We Got Mail!

The IP address traces back to the Netherlands:

when the last breath reaches your filthy throat you will see your destiny clearly for ever to burn in hell.For now enjoy your life,and be a good slave of zionist and the terrorist racist nations of the west.You just parrish in your rage and fear.Islam will rule the planet ist a garantee.Just be patient,as millions of free people in the west are joining the the only truth.The light of ISlam.MAy ALLAh keep USama and his followers safe from the zionist pigs and their slaves.

* Indeed: Holland does have a big problem!


Ghannoushi Delusional Westophobia Watch

* The ‘Guardian’ has long been a forum for Muhammedan and Stalinist crackpots. Looks like the progressives there will publish anything to attract who exactly? Cannibals? Satanists? Occultists or what?

One of our favorite crackpots is the shrill and forever unhinged Soumaya Ghannoushi, who has a long record of Muhammedan agit-prop activities and is backed by the MCB.

* Here’s the latest sample of Sumaya Unhingement Syndrome with the blessing of the Bunglawussi, who is featuring her on his aptly named ‘Islamophobia Watch’ website:

But “love” and “honour” haven’t exactly been the experience of Iraqi women when their cities fell under American occupation. Rights which took decades to secure have crumbled away in the space of months. From doctors, scientists, engineers or businesswomen, today they find themselves incarcerated in their homes unable to move around for fear of being kidnapped, raped, or assassinated. Those who escape the bombs and bullets of the occupying army, die at the hands of the Iraqi security forces and out of control extremist and sectarian militias which flourished since 2003, as Maggie O’Kane demonstrated in her moving piece on Cif yesterday. In the past three months 45 innocent women were murdered in cold blood in Basra.

The truth is that just as there is a military machine of hegemony, there is a discursive machine of hegemony. When armies move on the ground to conquer and subjugate, they need moral and ideological cover. It is this that gives the dominant narrative of the “Muslim woman” its raison d’etre.

No wonder then that the “Muslim woman” liberation warriors, the likes of Nick Cohen, Christopher Hitchens, and Pascal Bruckner, were the same people who cheered American/ British troops as they blasted their way through Kabul and Baghdad, and who will no doubt cheer and dance once more should Iran or Syria be bombed next. Soldiers shoot with their guns; they with their pens. They are hegemony’s apologists. Without them the emperor stands naked.

Another typical Sumaya rant against the west, one that looks more like a rant against trying to liberalize Muslim women. The 45 women killed in Iraq were killed by Iraqi Muslims, in order to force another area of Iraq under the burka.

We should shut up about all aspects of Islamic backwardness. Next time we hear about a father beating his daughter to death in London or Toronto for not wearing ‘traditional dress’, we should stay quiet and celebrate our doing so as a step forward for emancipation.

Let’s also join Ghannoushi in blaming the invasion of Iraq for the fact that Islamic militants are killing women in Basra who don’t wear traditional dress.

* Sick. One commenter nails it:

I’m as sick of her uninformed pedantic anti-feminist rantings as I am of the unintentional satire of her sexy come-hither porn pose photo in a gliterry hijab whilst pretending to be the upholder of anti-western virtue.


Germany’s Liberal Party opts for multiculti-diversity


* The placard is slightly modified…

9 thoughts on “We Got Mail!”

  1. “Islam will rule the planet ist a garantee.” Ooooooo. Whoop-dee-do. It’s not as if you’re encountering much opposition really is it now? Nothing to be proud of.

  2. Hey Netherlands boy…..

    You can try and conqure us, you can keep pushing, you can even out breed us, but I’m going to make 1 thing crystal clear…..

    We will defeat you when the hour is at hand.

  3. Why is it every time one of those wackos sends a heartfelt note of warmth it always seems like the equivalent of a note written in crayon? Poor grammar, misspellings galore and dreadful sentence structure detract from the wonderful message.

    But then again, such writers learn such a style from the Koran since they learn nothing else.

  4. ISLAMSFORLOSERS, it’s like an message forwarded from the 7th century. Primitive and paranoid.

  5. Savitch-

    Nothing like the gift that just keeps on giving. Islamaniac messages are truly timeless.

  6. “good slave of zionist”

    As opposed to what? a slave to a pedophile, thief and all round general scumbag? slave to Satan perhaps?.

    As craig says, the hour of defeat will come for Islam. Islam is an affront to humanity and it cannot stand against the human spirit.

  7. Islam can only rule the World if Muslims know what humans are and what their rights are. Moreover, Muslims should know how to get away from Europe or America and learn to live in Muslim countries where Muslims are killed by Muslims and leaders and imams are cheating their own people everyday.
    ” Alllah Akbar” , go to Mecca and bless the black stone which is the god called Allah.

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