Religion of Peace hits Algiers (again) 47 Roasted

* No more Jews in Algeria, they either killed them all or drove them from the land. Check.

* No more French ‘pieds noirs’ either, the Muslims killed them or drove them from the land. Check. (and followed them to France)

* So, what could possibly be the problem in Algeria? Could it be, perhaps, not Islamic enough?

(CNN) — Two car bombs ripped through the Algerian capital Tuesday, reportedly killing at least 62 people in what appeared to be targeted attacks on government and United Nations buildings.

* Two cars full of inner struggle exploded in Algeria this morning killing 47…..

Rescue workers walk among damaged cars near the U.N. buildings.

At least one U.N. worker has been confirmed dead, while another 12 staff members are apparently missing.


U.N. Development Program spokesman Jean Fabre told CNN a search was underway for the 12 missing staffers.

Ron Redmond, spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland told CNN staff were missing from the main U.N. building in Algiers.

One explosion occurred outside the constitutional court in the Algiers neighborhood of Ben Aknoun while the other took place in the residential area of Hydra tearing the front off the U.N.’s headquarters in the city.

A reporter from CNN affiliate BFM quoted hospital sources as saying 62 people were killed in both blasts.

Redmond said the U.N. headquarters and a separate building housing its refugee agency’s office had “suffered extensive damage.”

“Apparently this was an extremely powerful bomb,” Redmond told CNN. “It’s caused a lot of damage and right now we’re just trying to sort out where our staff are.”
Algeria’s Minister of State Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni said the explosions were the result of two cars full of explosives, according to the state news agency.

So far no group has admitted responsibility for Tuesday’s blasts.


Video from the scene of the Hydra blast showed a shallow crater in the road, surrounded by rubble and crowds of people.

A nearby four-story building was missing its facade and there was damage to some of the building’s interior.

Agence France-Presse said French President Nicolas Sarkozy had condemned the attacks, describing them as “barbarian acts”, during a telephone call to his Algerian counterpart Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Hydra is an upscale district home to several Western companies, government buildings, and embassies, according to residents. Ben Aknoun is a more residential area but also houses buildings of the Supreme Court.

Algeria, which has a population of three million, is still recovering from more than a decade of violence that began after the military government called a halt to elections which an Islamist party was poised to win.

Tens of thousands of people died (typical CNN bullshit: 200 000 were killed, most of them by the Islamaniacs. The government fought back  hard and killed a good number of them  in the unrest.

Neither was it ‘unrest’- but much rather a civil war. Although the country has remained relatively peaceful, (???) recent terrorist attacks have raised fears of a slide back to violence.

In April, the northern Africa wing of al Qaeda claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in downtown Algiers that killed 33 people


Hugh’s comment


Suicide attack at Pakistani nuclear weapons complex

As the Pakistani military continues the slow push to regain control of the settled district of Swat, suicide bombers struck in two locations, one at a sensitive weapons facility near Islamabad. The most deadly attack occurred in Swat in the Northwest Frontier Province after a suicide bomber hit a police checkpoint near Matta, where the Pakistani Army just established a presence. Ten were killed, including two children and three police.


* Remnants of the car used in the suicide attack in Kamra. AP photo.

But the attack at a Pakistani Air Force base in Kamra, while only injuring seven, has far more serious implications. The Kamra complex is a likely location for Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. The suicide bomber targeted a bus filled with 35 children of Pakistani Air Force officers. The driver, a conductor, and five children were wounded in the strike.

Global Security notes the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in Kamra is one of the Air Force sites likely associated with Pakistan nuclear weapons development.

Read more. By BILL ROGGIO


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  1. The Sheik’s comment is perfect-when Islamania captures the world it will indeed prey upon itself in a Super Bowl to crown the most pious Islamaniac just like Algeria now. All previous wars will pale in comparison for casualties and violence.

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