“Jihad: war against non-Muslims to convert them to Islam”

What? What’s that? Who said that?

Thanks to JW

* It comes from a book, Islam and Christianity, printed by a Muslim publishing house, Waqf Ikhlas Publications, and distributed by the modern, moderate, secular Turkish government to non-Muslims who come to work in Turkey. It’s on page 316 of the 7th edition.

* It’s also on page 318 of the eighth edition. Full text in pdf:

“After reading this book, you will also realize what a lofty, sacred, logical, and perfect religion Islam is, and you will attach all your heart and soul to it in order to attain salvation and repose in this world and in the



“In the time of the Party of Union, even the legislators, beys and pashas became enemies of
Islam. They passed laws destructive of Islam. Adherence to one’s religion and belief was represented as a misdemeanour. Numbers of Muslims were hanged and butchered. Pious acts such as promulgating Islam’s commandments and avoiding Islam’s prohibitions were stigmatized as separatism. Those who performed emr-i-ma’rûf, i.e. who taught the true essence of Islam, were called enemies of the regime.


Al-hamd-u-lillah (may praise and gratitude be to Allah)! The Christian aggressions have come to an end. The Islamic sun is shining again in our blessed country, (Turkey). The enemy’s lies and treacheries have come to light. True religious teachings are being written freely. Today every Muslim has to show gratitude for this freedom and do his best to learn the true essence of our sacred religion for whose sake our ancestors sacrificed their lives. If we do not teach our religion to our children and discipline them to adapt themselves to the Sharî’at (way of life prescribed by Islam), the enemies lying in wait and the idiots bought by them will resume their aggressions and begin to deceive our children.

All the peoples of Europe and America believe in rising after death, in the existence of Paradise and Hell. Every week they fill their churches and synagogues. Their school curricula contains compulsory religious lessons. If a person says that Europeans and Americans are wise, modern and civilized and boastingly imitates them in lying, drinking, indecency and fornication, on the one hand, and does not believe as they do, on the other, is not he a liar? We Muslims say that Christians are ignorant, idiotic, and regressive. For they divinize ÃŽsâ ‘alaihis-salâm’ and his blessed mother. They idolize him, worship him, and thus become polytheists. Among them there are people who work compatibly with the Sharî’at of Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm’ in their worldly affairs. These people attain the blessings of Allâhu ta’âlâ, living in comfort and peace. However, because they do not believe in that exalted Prophet and in his Sharî’at, they shall suffer the eternal fire of Hell.

* Feel the love.


* All in line with the proper Koranic teachings. “Unbelief is worse than killing”


UK: “Gordon Brown goes down” update:


* The learned architects of the current policy

The children of the flower power generation vote for….Flower Power!


* “The War on Terror is over if you want it, just don’t call it Islamic and don’t call it terrorism….

“The people who were murdered on July 7 were not the victims of war. The men who killed them were not soldiers,” Macdonald said. “They were fantasists, narcissists, murderers and criminals and need to be responded to in that way.”

The term “Islamic terrorist” will also no longer be used. Officials believe it is unhelpful because it appears to directly link the religion to terrorist atrocities…. 

* Good night Britannia! 


Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

“War on terror” was always an unhelpful phrase, but the British government’s decision to drop it is for the wrong, not the right, reasons.

The right reasons are to identify not a tactic of the war (“terror”) but rather, the nature of the war, the ideological promptings of that war, the varied instruments of that war now being waged — because after centuries of weakness oil revenues and Muslim migrants settled deep inside the West provide the main wherewithal — on Infidel peoples, Infidel legal and political institutions, Infidel states, all over the world.

Islam inculcates in its adherents the belief in the duty of a “struggle” or Jihad to spread Islam, and then to insure the dominance of Islam, everywhere. The means chosen may vary. At the moment the most effective means is not “terror” but, rather, deployment of the Money Weapon (which can do a lot, including buying real weapons), campaigns of Da’wa, and demographic conquest within the Infidel lands. Islam, in other words, insists that between Believers and Unbelievers, Muslims and Infidels, there must be a state of permanent war — though not necessarily at all times of open warfare — until all barriers to the dominance of Islam, and rule by Muslims, have been swept away.

How should this be described? The word “Jihad” exists. The problem is that Infidels are not making war on Islam. They are lavishing every kind of benefit on Muslims, in the vain hope that those who are impoverished (but what of all the Muslims who are fantastically rich, and yet seem even more hell-bent on supporting the Jihad?) will somehow be less rigorous in their beliefs, and in also attempting to transplant democracy (for “ordinary moms and dads” as Bush said in his best saccharine manner) to the stony soil of Islam.

But apparently we have all agreed that under no conditions must be call this a “war against Islam” even though the Jihad is a central duty of Muslims. Very well then. Call it a “war of self-defense against the Jihad.” Call it a “war against Islamic supremacism.” But for god’s sake call it something that makes clear that the war is one being waged on us, and that war has been prompted not by a search for new resources and markets and Lebensraum (Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan) but by a search for more places that can be forced to succumb to Islam.

2 thoughts on ““Jihad: war against non-Muslims to convert them to Islam””

  1. Gordon Brown always goes down
    Puts UK down, from Islam he runs
    Throughout the night
    No need to fight
    Never a frown with Gordon Brown

    Every time just like the last
    On Her Majesty’s ship tied to the mast
    To Islam’s lands
    Ties both my hands
    Never a frown with Gordon Brown

    Gordon Brown finer temptress
    Back to the Dark Ages he’s heading fast
    From far away
    Does what they say
    Never a frown with Gordon Brown

    (Apologies, or thanks to, “The Stranglers”)

  2. Only now, you stop using the phrase “islamic terorist”. Wow, it took you a long time.haha. Do you even know islam, to even talk about it?You only see what you want to see. And what you see is all the stuff that the media has badmouthed about islam. Islam is like any other religion, which only want its followers to do good. Im islam and im not badmouthing other religions. Don’t hate the religion, hate the person.When a christian person bombs something, no one hypes about it. but if a muslim bomv something than he is the baddest person on earth. For example,when sum1 kills sum1 we love, then we will kill them back. You guys kill islam people, then obviously, sum1 will seek revenge. Its the same for you. Don’t look at what their religion is, look at the person.Jack the Ripper, those kids that shoot at schools, serial killers, rapist. But you only want to wrong those suicide bombers. they are wrong, but your american army goes to their country and kill their follow men, women and children. of course they would react. they are not a piece of wood that you foreigners can kill whenever you like. But the koran state that when people do bad to us, we should stay calm and let go. this is so that we can open their hearts into doing sumthing good. In islam, we are not allowed to force sum1 to convert into islam, it is all based on their free will. Women are considered equals to men. You only see news about those islam people who misunderstood what the koran is trying to say and use islam to make it seem alright. These people are lost and dont follow islam in the right way. Every religion has people who sway from their original objective.

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