, but that is completely different subject and will not result in division of radical and moderate, and secondly those verses are the minority. The majority of the verses are very clear and without any interpretation and explanation they give one particular guideline to the Muslims and no need that any cleric explain about them. The guidelines of the Quran are very clear. Unfortunately those who follow the Quran and practise their religion are called radical Muslims or extremist or Islamist or fundamentalist. And those who only carry the name of Muslim and Islam without following the orders of Allah in the Holy Quran are called moderate Muslims or understanding Muslims or open minded Muslims! “A part of the letter of Sheikh Haron to the Prime Minister John Howard 14 November 2007”

* Glad we cleared that up, your sheikness. Now, Mr. Rudd, what are we going to do about this?

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  1. * ‘Sheik Haron’- Who the hell is this creep?

    Not much to go on, but …
    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2007-08-30

    Organisation Name…. Sheikh Haron
    Organisation Address. New South Wales
    Organisation Address.

    Organisation Address. Sydney
    Organisation Address. 2000

    Admin Email……….

    * Now, Mr. Rudd, what are we going to do about this?

    Hmmm… leave alone, take down WoJ, round us all
    up, and prosecute us for “hate crimes”?

  2. Hilali is starting to look better every day when scum like this keeps coming out from under every rock.

  3. ISLAMSFORLOSERS, Howard suggested that we treat Hilali as a joke (which the Chasers did).
    He isn’t a joke, and neither is Haron, but will Rudd take either seriously? Or will he follow Howard’s lead and do nothing (or put him in the “Muslim Reference Group)?

    It is way past time for politicians of all persuasions (except the Greens perhaps) to take the Islamic threat seriously. Even Brown, for that matter, lest they chop his head off.

  4. He’s a refreshingly honest little bastard that’s for sure. I like on his site how it reads something like; “I haven’t even started teaching the quran and already they are accusing me of terrorism”

    Yes indeed. Lol.

  5. Muslims are such cry-babies, they are worse even than american women. They are going to play the victim card till the 2nd coming of our Lord.

  6. * He’s a refreshingly honest little bastard that’s for sure.

    Or devious little b. I’m not an expert on web page design, but it looked like it wasn’t the Sheikh’s own work, & viewing the source shows a hidden link to an image at
    I associated Simplenet with shareware & freeware files, but the Oz site Simple Net does web design, hosting etc. Looks like they designed his site, & possibly host it too. Anyway, his Articles page has several references to “we”, implying that more than one person operates the site. For someone not apparently linked with AFIC, LMA & the usual suspects, he’s a busy little b. Is it a honeypot attracting jihadis? For a site that’s been up for 3 months, & apparently professionally designed, there aren’t any links to other Islamic sites, which seems a bit odd.

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