Snake Oil Salesman Tariq Ramadan: “Muslim studies too political”

* A long winded, steaming pile of taqiyya. What Ramadan really wants is more Muhammedan clerics teaching Islam in Western universities.

* Islam is, first and foremost, a political system. A totalitarian political system that uses brainwashing to produce hundreds of thousands, millions of fanatical zombies who seek ‘martyrdom in the way of Allah’- from Bangladesh to Iran, from Egypt to Pakistan and from Indonesia to wherever the soldiers of Allah were allowed to settle behind enemy lines.

* All the more reason for snake-oil salesman Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Hassan al Banna and professional agit-prop for Muhammedan causes, to ‘teach’ and travel the Western world (the US is currently off limits because Tariq is a terrorist supporter) and to tell unsuspecting university students about all those ‘great Islamic contributions to humanity‘-. For Ramadan the blood cult of Islam is all good, in fact better than Western civilization, he would like us to have more of it, and for that he works tirelessly…


‘Focus is security, not theology’-, sez Frere Tariq


A pervasive bias exists in the way Islam is studied in the West, says a prominent Muslim thinker, who is calling for sweeping changes in how Islamic studies are taught in universities.

Tariq Ramadan, a visiting professor at Oxford University and one of Europe’s leading intellectuals on Islam, argues that despite a growing interest in the field, the scholarly pursuit of Islam is driven not by an interest in theology, but by fear and an obsession with the struggle against terrorism.

In the latest issue of the Canadian journal Academic Matters, Mr. Ramadan chastises universities for their “carefully orchestrated infatuation” with Islamic studies and calls for a less politicized approach to the field.

He says the current academic focus on terrorism and the struggle against radical movements is simplistic, reducing the richness of Islamic theology into political ideology.

“The study of religious thought proper (of the theology, of its premises, its internal complexities and its development) has been relegated to a subsidiary position,” he writes.

“Universities in the West must seek the kind of knowledge of other civilizations and cultures — particularly that of Islam — that is driven neither by ideological agendas nor collective fears.”

What’s “cruelly lacking,” Mr. Ramadan argues, is an objective study of Islamic law, legal scholars and philosophers, as well as “an historical and critical approach to Islamic history and thought.”

* Agreed. If politically correct Western dhimmi’s would really teach what Islam is all about the students would run away horrified…

Since much of that literature is in Arabic or Urdu, scholars who want a deeper understanding of the Muslim world must master those languages, says Mr. Ramadan.

He goes on to criticize western scholars for ignoring the body of “fresh, compelling, audacious critical thought” emerging from contemporary Muslim societies, which are often eclipsed by controversies surrounding Shariah law or the role of women.

“There is a deep-down, deliberate process of evolution under way in every Islamic society in the world,” writes Mr. Ramadan.

* Right. Unfortunately for Ramadan that kind of bullshit is being debunked daily by the defenders of the faith who believe that the Koran is ‘immutable’ and the sharia must rule every corner of the world.

“Far from rushing to conclusions, far from populist, ideological speech, the academic world must take this process seriously, study it, and present its outlines and implications.”

Mr. Ramadan lashes out at what he perceives to be a double standard in western universities that assumes religious studies professors who practise other faiths can objectively teach and do research in their field,
while academics who practise Islam cannot.

* So that’s what it is all about? Only ‘real Muslims’ can teach teach Islam? Because infidels are not qualified to teach the ‘proper Islam’ and might not proselytize enough to increase the numbers of Muslims in the West?

* More on Frere Tariq here and here


A Frightening Question: When Are We Going To Stop Fucking Around?


The Islamofascists may have us backed into a corner even though we have not yet begun to fight them. But, that is not the half of it. Commenter DP111 asks a question which may cause your hair to fall out:

… let us look at the nature of the threat. The existential threat hanging over us is not the terrorist one but the demographic one. All Muslims have to do now is to let time takes its course. How do we counter this threat, while all Muslims have to do is to be liberal, democratic, tolerant etc, and wait till the numbers alone dictate the implementation of shari’a in Western countries. How do we fight now when the only option left is to be undemocratic and illiberal.

Check it out, here… 

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  1. DP111 is absolutely right on the money. It’s a numbers game, politicians the world over yield to this reality and this reality only, the new species may resemble a piranha devouring diversity in its wake but that is not the issue, the issue is sustaining the growth in all areas and any politicians worth its existence will sell its soul to keep the snowball rolling. All aboard the bulging runnaway train where the booming industry is the security business…

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