We’re Winning The War On Terror!





Iranian official: “In a dozen years, Europe will be an Islamic continent”

Khamenei asserts that “the Islamisation of Europe is one of the consequences of the Islamic revolution in Iran.”

* Euro-dhimmi’s are ready to go down without a fight by the looks of it.

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European attacks ‘inevitable’ as al Qaeda influence spreads, say experts


* Actually, not inevitable at all. A total stop to Muhammedan immigration and internment & deportation combined with a crackdown on mosques and madrassah’s would bring the Isamization to a grinding halt. But as long as that’s not done the jihad continues…

Rome, 26 Oct. (AKI) – European countries can expect more terrorist attacks in future because of continuing disaffection among Muslims and the low cost of producing bombs, according to international experts.

Bob Ayers, associate fellow for international security at London-based thinktank, Chatham House, told Adnkronos International (AKI) on Friday, while police successfully foiled the planned terrorist attack in Germany last month, more attacks were inevitable.



“Allah willing, we will reach America….

The eyes of the nation of Muhammad are set on Washington, London, Moscow, Paris, Delhi, Beijing, and other countries”

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…tell the mujahideen that if they want to get money, they should beat the infidels and take their money. You must hit them on the head and take their money. 

Therefore, this money is the [legitimate] booty of the Muslims.

You should rob their banks and take the money.

You should take their people prisoner, just like the Prophet did. Don’t think this is a sin, because the Prophet Muhammad himself exchanged prisoners for ransom. There’s nothing wrong with collecting money in exchange for prisoners.


“Allah willing, America will soon be annihilated, just like the USSR was annihilated. We are convinced of this.

* A true Zen saying. From the camels mouth.

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Diana West: Making sense in a desert of insanity

According to the PC script of the “international community” we never, ever discuss the Islamic context of “Arab-Israeli” conflicts. But how else can we hope to understand them? Jihad ideology inspires the Arab struggle against Israel. It also explains it. As the only non-Muslim country amid Middle Eastern Dar-al Islam, as the only “dhimmi” nation to reclaim its land once conquered by Islam, Israel’s very existence is a religious offense to the “umma,” or Islamic community. In this same context, what we call “foreign aid” to the PA may be understood as a form of “jizya,” the protection money paid to Muslims by non-Muslims.


But the non-Muslim world prefers not to think like that. We avert our collective eye from the goals of jihad, from the history and teachings of Islam. Instead, we see ourselves as villains — Israel for its existence, and Israel’s supporters for, well, their support for Israel’s existence.

In so doing, we create a sinkhole of Western guilt and responsibility for suffering Muslims, in this case in the PA. They suffer not as a consequence of their religio-political bloodlust to destroy the Jews in Israel (the nearest infidels), but because there are Jews in Israel. In other words, it’s everyone else’s fault but their own. Islam — particularly, jihadist ideology — is not to blame. Throw more money down the hole.

Of course, this works only until we stop misreading such ideology. And how long will that take? Probably forever-so long as we continue leaning on the same authorities who got us into this mental mess in the first place.



* Give them money! Billions! Give them weapons! Give them a state!

4 thoughts on “We’re Winning The War On Terror!”

  1. * Iraq [board game]

    Go directly to Jihad
    Take a walk on the boardwalk – advance token to Saddam City
    Community Chest – collect jizya
    Chance – CAIR Get out of Jail Free card
    Kings Cross Station – collect bomb belt and board train
    Chance – Receive 90 lashes for entering beauty contest without burka
    Free Loading – visit West & collect handouts

  2. If Iran doesn’t watch it it won’t be around as we now know it in 12 years regardless of who’s running Europe.

    As bad as WW2 was at least it was a war of nations that had elements of civilization behind them. With today’s enemy all you have is total crapola-nothing resembling civilization at all
    and a culture of death. Yet the whole West continues to pander shamelessly to these inferior cretins. It makes no sense at all.

  3. It must take enormous determination not to see what’s before one’s own eyes to wish away the connection between core islamic doctrine and the mindless violence islam inflicts upon the world. When Iran have their bomb at the ready I’m betting on a military coup in Israel followed by disabling air strikes on the mad mullah’s nuclear facilities, and we all know the rest…

  4. The Australian Government is sending $38 million to the Palestinians.

    To aid them to lob even more rockets into Israel.

    I object to even 1 cent of my taxes going to muhammedans.

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