Saudi Arabia king pardons rape victim

* International pressure had nothing to do with it, its just because the Wahabite King has such a good heart:


Saudi Arabian Justice Minister says pardon does not mean king doubted country’s judges.

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has pardoned a female rape victim who had been sentenced to six months in prison and 200 lashes, a Saudi newspaper reported Monday.

Saudi Justice Minister Abdullah bin Muhammed al-Sheik told al-Jazirah newspaper that the pardon does not mean the king doubted the country’s judges, but instead acted in the “interests of the people.”

“The king always looks into alleviating the suffering of the citizens when he becomes sure that these verdicts will leave psychological effects on the convicted people, though he is convinced and sure that the verdicts were fair,” al-Jazirah quoted al-Sheik as saying.

* Press reports say King Abdullah’s move “did not mean the sentence was wrong.”

* The question no is: where will she go now? Her own brother has already promised to kill her because she ‘brought shame on his family’- perhaps Norway can exchange her for Mullah Krekar, how about it?


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3 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia king pardons rape victim”

  1. * King Abdullah has pardoned a female rape victim

    Such mercy! Pardoning victims – where will it end?

  2. The woman may have been pardoned, but this does not mean she will not be stoned to death. This is Islamic mercy, compassion, and justice. Sick!

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